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  1. Try a PRE-RENDER setting of 1 if you are seeing big fluctuations in framerate. For me it help tremendously with that as well as eliminating autogen spikes.
  2. Same here. I cant even start it as of right now. Figures, the one time I have a chance to fly I cant !!!! :mad:
  3. B4 using the settings I posted and when I had no issue it was luck of the draw that the landing winds were close to my aircraft location winds which made everything work fine. The times I would see the landing problem was always when the destination winds were opposite my current location winds at the time RC picked a runway. With my settings I posted and with opposite current location winds from my destination winds I still was handed the proper runway from RC. Hope it works for you too!! Jim
  4. I have spent MANY MANY MANY, too dang many hours trying to improve this issue as well. After all my testing and setting this that and the other I have come up with a combo of setting that works well for me. If you want to give it a try here is what I do: Active Sky: Check - Force Destination Weather Zone Check - High Priority Processes Check - Direct Weather Control Check - Create Additional Stations AND Enhance Route Coverage <------- (These 2 settings seemed to help the most) Set - Dynamic Rate of Change to 0 Make sure to enter your flight plan into Active Sky. I do this B4 I start FSX but not sure if that matters. Also make sure you have LOCK to CLOSEST selected. Ultimate Traffic 2: Weekly Traffic Density - I keep it @ 50% all the time Daily Traffic Density - None - Zip - Nada - 0% FSX Target Frame rate - OFF Max Alt Ground Traffic Visible - 18,000 Distance to Spawn Ground Aircraft - 25 nm <-------(Very Important. With the weather settings above, your destination weather will be set when you are 80 nm from your destination. With a setting of 25 this gives Active Sky PLENTY of time to get the destination weather in place B4 your AI are added there. This will help greatly with head on landings at your destination as well as wrong runway assignments at your destination) These settings have worked best for me and maybe they will help you also. The wrong runway problem is NOT the fault of RC nor is it the fault of UT2 but is a product of Active Sky and how the weather is added to the sim. If you are not using RC or UT2 then you would not see these problems at all. The above ONLY needs to be used if using RC AND UT2 (at least for me). Good luck !! Jim
  5. jwenham

    Problem at KSJC FSX by Imagine Sim

    Gotta love ImagineSim..... NOT !!!!!
  6. jwenham

    FSX stutters ONLY in New York

    What are your system specs and how is your video card setup?
  7. jwenham

    Problem at KSJC FSX by Imagine Sim

    Some scenery needs a high mesh resolution set but you setting is fine. Too low can cause issues where the scenery needs it to be set higher. I dont know what to tell you to do and I hater to tell you this but dont expect ANY help from the ImagineSim team..... :(
  8. jwenham

    Problem at KSJC FSX by Imagine Sim

    what is your mesh resolution set at ??
  9. +1 for AISmooth. For me it limits 90% or so of the Go Arounds I see without using it. Seeing you are a as real as it gets simmer you may not like when it shoots a aircraft in your way at the speed of light in a different direction. As for the ground traffic I have airport vehicles off as the only end up getting in my way and I suddenly feel like I am in my car driving to work in Atlanta, GA in rush hour.
  10. I just cant bring myself to give ImagineSim anymore of my money.
  11. jwenham

    FSX vSync FIX

    Sorry for the short answer but.... NO.Jim
  12. One thing that we all also need to remember is that it is 100% Free to use VATSIM. So for the price we cant beat the value! How is VATSIM staffing done? I mean are the controllers assigned certain times/airports/centers to work or is it random? If it is random, perhaps assigned schedules/airports/centers ect may help with the coverage issue. Jim
  13. Your comment clearly explains why FSX is so great. We can all use it in the way we see fit and use it to simulate various situations. Very well said Jean-Jacques! :( Jim
  14. I have flown several times on VATSIM. The thing (IMHO) with vatsim is what everybody has already stated.... limited coverage. On the flip side with VATSIM is that when it has an event it is great! One of my best experiences with VATSIM was the London Heathrow Fly in. That was a great time with lots of aircraft comming and going. With that being said I can take it or leave it mainly due to limited coverage but I still do a VATSIM flight from time to time.Jim