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  1. Lovin my 737 NGX!

  2. Yes sorry about that Jim.

    Version 1.07.3 fixes that issue.

  3. To Tweek or to Fly... that is the question!

  4. Love your Avatar!! ;-)

  5. GEX is great. It blows away the FSX ground textures. UTX and GEX are two different animals. GEX is for ground textures and UTX is to relpace the landclass. Also GEX wont take any FPS away where UTX probably will which might be a proble w/1 gig ram. If it were me I would get GEX and after you add some more power to your system add UTX. Just my opinion.
  6. I switched to the Shockwave 3d lights. They are much better than the default.
  7. It is hearhttp://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...id=436619&page=It did not increase my FPS but made the sim run much smoother. Actually alot smoother!
  8. Mitch R. after reading your posts on Nick's XP Tune-up I have to admit thought you were over exagerating. They were almost sickening reading your new found or re-found joy in FSX. I then went and read all of your posts you made about the tune-up and thought "this guy must have one screwed up computer to have seen such a difference. Well Mitch, you aint kiddin! After many many countless hours of tweeking to the point it would have killed a lesser man I had found what was a as good as its going to get setup. Buying GEX nhanced has really changed my FSX experience. I then did the famous Nick's XP tune-up (almost going out of my mind with that defrag part) and WOW! I really cant say the FPS are any higher, but man is it smooth. My textures are sharper that I have ever seen on my setup. One other thing that helped was Nicks post about the nHancer settings. I would think everyone should do the tuneup even if they have a top of the line system. Mitch, I have read that UTX can slow things down, are you happy with UTX and do you have any info I can read about how you went about setting it up. I think that might be my next move. Also you said you dont want to fly big iron anymore but you might want to look at the Super80 by Coolsky and Flight1. It has take a bit to learn it but I tell you the performance is as good as if you were flying the default 172 Cesna. Well thats all, thanks for all the info you all have provided. This forum is great!Here are my specs FYI:Pentium D 805 2.6 overclocked to 3.4 (great CPU to overclock)6600 GT 256mb2 gigs kingston ramWin XP sp2 (tuned up thanks to Nick)Saitek 290 Pro JoystickFSX sp2Ultimate Traffic set to 50% airline, 10% GA w/AI SmoothFlight Deck Companion Live Cockpit by AeroSoftGEX enhanced 1.05 with default FSX LandclassAdd-on aircraft Super 80 by Coolsky/Flight1Thanks Again All.:-wave
  9. One other thing I have also noticed is that I can now lock my frame rate without it killing my performance.
  10. Well all of the rave reviews of GEX forced me to get it. Here is what GEX has done for me. Before GEX I had to tweek the life out of my autogen to get good results at the larger airports and big cities. Tweeked to the extent that autogen was almost gone but enough to see a few buildings and some trees. I loaded up GEX Enhanced and I now have removed all my autogen tweeks and have set it to normal. This has given me I would say more than 4X the amount of autogen I had grown accustomed to use with my tweeks and best of all I am getting the same performance. I am able to set it to dense but for me I have better performance at normal. One of the tweeks I was using was the Texture Bandwidth tweek. I had mine set to 10 which worked great with the default FSX ground. When using that setting with GEX even though my FPS were higher and consistant it was stuttering at around 1500 to 4000 feet. When I set it back to 40 (FSX Default) all was smooth again. Im sure this goes without saying but make sure you defrag after installing. I have seen where some people say they see no difference from the default fsx but I sure see a difference. Everything looks more natural and realistic and the autogen placements are far better than the default. I think this is a must have add-on and cant wait for the other 2 areas to come out. When will that be? Please hurry! Thumbs Up you guys! :-beerchug
  11. Are there any problems flying the Super 80 if I have sp2 (not acceleration) installed?
  12. Here is what I did. It makes the gauges alot darker in the day when there in a shadow but I can now see better at night.[ParticleAttributes.0]Blend Mode=2Texture=fx_2.bmpBounce=0.00Color Start=100, 100, 100, 1Color End=140, 120, 100, 0Jitter Distance=0.00Jitter Time=0.00uv1=0.00, 0.00uv2=0.01, 0.01X Scale Goal=0.00Y Scale Goal=0.00Z Scale Goal=0.00Extrude Length=0.00Extrude Pitch Max=0.00Extrude Heading Max=0.00You will find this in the effects folder file name fx_vclightI edited the Color End line, then in the aircraft config file look for the lights section. If you renamed your edited file you will need to reference it in the proper spot to the new name. Tou will see what I mean when you get in there.
  13. Will it be ok in SP2 (not acceleration)?
  14. I think I figured the problem. It seems if you park to the right side of the parking guide line it will some times happen depending how far off you are. Stay on the line or to the left and it seems fine.
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