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  1. I think DTG has done a good job sofar, but it has a long way to go. What DTG in my mind needs to do is draw attention to the gamers, there simply needs to be a career mode with tons of achievements and things you can complete with fellow gamers in multiplayer, if this this is not implemented its dead, and we all know it. DTG cant implement what the hardcore simmers want if they dont have the average gamer that thinks this a fun and immersive game, in my mind this is the way to go, just giving people the whole world and think and think its fun to fly from a to b is a big mistake.
  2. It also brings crashes, every lesson i tried the game crashes now, im taking a long break now with this game, no point in being even more frustrated than im allready is.
  3. OHN

    Nice tweaking guide

    I see no need to tweak anything right now, but everything is also very basic. If they start adding scenery and more complex planes it will be the same tweak nightmare all over again.
  4. Hi im having same prob, but i have accelleration, i havent installed any sp1.
  5. Yes im using our 40" Sony bravia 720P running FSX/FS9 in 1280x768. Its awesome. But if i was to buy a HDTV today, i would look at 1080P, which will run in 1920x1080.
  6. Thx for heads up. Just installed them and tried with FSX, no blurries at all.Havent been using FSX a long time so maybe im seeing things that arent there. im using a x1800xt and have enabled supersampling, definately looks much much better than when i gave up FSX some month ago.
  7. What are you talking about dude, every Dell comes with an insurance so why would they bring it to you.Im on my 6th Dell pc, plus 2 HDTV from Dell, never had a problem with it.Dell rocks if you can afford it, let the poor people put together their own pc.
  8. The metar 192020Z for EKRK says cavok, but with ASX the weather looks like its about to rain with overcast. I live next to the airport and theres not a cloud in the sky anywhere.If i turn of ASX and use MS weather its fine with no clouds, so somethings wrong here.
  9. You think its hes monitor thats causing these blurries LOL, omg what a a really excited user.
  10. Downloaded the update, but when trying to install i get a message saying its not a valid win 32bit application.
  11. The tweak you need most is probably turning some sliders to the left.
  12. the english link doesnt work for me, maybe its my connection.
  13. Any where else we can download, i cant connect to fsinsider.
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