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  1. ratherbflyin

    PA-46 Mirage HSI

    I am sure that I am not doing something right, but the pilot side HSI is frozen; it does not turn as the airplane turns. I'm fairly certain this isn't a bug as I saw it turning in the live stream last night. I can turn the OBS heading and the compass face moves as well as the autopilot heading bug but the gyro doesn't seem to be working. I also looked for documentation so I could read up on how to configure the HSI as well as all of the instrumentation on the panel and do not find any manual of any kind. That would be very helpful for each of the airplanes.
  2. ratherbflyin

    "Lights and Doors" command in V1.5

    I have had the same problem a couple of times. It has occurred to me prior to v1.5. It does not occur often and I haven't been able to faithfully reproduce the problem so I figured it was operator error. George Shimada