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  1. bLindyee provided me with the answer; I was using the wrong sim variables. If anyone else is trying to do the same, use H:Generic_Lwr_MENU_ADV_INC and H:Generic_Lwr_MENU_ADV_DEC
  2. Scripting newb here and I'm trying to get hardware buttons to increase and decrease the lower data knob (below the MFD) in order to move the checklist cursor around the check lists using the simvars H:Generic_Lwr_data_INC and H:Generic_Lwr_Data_DEC. I got a hardware button to work to check a list item complete using the H:Generic_Lwr_Data_Push simvar using the script "1 (>H:Generic_Lwr_Data_Push)" and I assumed I could use the same format for the increase and decrease, but that's not working. Any advice for this beginner? Thanks
  3. I'm a bit surprised that the SDK is a very distant 4th so far; I would have thought it would have been among the top items. I am not a developer...at least not in FS-land. I've never even looked at the SDK. However, I AM a consumer of the SDK in my purchasing of all the planes, scenery, weather add-ons, utilities, etc. that developers create. Without the developers using their talent, my interest in this hobby would have died a long time ago. Yes, I want ATC, I want seasons, I want helicopters, etc., but first and foremost I want third parties to have access to provide me their work as close to product launch as possible. What I have interest in, someone else does not and vice versa. That's where 3PD come in. They cater to each of us and we can customize the platform to be exactly what each of us has interest in.
  4. I am sure that I am not doing something right, but the pilot side HSI is frozen; it does not turn as the airplane turns. I'm fairly certain this isn't a bug as I saw it turning in the live stream last night. I can turn the OBS heading and the compass face moves as well as the autopilot heading bug but the gyro doesn't seem to be working. I also looked for documentation so I could read up on how to configure the HSI as well as all of the instrumentation on the panel and do not find any manual of any kind. That would be very helpful for each of the airplanes.
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