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  1. Woah.... easy there slugger! Marcelo may need wrist surgery followed by several weeks of rest after his last masterpiece!! :Just Kidding: LOL This would be a great addition for sure.
  2. Now thats a shap paint! Well done sir. :Applause:
  3. Could I request one? Air North. Yukon's Airline. Sorry, can't seem to post a pic on my iPad. But if it helps, here is the website. http://www.flyairnorth.com/
  4. I thought Vnav was available after 400ft on climb out. LNAV is selectable on ground as long as there is a dep. hdg within 5deg of rnwy hdg. Or do I need to read some more? lol.
  5. Wow! That looks great!! That damn game is sooooooo addicting. Is this fictional?
  6. Could someone maybe do an Air North (Yukon) 600? I tried to post a link some pics but forum won't let me post it.
  7. Ooooo! A salmon thirty salmon. Perfect for my flights to Anchorage. Looking great!As a side note, I'd like to thank all the folks for their time and effort in producing all these top notch skins for the NGX. I wish I had the photoshop skills to add some custom paints to the growing collection. Thank you all!
  8. that looks great!!!! Good job. I'll be adding this to my fleet. Thanks.
  9. Awesome! I wAs hoping someone would do this one!
  10. If anyone is looking for a "different" project that is completely unique, I have a request. My third love in life after aviation and music, I collect John Deere stuff! I would love to have a John Deere livery for my 737. Nothing too fancy. I picture a JD green fuselage with a nice JD yellow stripe down the side in a gentle kind of wave. And a yellow JD logo on the tail.Maybe yellow nose gear doors and a yellow tail cone? Just a thought! Billybob (fontain32) would probably dig it along with the rest of us rednecks! GIT R DONE!! Lol
  11. If I may suggest to the mods, could this thread remain pinned? I'm sure the popularity will keep it at the top but is easier to keep track of when pinned.
  12. Love it!!! That is just awesome. Thank you for your work. I will be getting this for sure.
  13. Very nice! I will be watching for this one. Thank you!
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