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  1. Yeah ill take 6 of the red hot doughnuts you got on the shelf please.lol Gotta love the attention to detail. Makes the long development time worth the wait. Cant wait to get mine!!!
  2. Awsome feature guys! This is going to make ground ops a breeze! Top notch work fellas. Now back to watching the Just Planes AC polar ops BluRay..........
  3. Woah.... easy there slugger! Marcelo may need wrist surgery followed by several weeks of rest after his last masterpiece!! :Just Kidding: LOL This would be a great addition for sure.
  4. Now thats a shap paint! Well done sir. :Applause:
  5. Could I request one? Air North. Yukon's Airline. Sorry, can't seem to post a pic on my iPad. But if it helps, here is the website. http://www.flyairnorth.com/
  6. Primary Flight controls was great! New narrator is pretty good. Must say, I miss Nick's narration however. I understand he is quite busy living the dream most of us wish could come to fruition! Secondary Flight controls is already available? Now that's what I call "stepping it up" well done guys! Can't wait for the videos of the Navigation/FMS systems.
  7. I fully agree. And I don't regret spending the 50$ on the groundwork per se, but I am quite shocked at all the excuses and amount of time this project is taking. Now there are new voice overs, new editors..... Sounds like a "make it up as we go" type project to me.Once completed, I am sure it will be a great series to spend a wet stormy weekend watching start to finish. The time between videos has really exhausted my enthusiasm about this product.
  8. I was just on their forum and he was pretty much told anything after 30 days will not be considered for a refund. If I ran my buisness this way, I'd be living in a cardboard box by now. No further comments from me.
  9. Sadly there has not been a new groundwork video in over a month. Lots of changes going on over there. A few short line work "flow" videos have been done but that's about it. At this rate the 737 will be retired by the time we finish the training.A just bought the QRH and FCTM and have been learning a lot from them. I am ordering the FCOM 1&2 next week. Between these and the great tutorials on YouTube from....... Name escapes me. I wish I kept the money I spent at AOA unfortunately.
  10. I thought Vnav was available after 400ft on climb out. LNAV is selectable on ground as long as there is a dep. hdg within 5deg of rnwy hdg. Or do I need to read some more? lol.
  11. Wow! That looks great!! That damn game is sooooooo addicting. Is this fictional?
  12. I must say, I have been pretty patient from the first video release. I love the videos and the details they cover. But I must say that there seems to be a mass amount of confusion/uncertainty regarding the production and delivery of the product. I have found myself studying the FCOM's ect. as of late and have found I get alot from it in terms of "text style" format. The videos from AOA are great in that they help me visualize the topics that are covered. But for future training products from AOA, I will wait for it to be completed before I purchase it. I find myself forgetting from time to time that I have subscribed to the groundwork training, due to the length of time between videos.Again, I Love the videos, format and voiceovers by Nick. I am also not regretting my purchase at all in terms of quality. My only complaints are the time between videos, and the constant promises of product expedition that have yet to be achieved.Just my oppinion!
  13. I have the ground work package, and the videos are great. I am a little dissapointed on the speed to which they are released.As for the website, I hate to admit it, but it is by far the most awkward and confusing website I have ever used. And all those little Topgunish cliches all over the site are a bit juvenile. They really lower the level of professionalism on the site IMHO. Kind of feels like its run by a bunch of surfers.
  14. Could someone maybe do an Air North (Yukon) 600? I tried to post a link some pics but forum won't let me post it.
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