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  1. Late to the party! Now it seems I can justify the transition to P3D and enjoy my NGX even more soon. Thank you!!!
  2. I am still running my rig from 2009 with FSX and all the ORBX goodies. The NGX runs flawlessly on my system and has just over 1800hrs on the 7377 with only a few (hangs or crashes) over the last 5 years. I am not going to change a thing until my system packs it in. If it aint broke, dont fix it. I keep my FS rig offline and only do updates via. Jumpdrive from a seperate laptop. I think this has helped keep my rig as stable as it has been over the years.
  3. Thanks for the update. And a raised beer to a speedy recovery.
  4. I am really excited for this bird. I just hope that the sound set gets the attention it deserves. Those radials have such a great sound.
  5. Yeah ill take 6 of the red hot doughnuts you got on the shelf please.lol Gotta love the attention to detail. Makes the long development time worth the wait. Cant wait to get mine!!!
  6. Before getting bent out of shape, lets think for a sec. A major highly anticipated product was just released. There is sure to be a heavy demand on their servers. If there are issues and backlogs pertaining to D/L links ect. I think its obvious what the problem is. I'm holding off until the weekend for this reason. Let the traffic slow down a bit. Then if I download on friday, I got 3 glorious uninterrupted days to spend with the new toy!!!
  7. My rigs at the tail end of its life as well. I'm waiting till the weekend to download to avoid the rush and let servers cool down. Besides, if I get it today, ill miss the next few days of work!!! Hope my rig lasts until Christmas, I'm treating myself to the a new one for the holidays.
  8. Do it right or don't do it at all. I wish some other devs shared the same montra.
  9. Wow! Congrats fellas! Well deserved.
  10. I wouldn't necessarily call it "bad news". There's probably a lot of internal number crunching involved setting a pricepoint. The time invested in the development by all members of the team have to be calculated. And I'm sure the data provided by Boeing comes at a cost. Plus all the photo assignments, server and webstore costs and marketing makes up for a majority of the overall development. The profit is probably a lot less than we all think. As an owner of a company that provides high end products to a neiche market myself, I fully understand why what seems to an "obsurd pricepoint" can be a tough pill to swollow, but if we were all able watch the development cycle from start to end, there would be more of an understanding as to why the price is what it is.
  11. I was very satisfied with the pricepoint of the NGX. So asking $80-100 for the T7 won't be an issue for me. Quality costs money, and supporting a top shelf developer that delivers a top end product for such a small market as us simmers is huge!. Not only in receiving a high end product, but our loyality and willingness to pay the money for said products keeps devs like PMDG in buisness. I'm very greatful for that personally.
  12. If my wife says anything at all about me spending obsurd amounts of time with the T7, ......I'm inviting my mother over for a week long visit! That aught a solve that issue. See, there's ways around everything.
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