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  1. navymmw

    Watch your brakes!

    Not sure if anyone has noticed this before, but you can overheat your brakes in the 777 and it brings your aircraft to a stop. They are red hot as well. Nice touch!
  2. I have the PSS 1.3 installer downloaded but whenever I try to install it it gets to File 3 and then says Could not copy file(s). (#5, Line 48)One or more files could not be copied.C:DOCUME~1MIKE-T~1LOCALS~1Temp02a69d5a021eac4f5fac247468634104unpackgaugesPSS-B757.gauso then I click ok and the installer just quits, this happens everytime, I tried redownloading the installer also and reinstalling FS completly but still no luck, anyone know how I can fix this?
  3. navymmw

    Whats coming next?

    how about for the next aircraft you guys do the 717? This is a aircraft that has no good payware or freeware versions of this aircraft? This is a aircraft that needs to be done and if you guys start to make this you would have no compition what so ever, so what do you think of this idea?
  4. navymmw

    Whats coming next?

    It has been almost 1 year since you took sugestions so im sorry to ask but what is coming next?
  5. navymmw

    757 Livery Requests

    I would like to request U.S. Airways in their new colors.
  6. Hello, I know this has been asked, and I did use the serch function but I had no luck, so as the topic states I cannot find the American Airlines Livery with Blended winglets, is there a seperate place I can download it?
  7. navymmw

    PSS 757 Q&A and issues thread

    Hello, I know this has been asked before, I used the serch but no luck, My question is where can I get the American Airlines with winglets?
  8. navymmw

    PSS 757 Problems

    Hello also, I'am having another Problem, I installed all the liveries, and the AA 757 with winglets in not there, for some reason I do not have it.
  9. navymmw

    PSS 757 Problems

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Lag problem is fixed, Thank you. Also my gauge file is the newest. Thankyou everyone for your help, and Thanks to the PSS team, this aircraft is awsome.
  10. navymmw

    PSS 757 Problems

    How can I figure out the 757 version? I went to Gauges folder, and everytime I click on PSS 757, it freezes and closses and says prorgram not responding.
  11. navymmw

    PSS 757 Problems

    my comp specs1022MB RAMIntell Pentium 4 processer 4 CPU 3.00GHzRadeon X300 with 128MB memory.I do not know where to find the 757 gauge.yes I do have DSD_XML_tcas.dllmy refresh rate is all at 6, but I have changed it around and it made no diffrence.
  12. navymmw

    PSS 757 Problems

    Can someone please answer, My PSS 757 is stil haveing LAG problems like 4 FPS, and I also I used the new instlaller, what is still going on?
  13. navymmw

    757 frame rates

    I'am also have lag problems, can someone please tell me how to fix it?
  14. navymmw

    Lag Problem

    Sould I still have a LAG problem? I downloaded the new installer, and I'am still getting only 4 FPS, what is wrong?
  15. navymmw

    Updated installer

    NO i'am not kidding, there are like 10 threads on this fourm all saying the same thing, I don't want to go and search through them all to find the answer, so i'am sorry but I could not find the answer anyware.