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  1. Jcmmg Thanks for the write up.... I have been trying to figure out the FMC for a day... 2.1 and 8 were driving me nuts. Carenado has some work to do here. I can care less about the price and the so called "update" to the 550, just make it work right. Dave
  2. vollmey

    Cannot log in at the library

    Good, I am not alone.
  3. Uugh, so simple. That will work fine, thanks Jim.Edit: since I double posted, one other question. With future updates is it possible to give a final ZFW weight? You can go into FSX "Fuel and Payload" section and just add the #'s. But it would be nice to see that somewhere in Xpax. Just a suggestion, take it or leave it.
  4. Uugh, so simple. That will work fine, thanks Jim.
  5. Hey Jim, DamianFor the Feelthere 737's is there a way to set max seating? I have gone through the config files and don't see a way to do it. All other planes seem to be right.Enjoying Xpax - Good job guys!! :)
  6. Yep, played with a bit this morning. Pretty cool!! :)
  7. vollmey

    Real question about Columbia 400.

    I just bought the Columbia this past weekend. I lock my system @ 20 and I got a very minimal FPS hit in FSX. I am running UT for FSX and I also run autogen on sparse ( which is plenty for me ). System specs down below. I too was a bit worried on how it would run on my older machine but it has done fine.
  8. vollmey

    Opinions wanted on Activesky X

    >Two thumbs up here for Active Sky X :-)>>BryanAgreed, It's a must have!! :)
  9. vollmey

    Shall I give up ?

    You might just start over and delete the CFG file and let FSX build a new one and go from there. You have done some tweaking though looking throught your CFG file.
  10. Rhett and Victor,Never thought about that, I will give that a try.Thanks Guys!!
  11. vollmey

    Shall I give up ?

    Here is my CFG file. And I do not get blurries like that and never have. Move your Texture Bandwidth up to 55 or 60 and see what happens. Don't test it in NYC or LA or something, use Orlando or Phoenix. Edit: I forgot to mention that I have FSX controlling the Anisotropic Filtering and the card handling the AA. It might help.
  12. vollmey

    Shall I give up ?

    Not sure why your having those problems. I am running FSX SP1 on the machine down below and running locked @ 20 and keeping steady at 20 except it those big cities. The LA area brings it down 13-15 but it is still very smooth. I run all the sliders 3/4's of the way to the right except for autogen which is at normal. All traffic is at 20%, and that is plenty of traffic. (Using My traffic X for AI) The only change to the .CFG I have done is adjusted Texture Bandwidth which is currently at 55.So, I don't understand why folks are having problems. The only problem I have is blurries. But it's not as bad as some of the screen shots I've seen in this forum. And it only happens in the LA, Chicago an NY areas. All of the rest of the metropolitan areas seem to be fine. I assume there is just too much data for my machine to keep up with. I'm not going to build another machine right now, don't need to. I am more than happy with FSX SP1 and the LDS 763 and the FLight 1 ATR to keep me happy. And I can still fly FS9 anytime I feel the need. But I have not fired up FS9 in at least a month now.
  13. Hey Chris,Yeah if you get a chance just head ouf Auckland to the Southwest maybe 10 miles or so and get a screen shot. I played around last night after I posted. I move all the sliders to the right and still had alot of brown earth. So I don't know what to think.
  14. Hey Guys,I've searched this out a bit without any really good answer. Since I now got an ATR for FSX I decided to do some Air New Zealand link flight. Out of Auckland today I mostly got for lack of a better term "Sand Dunes" with little green vegetation spots. I think it needs to be a bit greener, but I could be wrong. Any fix for this?? I got sliders 3/4 of the way to the right except for traffic and Autogen. FSG mesh if that matters. Thanks in Advance!!
  15. Sweet, I know what I am doing this weekend.!! :)