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  1. DescendDescend got it right! How weird is that, that by turning off camera shake, it corrected a problem I was only having with the DA62. Options -> General -> Cameras page And as another simmer pointed out, the glitch was only happening inside the cockpit and not the landscape. I should have returned sooner as I was rolling back drivers, optimizing settings, etc. I'm glad it got resolved because after all this testing, and after installing the WTG1000 and DA62X mod, I actually started to like flying this plane! LOL!
  2. I rarely fly the DA762 as well but I just went to fly it and experienced the same glitching. It appears to be during straight and level flying and only from cockpit view. I have plenty of graphics and computer power.
  3. I found that after an MSFS 2020 update late November, I had to go to General> Graphics> Display Mode> and change the setting back to Full Screen from Windowed. After the update, it automatically reverted to the windowed setting which constantly shows the Windows 10 border at the top and bottom of the screen.
  4. Over the past few days, I've been trying a fairly new method where one uses Blender and a free plugin provided by this developer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZCe_x-V9co ) to import fuselage, wings, rudder, ailerons, etc., and then re-paint the plane and export the "blob" paint file as a .png.dds file using Gimp (or PS with nVidia plugin or Nvidia stand-alone). Lord knows I couldn't paint that blob without these plugins, and I have 30+ years experience using Photoshop too! This fella (https://discord.gg/megapack ) then offers template files of various airplanes where all one has to do is change the "template" wording in the .cfg and .json files to the name of your choosing, and the pack can be saved into your Community directory (that's after you create and save your custom paint job/livery). I think corrections are made both .cfg and .json files, but not sure... that's my homework assignment for today. It may be easy for some people, but I spent about 20+ hours over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend trying to figure this out. But, the time was well worth it as I'm 95% there and got to this point of creating this custom Pacman livery. Now I'm thinking Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, and other livery themes based around historical musical groups and artists. Albeit this was time consuming, it was a nice sense of accomplishment. Cheers!
  5. I found this tip on another forum but using Windows, you can right-click on the Windows speaker icon and turn down MSFS volume only. As a MSFS noob with 29 hours' flight time, I'm often switching from a YouTube tutorial to FS2020 and the background music or even ATC chatter made it impossible to hear the tutorial. Great forum and glad to have found it! Thanks!
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