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  1. It does have birds but they are not random - search for fauna! CJ
  2. Graham, An excellent post which gives a lot of confidence that MSFS is doing something right for weather. I live halfway to the South coast from you and the MSFS weather always seems to be spot one for here too. I think the key thing is to look out of your own window to try and verify weather rather than rely on a Metar report to compare with what MSFS comes up with. In all the weather discussion I have seen precious little of people making their own observations. CJ
  3. Atc ignores flight levels in the plan to an extreme degree at the moment normally insisting you are at 39000ft with 10nm to go. A second later it will insist on you being at 2000 feet. This is by a huge amount its most annoying feature. Hopefully it will become more flight plan aware very soon.
  4. My views work fine on the default planes with default settings and the hat switch on my Thrustmaster Hotas 4.
  5. Ooooohhhh Infinite fuel option, nice. Bit of a cheat though but will remeber that when I am about to run out rather then before take-off. At the moment am contemplating how I get across/around the Pacific. Does not look I can fly liner east/north east from New Zealand and land on a jet runway. Looks like I am going to have to go round the top Tokyo, some eastern Russia airport then Anchorage. CJ
  6. So I am starting my attempt to fly round the world in the Airbus. Initially I looked at starting at Heathrow and looked at what I thought was the range circle in the world map and chose a destination towards the end of it. In this case Sochi where the Grand Prix has just happened. Well I managed to get in site of the Sochi runway about 10nm out and then the plane became a glider as the fuel ran out and all the systems shut down. I thought I would try somewhere a lot closer, Kiev fitted the bill. I have just come off the flight there and only had 9% of fuel left. When setup the flight plan there is no option for how much fuel and I start my flights from the end of the runway as I am not interested in the start-up process. How is the sim deciding on how much fuel to give me? Is there a better option for me to make sure I make the next leg. I am trying to fly as far as possible each leg to cut down on the number of legs. I am flying the 0.3 version of the A320 mod. Thoughts? Thanks CJ
  7. Don't use developer mode. Every game install automatically creates a Community folder, you just need to find where this is and place the A32NX folder of the mod into it.
  8. The folder that you need to put in the community folder is the subfolder a32nx in the zip, not a higher level folder. The lights come on at night
  9. Just about to start a round the world many hop trip with it, perfect timing of the release. Thanks CJ
  10. I thought that this was quite funny. It seems you were expecting to read a manual for 5 mins and then fly the CJ4. Not going to happen even with the best written manual. It is going to take hours to learn to fly the CJ4. This is a simulation not an on rails arcade game.
  11. There is no but still.. about it. A scenery deveopler is not going to reprogram avionics. Simple. CJ
  12. This update is awesome and shows the direction that MSFS 2020 is going. Very pleased to see it is a very different direction to that of the legacy sims. It is a new world and Asobo are doing their very best to show it off. Perhaps helped by the global spread of Microsofts development studios. No wonder the price of the third party airports has dropped for MSFS versus the legacy sims. They will need to be quick selling before Microsoft release their own versions. CJ
  13. I am either using Simbrief or the in game world map for my plans and pretty much ignore ATC as I is so broken. The latter normally wants you to be at 18000ft until final approach. I just follow the altitudes dictated by the flight plan which are much closer to reaility. Hopefully ATC will be fixed soon. I hear over the airwaves the AI planes also seem to ignore ATC - many times I hear ATC telling AI planes that they are 16000 feet over the requested flight level. CJ
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