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  1. Not appearing in store for me either - tried all the usual/previous tricks including repairing the XBOX app that worked one time still no download in the store. CJ
  2. To reiterate XBOX is the platform name Microsoft now gives to all games, both PC, XBOX console, phone and tablet. The XBOX servers being down means they are down for all system types. CJ
  3. I recently sold my Falcon 4 original ring bound manual and software for quite a lot of money. I was not surprised as it was a real collectors item. It is great to see that its community still thrives. CJ
  4. Another point: If you use or intend to use an XBOX for MSFS then ONLY buy from the Marketplace as you cannot use addons from elsewhere. Further your PC Marketplace purchases will be available for XBOX install at no extra cost. CJ
  5. Almost all PC games are designed to run full screen where there is no X button at all. Like MSFS they have a close program option on the front menu system. I am not sure why people are running MSFS in windowed mode as they are wasting so much screen space. CJ
  6. Updates to the content in either of those upgrade packs. e.g. if the 787 has an upgrade then it will be installed as part of the premium deluxe pack upgrade.
  7. Does not matter whether you are on steam or MS Store - both give you the option to select the install directory early on in the install process. Think you have to down a couple of gig of pure program without location choice first before you can then select the main install directory - will indeed save you a massive download. CJ
  8. Yep, if someone is ill then legally bad news if they say so. CJ
  9. The thing that really does not change is people moaning on AVSIM. CJ
  10. Shed loads of updates in the contents manager - both Deluxe and Premium pack upgrades as well as the previous world updates getting updated CJ
  11. Common on this thread - install XBOX app if you haven't already
  12. It is the APP that they use for all platforms but it is only recently that it seems to be required for MSFS.
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