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  1. Thank you so much Marcel !
  2. Thanks for the condescending tone, but I already knew this one, and you have to pay to get the PDF.
  3. Ok, just flew her tonight again. The Fuel Used thinggy worked perfectly. No problem about the GPU, I understand the limitations. Your work and autogyro's are already tremendous. Overall, the aircraft has become my favorite workhorse at the moment. However I'm not really proficient on the PC-12, how all those avionics work and the only reference I have are the Carenado manuals. If somebody could point me to a real PC-12/45 POH, I'd be really glad about that :)
  4. Hi ! Just did a quick flight. No major bugs discovered at the moment, the "new" engin management feels much better now. I am using the original air file, and cruise values were by the Carenado book for my weight and temps. - FUEL RESET works correctly (yes, I do use it). However when we load fuel using the P3D menu, it shows negative values. Is it possible to make it remain at 0 ? A press to reset works well though. On a sidenoten do you believe it is possible to implement a GPU with your electrical magic ?
  5. Very nice ! Perfect show off these two ORBX sceneries.
  6. Agreed. That would be a buy from me then. Netherlands only, probably not.
  7. Bonjour Alain, bonjour à tous, Je me permets de réveiller le post pour encourager nos chers simmers à acheter votre Lear 25. C'est un addon absolument fantastique qui est vraiment trop méconnu. Je possède de nombreux addons dits "hardcore" et celui-ci est sans conteste un des meilleurs, et en tout cas, de loin le meilleur Bizjet. Sur ce, je m'en vais le sortir du hangar. Bons vols à tous !
  8. Hello guys ! As an FTG manager, I am happy to see that Ronnie has pointed out our classic database. All our schedules are all complete and come from a good collection of real schedules bought on ebay or other sources over the years. Our current DC-6 schedules include : Aerolineas Argentinas Alitalia ALM (Antillean Airlines) Austral Cathay Pacific Continental Airlines Delta Airlines Everts Air Cargo Flying Tigers Line Hawaiian Airlines Japan Air Lines Pan Am Saudia Arabian Swiss Air Thai Airways Trans Australian Airlines United Airlines Our current Constellation schedules include : Air Canada Air France BOAC Iberia Lufthansa Pan Am Qantas South African Airways TWA The choice is pretty wide and the database is constantly updated depending on our finds, and of course there are many, many others to be found.
  9. Glad to hear that ! Thank you for telling us the solution.
  10. Hi ! THis has happened to me a long time ago with Fs9. This was due to the fact that for some reason my elevator axis was assigned through FSUIPC and the regular sim menu. Removing the Sim menue cleared the issue (I prefer using FSUIPC).
  11. Hi, I am having a hard time trying to understand what you mean. IIRC SELCAL is hardcodes in the aircraft, you can't tune it. If you fly on IVAO when crossing the ocean, add SEL/whatever-your-selcal in the flightplan If you fly on VATSIM ... i don't know, but should probably be similar. If you fly default ATC ... it does not give a damn about your SELCAL.
  12. Have you guys even watched the video ? I'm not sure hail will be included though. What I'm really excited about is icing effect, big weakness of all FSX/P3D. TFDI is taking advantage of 4.1 implementation on rain effects in VC. Basically, if it is released soon enough, we will not even see the LM rain effect
  13. I love Maddogs. Actually, Leonardo Maddog is the one that brought me in the McDonnell Douglas world. I am literraly drooling on my keyboard for this one.
  14. Hi Richard, Have you recently updated your T7 ? If so, as per instructions, delete all saved panel states from previous versions and start from scratch, this should solve the problem.