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  1. Hello ! Thank you very much for these repaints, they are gorgeous !!!!
  2. I think this has something to do with the location where the downloaded files are before unzipping and installation. Your best solution is to reach out to the official support at the Orbx forums.
  3. It is already included in the default installation of PFPX. However, the MLW showing is incorrect and should be raised to 4500 kgs.
  4. I also own a full HOTAS Warthog so I see what you mean. Thanks for your help @westman
  5. Hi Guys ! Now that the SP1 is released, I am very attracted to this bird. However, by reading the (poor) manual that is available and watching videos available on Youtube, it looks like I won't be able to map my Virtual Fly TQ6 through FSUIPC. The MVAMS looks a bit sassy too. The particular interest of this setup is the use of the detents, which on the VF TQ6 are not buttons such as the Saitek Throttle Levers but actual axis. This works fine on all other addons such as the F1 B200. Has anybody any insight to share on this matter ? Thanks very much in advance
  6. Excellent job, congratulations. I can never stress enough how much I miss old russian metal in P3D .... my only true regret. And the RFP 742. and the Caravelle too. 🤣🤣
  7. Hi guys, quick question regarding the blower operation in the DC-3. I am used to their operation thanks to the A2A Connie. I turn them on as soon as my engines are unable to hold 42 MP climb power as per AH manual, which is usually around 6000ft.This is also done according to AH manual. However, at some point during cruise / climb, approximately around 12500 ft or about 20 min after I switched them on, they seem to "fail", and I'm left without them for the rest of my flight. This proved tricky when flying above high terrain as I was unable to climb higher. Is this some kind of failure or bug ? If it is a failure, what could be that I do wrong ? Any input appreciated 🙂
  8. Incredible looking. Congratulations this is a very nice job.
  9. Type CMD in the running bar down left. Right click on the Command Prompt icon, then run as administrator. This should do the trick.
  10. You might want to try an sfc/ scannow and chkdsk too.
  11. Opening my Appcrashview program which I have not done for a while, I realized this started to occur around 18th of April. I think this is around the date at which I updated all my raw Microsoft apps using the Microsoft Store update function. All my other drivers are up-to-date (GPU, Mobo etc.) so I suspect this batch of update might have caused some trouble. In the mean time I have ran anti-malware and antivirus scan to no avail. For now, I have set the gameinputsvc.exe that is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft GameInput\x64 to run as admin. I think the risk involved here is limited. So far it seems to have fixed the repetitive crash. The process is running as I type with a flight ongoing and it has not crashed nor caused any trouble at the moment.
  12. Hello, What an unfortunate timing. I realized this morning the same error kept showing up. Apparently it is related to the Microsoft Gaming Services. I suspect one of the latter update to be faulty, but I am far from being proficient in this domain.
  13. Your repaints had me fire up the Learjet 35 again. Flying N104PH right now, she's a beauty. Thank you very much.
  14. Unfortunately only the RXP GNS5/430 have crossfill. And I agree with others 🙂 I own both and prefer the RXP one, mostly because of the extended customization and support.
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