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  1. You mean the aircraft code ? The correct code for the A2A Bonanza is BE35.
  2. I crossed the States in 14 legs back in 2018 in the A2A Bonanza, from Long Island to San Francisco, all in VATSIM. That was in winter, and crossing the Rockies and the Sierra Nevada proved interesting, flying skills-wise. But the Bonanza is well equiped for this kind of trip compared to other aircraft. Now I wish I could do the same in MSFS. But I am digressing here. I did not have any trouble with ATC, most of them were actually quite happy with having an IFR Bonanza, it created some kind of challenge for them I think. It's all about knowing your aircraft and not being a numbskull with ATC, really. Be aware though, some ARTCC will sometimes not extend their airspace to as low as a single prop engine flies, especially if you are VFR.
  3. Hello ! Yes absolutely. As long as you have basic airmanship skills, whether you fly a Bonanza or a 747 is almost irrelevant.
  4. The Doggys are the way to go 😎 LeonardoSH are the most underappreciated developers of the moment.
  5. Hi ! Thank you for this ! I had printed my own card with marker, felt really old school. Much better now !
  6. I think he meant the way they looked. I don't remember noticing a specific difference. I use WFSS only now.
  7. Interested also. Never pulled the trigger because of the price tag, but I flew a lot the Embraers as a passenger pre-COVID and I wanted to replicate them in my sim. This BF sale might be a good opportunity, but still cautious. Is it V5 compatible ? EDIT : according to their website it is, needs to deactivate a dll.
  8. Hi, I did an in depth comparison of both sceneries under V5 https://fselite.net/news/p3d-news/head-to-head-hong-kong-airport-vhhh-taxi2gate-and-wf-scenery-studio/ Cheers
  9. There are two airfields in Tarbes. The one you are looking for is LFBT. That's where the final assembly line is located.
  10. I'd be curious regarding the performance of the cache between SSD and HDD. I don't have much space on my SSD but I have a HDD with currently around 5 Tb of space but that has a relatively low read speed (only around 150 Mb/s tops, average 100).
  11. Hello ! Thank you very much for these repaints, they are gorgeous !!!!
  12. I think this has something to do with the location where the downloaded files are before unzipping and installation. Your best solution is to reach out to the official support at the Orbx forums.
  13. It is already included in the default installation of PFPX. However, the MLW showing is incorrect and should be raised to 4500 kgs.
  14. I also own a full HOTAS Warthog so I see what you mean. Thanks for your help @westman
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