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  1. I agree with you, IMHO Orbx massively failed the transition in this area. I fly a lot in and out of KTVL and I noticed the transition to the northern part of Lake Tahoe is awful. And if there's one place on this planet I love to stare at from above is there ... + most procedures have you fly above the lake. I wish Orbx had either left Lake Tahoe out completely or extended coverage up to Reno. Edit actually, I just noticed on the TrueEarth product page that northern Tahoe is covered via TrueEarth Oregon. Oh well ... better late than never. Still I stand my point, should need only one product.
  2. Hi, I own all the CaptainSim aircraft you mention : 737, 757 and 767. To me, the main reason I bought them (on discount) is that there are simply no decent alternative to these for P3D. The systems are not "failure study level" but they will get a decent job flying you around on VATSIM. The 757 and 767 are framerate hogs, that's what I hate most about them. The models are good. The FMC is decent too, works well enough for my needs. Now the 737 Classics. I personnaly find it a good value for money. They are less worse on the framerate than the heavier Boeings from CaptainSim. I've flown them for about a hundred hours. System wise just like the others, not failure study level. In neither of those planes you'll find stuff such as ACARS functionnality. Performance more or less matches my PFPX profiles so that's good enough for me (IIRC I had to adjust the MTOW, ZFW and OEW). All of them have plenty of liveries for them, that matters a lot for me. It's just about the pricing, they are so expensive and yet so perfectible. Get them on sale, anything else is a ripoff.
  3. It comes with à full set of manuals also with a QRH and a tutorial. All systems are explained. I am not in front of my simming computer for another months so i can not be specific on this I am sorry. Also forgot to mention this but the Maddog has an EFB which works quite well. The official repaints are found here : https://www.flythemaddog.com/forum/index.php?/forum/100-native-pbr-repaints-for-the-liveries-manager-tool/&_fromLogin=1 Miguel from Hangar226 has done a good chunk of them too. https://elmikey.wixsite.com/hangar226 MSFS repaints can be converted to P3D use but that's probably against the EULA so I won't add any details. Also again I'm sorry for the savage advertising, but my virtual airline has a huge "Classic" section with many Maddog flights that are digitalization of real world paper schedules. There are more coming and after this we will have a rather complete set of airlines (hint : major US operators on their way) So if you need ideas for flights there it is. https://ftg-va.org/
  4. Hi ! I'm a heavy user of the Leonardo Maddog. System-wise, it is one of the most advanced if not the most advanced add-on available for P3D. I love the 3D models, it runs very fine. I find the VC very detailed, for example the FMC CRT displays will have a slight curve, just like real CRTs. It is also fully integrated with GSX and has an optionnal ACARS system that uses hoppieNL and is compatible with VATSIM and Activesky. In addition to the system depth that you could also find with the PMDG and FSLabs, the Leonardo Maddog adds a (light) maintenance and persistance module. That means the more you fly your aircraft, the more you will experience aging of the airframe and systems, with chances of failures as you go. You can choose a brand new airframe or set your airframe and engines to 70.000 hours and cycles if you'd like, the aircraft will behave as such. As you grind flight after flight, if you don't perform the mandatory checks (rest assured, it's a just a click in the load manager) you may well experience failures related to this. The best is that you can actually treat the failures by working the related checklists, the aircraft will behave accordingly. Be reassured though, this is optional and you can deactivate failures if you don't want the hassle. Another example is brakes heating that is very well simulated. Basically, the MD-80 has a not so efficient braking system. So that means if you land too fast and don't use thrust reversers, you are in for a runway excursion that's for sure. Same thing if you taxi like a dumbass, you can overheat your brakes and in case of an RTO things may not end well. I personnally put my hands on a set of real world AOM and related documentation from a now defunct airline, it really has everything, and I fly the bird by this airline's book. It's been pure joy. To me it is one of the greatest add-on ever made for P3D, and I love it. On my Youtube channel there are a few videos I shot with the Leonardo Maddog, that may help you decide. (sorry for the savage advertising here) I hope this helps.
  5. There is a VSD button for this function on the EFIS. Speaking only for myself since I'm not related with the devs in any way, considering there is not even an announced real cargo version of the Boeing 737 Max, I doubt iFly will develop this.
  6. Very nice ! I left FS9 only in 2016, skipping FSX for P3D directly. Loved every bit of memory of my FS9. There are so many great addons on FS9 that never made it elsewhere, especially the classics : 707, 727, RFP 747-200 and the list goes on.
  7. Same for Alaska, only the -9 (40 in the fleet as of today).
  8. What you saw is that the just rebuilt the northernmost runway last summer (they redo them one after another). Also they are extending the highway "N104", which will go along the northenmost part of the airport. The rest of the airport remains as is. The new Terminal 4 which was supposed to happen has been cancelled last year for the moment.
  9. Very nice, thank you for your hard work guys ! I always prefered the old SWA livery, I think it looks so smart on the Boeing 737, all types.
  10. Thank you all for your hard work. I've been collecting the liveries as if they were Panini cards. Oh now I remember why I'm also into plane spotting 😀 Merry Christmas y'all 🙂
  11. I'm with @Sabre57 here Only SkyForce has been updated, and it took almost 9 months for them to update Skyforce to V5. Worldwide Airport Airports HD, Environment Force, Texture Direct and Weather Radar have not been updated, the later 3 having being officially abandonned. Environment Force had a product life of only 8 months after release. But anyway, I'm glad TOGA is back with full support for P3D, I was pleased to see on Simmarket that Envplus is on today's top sellers 🙂
  12. Oh my .... it is going to be such an awesome addon. I am so eager.
  13. Hi Steve, My point was not to get into an argument about the donationware thinggy, but merely to point out the release of a PFPX profile. Now, I agree with you, donationware as we do in my country (France) is you choose the amount you want to give, and it can be 0. I encounter it regularly and it works well this way. In Jon's way it is more about payware thing and I agree with you. Maybe people put it as a donation in order to avoid some sort of income tax ? In this particular case, I'm not sure about the errands surrounding the EULA. Last but not least, I think I never thank people enough for all the wonderful freeware that are around, and that of course includes all of your repaints. So... Thank you very much, again 😉
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