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  1. Thank you guys for making such beautiful paints. IMHO, painters are the most underrated contributors to the Fs community ever.
  2. Looking really good. I wish the entire Benelux was covered though. But as usual with Orbx, great job.
  3. TopGun33

    How to Confirm v1.10 has installed?

    Glad to hear that. Yes I indeed use P3DV4.
  4. TopGun33

    How to Confirm v1.10 has installed?

    Launch the Maddog Manager. Go to Setup / General. If the options look like this, you have 1.1.0. Otherwise, you have a previous version installed.
  5. TopGun33

    What repaints can be used in P3Dv4.2 maddog?

    Completely unusable. You will find repaints for the news Maddogs here : There is also a closed private group on Facebook here where you can find other repaints.
  6. TopGun33

    Loosing all power at cruise

    Yes saw that Dave. Thank you.
  7. TopGun33

    Loosing all power at cruise

    Fuel icing ?
  8. TopGun33

    [Poll] How do you prefer to fly?

    I usually do several flights roundtrip to the same "base" with the same aircraft before switching to another "base" and potentially another aircraft.
  9. TopGun33

    TSS Soundpack

    I have not seen such statement, but it is fair to assume it is probably the case.
  10. TopGun33

    TSS Soundpack

    I read somewhere else that some would find them too loud; but actually it works well on my system. Flying as we talk :)
  11. TopGun33

    TSS Soundpack

    I did, it works well.
  12. TopGun33

    Need Help With The Path

    As stated at this point of the installation, the path you need to set is the path where you Prepar3d is setup, that means your Prepar3d main folder, not the P3D Addons. You need to point to your Prepar3d.exe file.
  13. TopGun33

    Air Berlin No Longer Flying

    Yeah, it's been all over the news when they did. Were you hibernating ? Lol
  14. TopGun33

    MD-80 Livery Doownloads

    They are not available yet.
  15. TopGun33

    engines start up on their own

    I have the same problem, and this appears even with default flight (P3D 4.2).