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  1. TopGun33

    MD80 virtual airlines?

    Sorry I missed your message. Thank you for the kind words 🙂
  2. TopGun33

    "Study Level Aircraft"

    I concur. This one works really well since V and its numbers are pretty accurate. As for King Airs, the Carenado is so so, the ultimate King air experience is the F1 IMHO, though it has its flaws too. But the engines performance are accurately modelled, and it's about one of the only ones out there.
  3. Pretty sure, yes. I'm sure we can find some FS98 scenery that is compatible with P3D4.
  4. Wild guess : coding optimization of the ESP engine. Not absolute answer of course but that would be my guess.
  5. I so agree with you ... When we get to P3D using ray tracing and BPR I'll think about upgrading. Or if I can grab a Titan X or a 1080 Ti used for cheap.
  6. Because US prices shown are without VAT and without European custom duties.
  7. TopGun33

    Overkill PC?

    Your FsX won't use more than 4Gb so you could be good only with 8gb of RAM. The PC looks great, what I'd upgrade though would be the sim itself : do yourself a favor and try P3Dv4, trust me you will never come back 🙂
  8. Mass, generic, ai compatible, slopped runways, then.
  9. TopGun33

    250kts below 10,000

    It was already in effect. Speaking for French ops here : They would not go supersonic before beeing over the Channel, so the first matter was to have Concorde as soon as possible at FL400 so they could fly above most trafic while remaining subsonic. They would give them direct to various SID VOR such as Évreux (EVX) as soon as possible and clear the path ahead so they could accelerate at convenience. The matter with Concorde was not really the first 10.000 cause that would be reached in a couple of minutes. The climb speed, even subsonic was unmatched.
  10. Yes definitely. Much more precise and realistic feeling. That's what I care about over the way it looks. Also it frees up space on the desktop lol.
  11. I don't have the numbers but you could easily find them over the internet. The weight adds a lot of stability however I had to add some double sided tape to have the throttle not moving when entering reverse thrust. This is about the only moment it moves, unless you are crazy about aerobatics. I am unsure about the force-fed back, there are however several mods for the Warthog among the internet, maybe you can find something that suits you. It may however be quite expensive, and it would require an update software, so I am really not sure about the feasibility anyway. As for the trim wheel there are several buttons on the stick that I use for this matter, but also some axis on the throttle you could use as trim axis. I use one of them as a nose wheel tiller though. There are so many buttons that I don't even have them all mapped, but I'm pretty sure you can find something that suits you in that matter. For example I have the red top button of the stick and the right side grey one as autopilot and auto throttle disconnect) and the bottom trigger as a radio transmission switch for when flying on IVAO. The switches are all well thought and reachable, but not so easy to press and flick because of the sturdiness.
  12. TopGun33

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    I concur, Justflight is preparing a 747 classic but I don't put too much hope in the depth of the system. The RFP 742 merged with the POSKY models are one of the reason I remained with FS2004 until 2016.
  13. TopGun33

    PMDG 737-800 NGX

    Hi, I am not really sure what your question is, but the NGX is compatible with P3D v4.
  14. TopGun33

    New to FS2004....

    There are a few reasons why I only switched to P3D in mid-2016, and so far I still miss them (or their equivalent) in v4 - AFG Caravelle - RFP panel and POSKY 747 classics - Qualitywings 757 and Bae146