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  1. I just received my MFG Crosswind V2 rudder pedals today. I ordered them on September 4th and received them on the14th. Ten days to the states is a pretty good turnaround I think. Package in perfect condition.
  2. Yes I saw that. That will help in the decision of which way to go on my rebuild.
  3. That is why I got the Honeycomb Bravo for now. It might take quite a while before anything better shows up so I will go with this for now. Now that the hardware is ordered, rebuilding my PC is next on the list:-)
  4. Thanks for the welcome everyone. The Davis was a great plane and am glad to put all those hours on it before selling. Well I have Honeycomb Bravo throttle, and MFG Crosswind V2 rudder pedals on order and the Fulcrum yoke on preorder. Building a sim for MSFS is not cheap but just trying to get the right pieces so I do not have to redo it soon. It will most likely take 6-8 months before I can finish it as all the parts are not available till that timeframe.
  5. I think I will wait till I see a 3080 with 20Gb of Vram arrive and jump on it then. All the reviews will be out by then and I will know if this will be enough or that I will need to get the 3090 . It will take at least 6 months before I get all the parts I need for my sim build so I have some time after the first wave of cards are sold. Since I will be doing 4k I want a balanced system and am willing to wait to get that result!
  6. I also have the Fulcrum yoke pre-ordered. My Crosswind pedals should arrive Monday. I also have the Bravo throttle ordered and I am placed at week 4 at this time. I will know more next week. I will use this quite a bit for MSFS so really tried to blend the best pieces for what I wanted to do. I plan for a 49"-55" 4K QLED TV as my monitor. Just waiting for a 2021 2.1 hdmi model that will have everything I need. I also will probably need to upgrade to a Rysen 4000 CPU and new motherboard if needed. I will also get a RTX 3080 as soon as I see one with 20 Gb of Vram. This might take up to 6-8 months before I get everything in place but should work well for what I am trying to do. Cheers back🍻, Edward
  7. I have a Fractal Design Meshify C with two Noctua NF-A14 PWM in front and a Noctua NF-F12 in back. I use a Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler for my Ryzen 2700X setup and has worked well and is very quiet.
  8. After reading all the plus & minus of all the hardware I decided on the following. Fulcrum yoke Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant MFG Crosswind V2 rudder pedals The total will be about $1240 US including shipping and taxes. This still is a lot of money for just the hardware for my sim build but should last me for the next few years. I feel the next step up would be over $2000 US so I feel pretty good where I am now. The shipping to the US is pretty costly but then we do not pay the VAT so probably a wash when all done.
  9. I plan for MSFS2020 as my primary sim. Since I have to wait for my hardware anyway ( Fulcrum Yoke, Honeycomb Bravo throttle and MFG Crosswind V2 graphite rudder Pedals), I think I will wait it out till I see the 3080 with 20Gb of ram and jump on it then. At that time I can see what upgrades I need to do for my motherboard and CPU. I plan for a single 49"-55" 4k TV that will have 2.1 HDMI and 120Hz refresh rate. I will look at the HP Reverb G2 but I wear glasses and think taking leisurely flight with a 55" screen 36" away should fit the bill nicely. I also might have a head tracker but we will see. All this will take up to a year to finish because of availability but I want 4K Ultra on almost all settings to get the most out of my investment.
  10. 4th week = 47th week in the year. Monday, November 16 – Sunday, November 22, 2020 is the production date.
  11. You are good! 3.62" H x 8.27"W x 14.29"L
  12. Thanks Chris I feel pretty good about that too:-) I ordered the Honeycomb bravo throttle for its flexability and availability. I also ordered the MFG Crosswind V2 for its availability and quality. At least this will give me a solid base to work from in building my sim for MSFS2020 & Xplane 11.
  13. I believe the 3080 will have a option for 20Gb later on this year. There are too many that want to play MSFS 2020 in 4K.
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