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  1. I have been trying all the solutions on all the forums that i Found, neither of them worked, i have been the entire week trying to fix it, all my simconnects,vcredist,the FS9 dll and the aircraft files are properlly installed, i just want to know what is happening here and if there is any way to solve it
  2. Yeah, i solved it, just converted it to work on DX10
  3. So, I installed this new Scenery for MMMX since this airport is not very good by default, the first two times I loaded it everything seemed to be fine, but then this started happening and i don't know why,i think it could be because the default airport generation is colliding with it but i don't know much about it, can someone help me? I don't know if this is the correct way to post this since i am new to this forum Also Sorry for the bad english
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