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  1. You would need the Granny 3D SDK for that. Spoiler: It's pretty expensive. I don't even know if the process can be reverted but to go from .model to .max is a tough challenge on its own. Most likely, you will lose all the animation and bone bindings which would have to be redone. You could easily, however, get a static model of it for Ground AI.
  2. What we are witnessing here are the new third world problems. Please call to donate to a worthwhile cause.
  3. IPACS are working on Autogen with OrbX. If you look at post number #84 by Jarrad here, they have been working on new vegetation with a completely new autogen system. In order to populate user created scenery, you would need a tool similar to that of the Autogen Annotator in the ESP SDK. That's for you to find out when the update is launched
  4. Don't worry Chock. I'll all come with time. It can only get better.
  5. Make sure you hide the FPS counter. Just a heads up.
  6. We've got two days before DTG release their update/ fixes so this is a good filler for now.
  7. Its OK Ses, These guys are just salty after seeing the screenshots. ESP is dead. RIP FSW.
  8. Just been caught doing this - apparently I was trying to make out with my monitor.
  9. Awesome! Looking forward to it.
  10. @DTG_Aimee: Hi Aimee, could you tell us (roughly) when the next update is planned for?
  11. Thanks Bob. Pretty eye opening IMO. Starting to appreciate DTG a little more.
  12. We are all allowed to share our opinions, and that's the beauty of this forum. Could we please keep it that way? If you're upset about what someone has said, then keep it to yourself and suck it up - there's no need to insult each other. It just makes it worse for everyone. Thank you.
  13. The link for the Flight installer is still up. Look at my post (#2) on the link that eelis posted.
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