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  1. Strange as I downloaded it last night from there because the package sold through Just Flight doesn't include it. The download button is on the right of this page under Updates: http://flysimware.com/website/LEARJET_35A.html Andy L
  2. Some of the changes in the list for the latest version suggest that at least part of what he said may have been valid.
  3. I wasn't sure that as a prospective customer for the DC6 I'd be able to use the support system. Anyway question answered - thanks again to all who replied. Andy Lawton
  4. Thanks for the replies, should I infer from Dan's post that PMDG set it up to behave realistically with the sliders for both stability and joystick sensitivity set to 50% or am I reading too much into it? A definitive reply from PMDG would be helpful at this point. Andy Lawton
  5. I've read the PMDG DC-6 Introduction document with a view to buying my first decent addon for X-Plane but although the graphics settiings are covered therein I couldn't find any recommendations for the settings for the joystick sensitivity and aircraft stability sliders on the Nullzone Tab of the Joystick & Equipment screen in X-Plane. Do these settings have any influence over the 'realisim' of the DC6, in which case how should they be set, or does the PMDG flight model effectively bypass them? Andy Lawton
  6. Any chance of a definitive reply from PMDG to the original question please? I hope it doesn't fail to see the light of day like the JS41 SP2. Andy Lawton
  7. Do you have access to, or inside knowledge of, these new sims to enable you to speak with such apparent authority or are you speculating? Andy Lawton
  8. I'm waiting to buy the 777 and I'm totally confused as to the current state of it with regards to this issue! Jason's post seems to have come out of the blue with no prior announcement that I've seen of a release of an update. Can someone from PMDG please clarify the situation with both the base product and 300ER for us? Andy Lawton
  9. Doh! I failed to check before I posted, must be going senile - sorry! Thanks Robert. I could have sworn I'd seen figures quoted by users that seemed to show that it was unloading scenery that had been 'left behind' during a flight thereby saving memory but I can't find that source now. I'll give it a try though because as Kyle said they have made some improvements and since I bought a copy for next to nothing when it came out but never got round to installing it I've got nothing to lose. Andy Lawton
  10. As someone who feels that they don't qualify for a P3D licence I'd be interested to know if the LM fix to the memory management is similar to that apparently implemented in FSX Steam Edition in a patch since initial release? Or to put it another way would changing to FSX SE from FSX give a similar benefit in terms of reducing the likelyhood of OOMs as would going to P3D V3? Andy L
  11. Am I the only one who finds this petty bickering out of place in this thread and forum? Perhaps you two could have some consideration for your fellow members here and conduct your spat in private rather than clog this thread with it. Andy Lawton
  12. What, apart from the need to use your full name when posting in this forum as required by the rules? ^_^ If it's FSX then it sounds like you may not have 'Show all variations' ticked at the bottom of the Select Aircraft screen. Adding liveries via the Ops centre worked fine for me. Not having the 777 I met the Operations Centre for the first time today and it's an excellent idea, thanks Dev team! Andy Lawton
  13. Yes. Just find your previous NGX order(s) and follow the download link. Andy Lawton
  14. I took this as a pre-purchase question so the suggested test might not be open to the OP at the moment. A web search on "JS4100 runway length" threw up a few useful links including this one to a BAe publication. http://www.cfmjet.com/blast_email/N564HK/J41_BAE_General_Data_Brochure.pdf Andy Lawton
  15. Here's another repeat offender who ought to know better: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/447368-22jul14-sp1-monitoring-items-updated/?p=3043209. Andy Lawton
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