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  1. That could be the answer regarding the scenery library. As a software engineer (not flightsim related) and as a user (simulators) I can certainly understand both sides. The new method is more forward-looking if the entries can be moved in the scenery library. Until then we have this hybrid method which imo not the best solution. I also hope that LM will add back the scenery library button to the main menu, currently I don't understand why it was removed from there in the first place. At a reinstall with a lot of sceneries, it's a pain in the word not allowed to load a flight just because I need to add some new entries, but this is a different topic.
  2. Of course, but I'm almost certainly sure it's not eliminated, otherwise the forums wouldn't be full of these kind of issues. To be honest I still don't understand the concept behind that these items cannot be moved in the library. However add-on switch on/off and install would be much easier with the new method, but because of this issue I still feel that this is "unfinished" development. Layer numbers can be edited in the XML (that's what Prepar3D add-on organizer does), so maybe they cannot be moved because the correct layer order would be the responsibility of installers? That can cause other issues as well..
  3. Thank god some of they use the old method! While add-on.xml method would be fantastic, it has its downsides: - Some add-ons install the whole stuff to the documents folder, which (at me, and some other users I think) on the C drive which is a small SSD for the system, and the sim is on an other (much larger) drive. - In the Sim, add-on.xml entries order cannot be changed in the scenery library, so with a lot of addons it can made a mess, even with a couple sceneries as soon as the install order is not in a predefined way (e.g if I buy orbx vector after an airport scenery and both would use add-on.xml method it won't work because vector must be below airports). Of course it can be reordered by an external tool, but that's not the best for beginner simmers/IT beginners. - In some cases addon sceneries overwrites some default files in the scenery/world folder (personally, I don't like this). I personally put all sceneries to the ecosystem folder and add to the library by hand or modify the paths in add-on.xml and/or scenery.cfg and I think there is no problem with this until it can work and we have our choices. :)
  4. Hehe, I'm reading avsim since a looong, looong time, my account is old. I didn't even realise that this was my first post lol :D
  5. No it's not. It dynamically injects the cloud textures. Dynamic sky textures will be a feature of Environment Force, as the rex developers said on official forum.
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