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  1. Interesting, I get an approx 10 fps drop with 11.30 rc1 compared with 11.26 using exactly the same settings. It's been the same for all the 11.30 betas as well. Tested using the default C172 at default EGHI runway 02 with clear weather. 11.26 gives approx 60 fps and 11.30 rc1 approx 50 fps. I do however much prefer the ground handling in 11.30.
  2. Try something more specific than "*.*" which doesn't return anything in other sections of the library either. I tried "London" and found two files for X-Plane. "USA" returned only three so I suspect there's not much X-Plane content to be had from here.
  3. I can't, although the Jetstream appears in the list of aircraft in the Ops Centre on my copy there are no options for it when selected.
  4. In my experience it's not fully compatible with FSX:SE but the only incompatibility I've noticed is that the IAS hold mode on the autopilot doesn't work. Apart from that it's fine. Other users have posted here reporting the same. Attempts to get the addon liveries from the website return errors, are PMDG aware I wonder? Hopefully a temporary glitch as the base aircraft is still on sale.
  5. Some of us, not using FS2Crew, have found that the IAS hold mode doesn't work, I'd be interested to know if your experience is different. If PMDG did release the FSX:SE version they were developing then it would do a lot to restore my faith in them as a company that followed up on what customers had been led to expect. There may not be many takers for it at this point but I'd have thought that reputation mattered in the commercial world.
  6. The fact that installation in FSX:SE breaks the EULA is news to me. Comments here suggest the contrary: and Chris' post above is the first time I've seen PMDG contradict it.
  7. What issue are you having? I've not flown it for a while but the only issue I, and others, have found is that the IAS Hold mode doesn't work.
  8. AndyUK

    Farewell FSW

    0%, 30% or 60% depending on the channel through which the addon is bought as I understand it.
  9. So did it ever exist or were we just allowed to believe that it did?
  10. It does but the IAS Hold mode doesn't function.
  11. The sales page say it's "Not yet compatible with FSX:Steam Edition" which, coupled with reports in another thread in this section and on Facebook that work on an FSX:SE version was complete and awaited test may well lead customers to expect an FSX:SE version. Very poor communication on PMDG's part to let this expectation persist for so long.
  12. I know. My remark was addressing the fact that you can't get a weather report for the dynamic weather if you're unable to get one via ATIS.
  13. It might add immersion but a responsible pilot (real world) would get a met report before setting off, hence my request in another thread for info on how to do that. At the moment it seems that there's a functionality gap that DTG need to fill.
  14. Perhaps the url for fsxinsider.com changed from that used by fsx:se. The site is still accessible at https://fsxinsider.com but if that's a different address from the one fsx:se is looking for then what we're seeing might be the result. FSX:SE can still connect to the internet because the real world weather download still works.
  15. Anyone else using a Nvidia card, GTX1070 in my case, noticed that AA doesn't work in this beta? It was fine in the previous one. I'm not using VR by the way.
  16. Thanks for that link. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long before that info can be accessed from within the sim as in FSX for example.
  17. Thanks for the tip. I did think of that but at EGBB which has ATC there's no option to tune ATIS from the ATC pop-up. Perhaps if you could find the ATC frequency and tune it directly it may then work but how to find the ATIS frequency? At EGLL there is the option to tune ATIS and that gave seemingly accurate information. But that leaves a gap at places with no ATC / ATIS, at least if you set your own weather you know what runway to use etc.
  18. I've got the update but I can't find a way of getting a report showing, or hearing, the weather at the start or finish airports set by the dynamic weather system. Is there a way? After all it is rather important to know what you're getting into before you take to the air!
  19. That's my feeling as well which is disappointing as if you read back in this section of the forum they had done some work to get the original to work 100% with FSX:SE and it was awaiting test. Did it fix not work and if so was it too much trouble to try again? Shame if PMDG have now stopped creating for FSX:SE as I'm not prepared to spend the £ equivalent of $199 on P3D, nor cheat the system as a significant number seem to do by going for the Academic license.
  20. 1. No catch as far as I know. I bought it off Steam when it first came out so I'm not familiar with the Dovetail store but as Dovetail are the developers I can't see them ripping you off! 2. There's a map that you use to create flights from but it's not readily accessible in flight as is the one in FSX for instance. That said I think a more useful one will be incorporated at some point. Have a look in here for posts from DTG where they outline what they aim to add. 3. Personal choice really, it's a 64bit sim with plenty of potential and some consider the eye candy to be better than FSX already. 4. As it's supplied via Steam you'll get any updates automatically via Steam whenever you go online with Steam.
  21. AndyUK

    7 Dec Update

    Separate from the update to the Mission Editor to add the SDK I also got a small update to the sim itself yesterday which is now at v1.3.23065.0 but can't find any info on what it included. Anyone know?
  22. True, but if you read back through the posts here you'll see that PMDG were working on making it fully compatible with FSX-SE and had reached the testing stage at one point. Has that effort gone to waste or will a FSX-SE version see the light of day?
  23. No they don't. Pressing 'Y' works in FSW without any paid addon.
  24. I've found that on my system tool tips only appear when the sim is running full screen if the menu bar is showing at the top whereas they're shown in windowed mode whether the menu bar is visible or not. Does everyone's copy behave the in same way? I suppose in the absence of a setup option to choose whether or not they're shown it's way of disabling them but it does seem an odd design choice. A bug worth reporting perhaps?
  25. Agreed in principle but I'd like to know what DTG consider to be 'core' and what's 'other stuff' to be left to 3rd party to sell to us. For example to me the ability to access the information provided by FSX's and XP10/11's built in maps is core functionality which I've come to expect in any serious flight sim out of the box.
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