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  1. Well...Thank you everybody for replying... Fortunately I managed to finish a 10-hour-long flight just now with 300ER... although it's still not long enough for this Extended-Range guy... What I did is just keeping the windows7 basic theme without aero... Yes I, as a simmer preferring windowed mode, have had the habit of disabling dwm.exe after starting FSX to let aero back. Maybe the tiny parts it takes from RAM and VRAM just made the difference... yet it's still to be proven, cuz a single success indicates nothing. Now I'm on another long-haul flight with this bird... Good luck to myself ;-)
  2. Windows7 home premium 64-bit with 8GB RAM and i7-2675qm and HD6750M. I have been trying long haul flights for three days and for each single flight I got a message saying my computer has ran out of available memory after about 8 hours' journey.I swear I had never encountered such problem before I installed SP1 with exactly the same route and the same settings of scenery, graphic, traffic, and everything. Even extending virtual memory cannot solve this problem. Is there any way to save me? Please help. Ken
  3. Virtual cockpit views and exterior views are all ok, but when I come into cockpit view (the view where there should be a 2D Panel but PMDG did not design it), I cannot see the landing lights or taxi lights illuminate the ground ahead. This is what I found after installing SP1, and 300ER too. Is there any fix about this? Thanks. Ken
  4. Since yesterday I have been not able to download weather. And HiFi's homepage is not available either. I remember when I had my last flight on 4th May I could download the real-time weather...So how long has it been and will it be like this?
  5. I have notice this for a long time... As shown in the picture, GROSS WT is no more than 398000 pounds, with no passengers, no cargo, only about 53000 pounds of fuel. but 30/137 is obviously too fast for the plane. If I perform an approach with this value, I will get a negative pitch. So the approaching speed I have been referring to all these days is the speed 10kts above the yellow line when flap is set, and this speed will give me a perfect pitch when approaching. However occasionally I can see the Vref provided in the FMC is correct, just like my own calculation-- about 10kts above the yellow line, but still I see 30/137 more often. I still can't find the factor that make the difference. Am I doing something wrong or is this something to be fixed in the future..?
  6. Smilencio

    "S" - turns...

    I used to suffer from such problem flying all of the PMDG aircrafts. Seems caused by unique aloft wind data with turbulence, especially flying in some of the default weather themes, like Heavy Snow, Major Thunderstorm. Maybe just lowering some of the bars in realism settings is OK..It occurs to me that once upon a time (far before 777's release) PMDG seems to have announced about this problem. But I have forgotten which to lower. I just lower all the settings and let FsPassenger handle the realism required. And everything just goes well. I did not turn off the turbulence effect within FSX, nor suppress the turbulence via FSUIPC, because I think that "No Turbulence, No Challenge"...
  7. I would prefer right-clicking on the TO/GA nail on MCP..
  8. It occurred to me just now when landing at LXGB, and it has occurred for several times. But I agree with fsgeek.
  9. Sorry for keep you waiting... I'm just trying to look for a livery with some "arcs". It's just like this, the edge of the livery is not smooth. This only happen to the exterior livery texture. Interior is perfect. This livery is not officially provided in the download manager, but personally made by a fan,also in ptp format, which can be directly installed using the livery manager. However the official liveries downloaded from the manager have the same problem... DX9... Maybe DX10 will make it better? In fact I used to have the DX10 Preview on for a better framerate, but I just can't live with the flashing runways and that some of the planes incompatible with DX10 will become white..
  10. Amazingly I have found that the texture of PMDG777 is not so compatible with FSX‘s own anti-aliasing... Even though I have my anti-aliasing checked, the repaint is sort of jaggy... and meanwhile my other aircrafts are still in good shape, even PMDG737, whose method of installing repaints is just the same as PMDG777, has no such problem. Now I have to turn on my video card's own anti-aliasing feature or use something like SweetFX to keep it smooth... Am I the only one who has encountered this problem? Ken
  11. No it's not open... the speed is controlled by computer so nothing is displayed in the window... If I click on the knob, the number will appear and I can set the speed manually to the ECON SPD, but if I click on the knob again to let computer control the speed, the speed will drop to the lowest again...
  12. I'm sorry for not signing my name... I'm using keyboard and mouse.. I usually take off with 5 or 15 degree flap, and I retract flaps by simply pressing F5 (of course pressing G to retract gear comes first).. Keyboard is not that convenience like a joystick, so sometimes when I press F5 to retract the flaps, the IAS has already passed 200 knots, but it's not overspeed,it's still quite far from the red district. And then, there's chance that the speed mark jumps to the lowest speed allowed and the plane begins to ACT LIM SPD CLB.. Ken
  13. I have made quite a few flights with this fantastic aircraft, and sometimes I get a "ACT LIM SPD CLB" on the climb page of VNAV in FMC. When in this climb mode, the plane will climb maintaining the slowest IAS allowed just above the yellow district of the IAS bar on PFD. I would expect to see an "ECON CLB" mode, in which the plane will lower its nose to accelerate to ECON SPD after passing 10000ft and then climb maintaining this ECON SPD, but in "LIM SPD CLB" mode, the plane will maintain the lowest IAS until getting cruise altitude. And now I get confused. What have triggered the "LIM SPD CLB" mode instead of ECON CLB? Is there anyway I can change LIM SPD CLB mode back to ECON CLB mode?
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