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  1. It's referred to as puffery. Perfectly okay to do.
  2. Tried Sky Force out. Those volumetric clouds are pretty slick. I also received a 10+ FPS boost from it.
  3. I went from a i7 2600K to a i7 6700K, both at 4.5 GHz. Didn't notice a huge performance increase. I did notice that when I upgraded my GPU from a GTX 950 to a 1080 Ti FSX was a lot smoother. Not necessarily more FPS, but it didn't have a whole lot of stutters.
  4. It's perfectly okay that your GPU isn't completely utilized. It will use whatever it needs to render the scene.
  5. Most games of that era were built like that. Not very graphically demanding outside of resolution or AA. Very simple shading compared to today's games.
  6. That's extremely unlikely to happen. A 64-bit app is more than enough memory wise. It can use up to 18 exabytes of VAS, with Windows 10 Pro only being able to use 2 TB of that. I don't think you'll see desktop computers with 2 TB of RAM anytime soon.
  7. They were also only available in 2D cockpit view, not VC.
  8. Last flight I was on back in summer 2011 was a booked window seat right in front of the left engine of a 737-800. It was this same seat I made a video of the takeoff from Toronto and the landing into Calgary. Flight was from Calgary->Toronto->Calgary.
  9. The autogen draw distance is also tweakable in P3D, which would be a handy feature to have in FSW.
  10. It's masked by your settings. If you turn all the sliders to the left and move your mouse, it's still there. I don't own P3D v4 (previously had 3.3.5 installed to try it). I did a Google search just now, and it does contain the g2d.dll and g3d.dll in it's folder, so it still uses GDI for the mouse.
  11. I'm pleased they fixed that mouse bug that has been plaguing FSX and even P3D when I tried it out. It seems it had something to do with switching from a GDI based mouse to a Direct2D one.
  12. I wasn't one to jump immediately into FSX when it released. This sim is no different. Going to wait until it matures a bit before diving into it.
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