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  1. Hi, I had Flight re-installed more than two years ago after upgrading my machine to Windows 10 64 bit, and with the help of the flight toolkit (last version 1.1.22) I again converted the FSX-SE world. It all worked fine without problems. So after a few months since last using it, I tried starting Flight again. Unfortunately the program did not start. Looking at the task manager, I see the Flight Application (32 bit), but the memory is constantly stuck at 2.3MB while it does not consume any CPU time. So I thought, I update to the latest flight toolkit 1.1.31. But it had the same problem. When I switch to GFWL mode in the toolkit, Flight does start, and the windows live login appears. The login works, but then it asks me for a product key, which I never had to fill in previously. So I'm stuck at that stage. Now, apart from the normal windows 10 upgrades that are automatically applied in the background, I have only upgraded the graphics card drivers recently (NVIDIA GTX 960). What other reasons could there be for this problem? Should I try going back to an earlier version of the flight toolkit? Has anyone experienced similar problems? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Andreas
  2. It was maybe a bad businesses model to choose a closed platform, but the core of the software was and still is very good. And if you want to reach a market beyond the core simming community, it needs to look like a game.
  3. In Windows 10 you just click in the "search windows" field and type "cmd" then press enter. That should open the command prompt.
  4. Also, I remember I had problems with the steam version of Flight in combination with the toolkit. So I had to install the standard Flight version first.
  5. Great program - works well! And it shows what could have been if DTG might have built on the Flight core...
  6. Flight is generally running rockstable with a decent performance, including with the flightool installed and using the converted world scenery. One key difference to FSX is that the performance of Flight is less dependent on raw CPU power, though you can only set some of the graphics options to maximum if you have enough memory, which you only get if you use a 64 bit Windows. Let's hope that some of those advantages will also be realised in the upcoming DTG Flight Sim. ;-)
  7. @andyjohnston.net Have you also activated World Region UI in the addon manager? Once you do this, there should be the option to select World in the Flight menu where you switch between Alaska and Hawaii. This should display the global map of the World Region UI. More info and some screenshots can be found in this earlier thread: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/454973-ftk-menu-world-world-map/ If I remember correctly, stonelance included the World Region UI since Flighttoolkit 1.1.2.
  8. @AlbacoreTunaMan: Yes, you can run the conversion again. At the end of the conversion, the contentconverter uninstalls the existing addon and then copies the new files to the DLC folder. I guess that the temporary output folder for the conversion (the one after /o:) should be empty - but it may as well work if the files from the previous conversion are still in there. After the conversion you need to reactivate FSX World in the Flight Addon Manager. @jpc55: Great that it's working now - enjoy the gobal Flight! B)
  9. If I compare it to my conversion log file, it seems that your conversion crashed just before the end. kedw_photo.bgl is sthe last file to be loaded/converted. After that the addon files are created. Just try and run the conversion again and see if it finishes without an error message. If the problem reappears, make a note of any error message that windows might give, and also check if your security software might isolate/limit the converter as an unknown program.
  10. One thing is correct. The test folder should contain an emtpy temp folder and an FSX World folder with all the content. But it seems the conversion stopped with an error in your case before finishing? It might be that in your case the files are not written from the FSX World folder to the DLC folder at the end of the conversion, as this is the last step in the conversion process. Then FSX World will not appear in the list of the Flight Addon Manager for activation On my system, the command line showed the following three lines at the end of the conversion: Generating addon files Writing addon files to the DLC folder Complete! These three lines should also be at the end of the log file that KavindaJD mentioned. I think to identify the error, it may be enough to simply copy and paste the last few lines of this ContentConverter.log. The whole log may be too long to past as text. B)
  11. Ah, ok, so it's all in the main folder. Unusual, but I guess it would work :-) As for the command line, it's best to put double quotes around the first part. And there needs to be a space after fsx and before /o. Also I assume your /i input folder is on the D drive So your input line should be: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Flight Tools\Flight Toolkit\ContentConverter.exe" fsx /i:"D:\Program Files (x86)" /o:"C:\TEST" This puts the converted files in the temporary test folder on the c: drive. Before runnind the conversion, check if there is enough space on the C drive (7GB). In the next step you activate FSX World in the Flight Addon Manager tool, which puts the temporary files in the Flight DLC folder. On this drive (usually C als well, but in your case it might be the D drive) you also need at least 7GB free space. You should also activate the World Region UI in the Addon Manager, so it displays a more detailed global map within Flight.
  12. Great diagram work, KavindaJD! @jpc55 As explained in the diagram, the "fsx" simply tells the converter that this is an FSX conversion task. As for the source directory - are all FSX files on your system, like the main program fsx.exe and subfolders directly located in you main "Program Files (X86)" folder? That sounds unlikely, as usually the FSX files are all inside a subfolder titled "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" within the program files folder. On my original FSX the installer even put it inside another folder titled "Microsoft Games". You can simply check where the fsx files and folder are it by using the windows explorer.
  13. @jpc55 The /i: indicates the source folder, so where FSX is installed. I think you need to put " " around each path. The /o: indicates the destination folder where the converter puts the temporary conversion files. After FSX World has been enabled in Flight Addon Manager and first used in Flight, the content of this destination folder can be deleted. You can also add a /l: naming a log file, useful to check for any problems in the conversion. Make sure there is at least 7GB free on the drive with the temp folder and 7GB free on the drive with the Flight DLC. Instead of typing the command for each conversion attempt, you can also create a batch file - here an example of the file I created for the conversion of FSX-SE: MkDir FSX-SE_Base "Flight Toolkit\ContentConverter" FSX /l:fsx_se_conversion.log /i:"d:\Program\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX" /o:"FSX-SE_Base" Pause In this case the path after /i:is the FSX subfolder of steam on my d drive. For standard boxed FSX the path after /i: would be something like "d:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X". I put this conversion batch file (a text file with the ending .bat) inside the "Flight Tools" folder, in which you find the "Flight Toolkit" folder. That's why it does not need the full path including drive. Also the Flight Tools folder is on my SSD system drive which speeds up the conversion. A double-click on the batch file starts the conversion. If I remember correctly, you need to ensure user access to the folder and/or rund the batch file as administrator (right mouseclick), as access to program folders is restricted by default.
  14. It's a clean install of both - FSX Gold Edition and the Steam Edition.
  15. San Francisco works on my system with both conversions, old and SE, including displaying the Golden Gate Bridge, while Tokyo crashes on both versions. So I'm not sure if it helps anything knowing the files that are different. Anyway - here is a link to the html listing those files that differ between the original folders: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/43239562/comparison_file_difference_fsx_vs_fsx_SE.html
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