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  1. Such a classic and a PMDG bird; must have it!
  2. In my opinion, this product is not a high priority at this time. I am saving my limited budget for upcoming aircraft.
  3. Looks good, I want one! Unfortunately my coding skills are not up to this.☹️
  4. I know what your mean, I'm still jonesing hard for a good twin.
  5. The San-Juan Islands look very nice. Good work by the other user also. Thanks for the Tips.
  6. I really enjoyed the ORBX PNW sceneries. They are missing out on a lot of my money in MSFS. Hopefully they will focus on that area eventually.
  7. I am hungry for a good twin like the Aerostar 600 but I will gladly take a Comanche 250. .😍
  8. Item #7 is a MSFS bug. I have had this occur with other planes before.
  9. Toe brakes work but pedals are not animated for brakes.
  10. A couple of weeks ago I deleted a couple of aircraft in the Content Manager and for some unknown sequence of events the sim thought they were still installed and would not give me the download prompt. I discovered if you go to the "MSFS\Official\OneStore" directory and delete the corresponding aircraft directory the sim will then allow you to download the aircraft.
  11. Happy days! I believe it is supposed to be in the next sim update.
  12. From KSDF it just a short hop to KIND, KCVG, KSTL, KORD, KOSU, KCMH, KBNA, KMEM, KCLT, KATL and more.
  13. KSDF is perfect for me because I live in Louisville, Ky and am very glad to see it modeled. And yes, KSDF is actually a big deal in cargo shipping. It is the second busiest in cargo traffic in the USA, and the fourth busiest in the world. Looks like i'll be busy flying a lot of UPS cargo flights and also flying in a few business jets to and from the Kentucky Derby.
  14. I have always owned FSUIPC and WIDEFS for previous sims, but I have no intention of spending money needlessly. Currently I have no need for FSUIPC with MSFS but that may change in the future.
  15. I have a 3440x1440 120hz ultra wide on my desk. Images are very sharp and I am extremely satisfied with it,
  16. I'm 73 and I love the complexities of Flight Simming. I've been a big computer nerd ever since I got my first computer which I had to first assemble myself (Sinclair ZX81). It's always a challenge to learn any new software, especially when there are many bugs to squash, but I enjoy the journey.
  17. With so many bush strips there is going to be plenty of room for Orbx to dress things up.
  18. Yes but do you recall the planes that came standard with FSX? Night and day.
  19. So many airports - So little time. The NDA keeps me from saying more.
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