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  1. In EBBR.XML, located at C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml , look for a line <Condition ID="B" Variable="TimeOfDay" Value="DAWN;DUSK;NIGHT"/> change it to <Condition ID="B" Variable="TimeOfDay" Value="DAY;DAWN;DUSK;NIGHT"/>
  2. I'm using 466.27. Never a problem. Why should I update if there is nothing releated to P3D in a newer version ? If it aint broken, don't touch it 🙂
  3. Rwy lights with payware airports are mostly controlled by SODE. I have EBBR (Justsim) and no problems with rwy lights. In fact, I changed the SODE file to have the lights on all day, not just when darkness.
  4. If you do not have full rights to the Program Files folder, then there is a problem with your windows userid. It is not a Majestic problem.
  5. Is your Airline trafic density set at 0 ? If not, P3D will generate static airplanes.
  6. What if you simply click on then the X top right to close the window
  7. There is a new menu option : Options / Live Graphics to change lightning on the fly
  8. To each its own. I use the middle mouse button to pan around and zoom in/out .All with just one button / one finger - great !
  9. The labels for airplanes (online) show as black boxes. I tried all possible options on the information screen, display options, change Nvidia driver, clear shaders ..… no luck All other info on the screen is perfectly readable Using Prepar3d v 5.1
  10. Nowadays SATA or nvme drives are at the same price level, so go for nvme if your MB allowes for it.
  11. What is stopping you to register with a made up name ? Problem solved.
  12. Really ? Did you install MSFS ? It is far more complex than P3D. Just for fun, try locating the actual exe file to start MSFS - good luck !
  13. Re-installed and now seems to be ok, although the sliders seem to have only minimal effect. But I guess that was to be expected. Also assigned a key to reload shaders. Thanks all for helping.
  14. I click the 'install to sim' button in Envshade, not Envdir. Also, I installed Enshade first, then Envdir. (both as admin) Tonight I will re-install again in different order and see if that makes a difference. Keep you posted 🙂
  15. I have P3Dv5 and just bought Envshade. I dont use ASCA or REX. Now, whatever how I set the sliders in envshade, I do not notice any difference at all. I change the sliders, save the settings and reload shaders is P3D - nothing changes
  16. Make your life easy and get chaseplane. Plus you get the additional features
  17. One sure way is to reinstall Prepar3d content
  18. As a side note, for SODE airports, you can also turn on the rwy lights during daylight if you like this. Look at C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml and find the the XML file for the airport. Look for a line "<Condition ID="B" Variable="TimeOfDay" Value="DAWN;DUSK;NIGHT"/>" and add DAY to it => Value="DAY;DAWN;DUSK;NIGHT"
  19. Yes, it will run just fine, but not at high settings.
  20. Don't know. Try it out. It will take you 10 min to find out.
  21. Its a pity the PMDG DC6 is not updated to P3Dv5 yet. I read that some people installed it anyway and it works ......
  22. Yes, just backup that folder and copy it to the new install and you should be fine Backup of your previous cycle is in C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\NavData\NAVData-Backup
  23. I just make them myselve, it's so easy to do. New plane ? Takes 5 min to set all views I want.
  24. Bought it, spent many hours trying it out, and went back to P3D v5. I do all my (IFR) flying online (IVAO) and FS2020 is just not (yet) up to it. The panic when ATC tells you to enter a hold !! to name just one thing (the A320 just won't do it) When PMDG/FSLabs bring their planes to FS2020, I will have another look at it. This is just me of course, if you are happy with FS2020, enjoy
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