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  1. Indeed, that makes a difference - Thanks
  2. I have a problem with the MCP lightning. Or it is off, or it is way to bright. There is nothing in between. All other internal lights seem to be ok.
  3. V5 is about 48GB - de rest depends on your addons
  4. Why is nobody mentioning the AMD Radeon VII cards ? Performance of a Nvidia 2080, prices from €650 AND 16Gb (yes, 16) of vram.
  5. Go to the affinity setting (as above mentioned by Bert), and just click on OK. No need to change anything. This will spread activity over all cores. On my system core 0 goes from 100% to 60%
  6. Mail received from REX : Dear REX Customer - Over the past few weeks Lockheed Martin released Prepar3D v4.5 Hotfix 3, Prepar3D v5, and Prepar3D v5.0 Hotfix 1. We wanted to take time to inform you of the status of our product line compatibility with each simulator. Prepar3D v5 or Prepar3D v5 + Hotfix 1 Currently none of our products are “officially” compatible with Prepar3D v5+. However, since we are part of the beta team for Prepar3D, we have been actively testing and evaluating each product. The current status of each follows: In Development: REX 5 – Sky Force REX 5 – Weather Force (Add-on to Sky Force) In Process: REX 5 – Worldwide Airports HD Under Review: REX 5 – Environment Force Will not be made compatible for Prepar3D v5+: WX Advantage Radar We will keep you updated with the status of each product as we progress. Thank you for your patience during this time. Sincerely, REX Development Team
  7. I use my stick to slew. Go to options/calibration, select flight mode Slew and set the sensitivity way low (mine is set at 5)
  8. Solved. Uninstalled simconnect and fresh install P3Dv5. When starting chaseplane, it complained about simconnect not being installed. CP installed simconnect client (only one version 10.0.61259) and now all is ok. Thanks all for your help
  9. I removed SODE, Chaseplane and simconnect. Reinstalled simconnect with provided files in the \redist map from v5 and CP via orbx central. No luck. CP log says 'P3D simconnect not ready'. With v4.5, all is working just fine. FSUIPC in running, althought I thought this not needed.
  10. I have both v4.5 and v5 installed. Simconnect is working fine in v4.5, but not in v5. I deleted simconnect and reinstalled, but no good. Non of the addons like chaseplane or SODE are working. The logs say they cannot connect to the sim because of no simconnect running
  11. I use ultimate ground because I just want the pushback / tow to gate services. Not interested in the GSX extra facilities like boarding people etc ..... Very happy with UGX - does exactly what I want. Not expensive and works on all airports
  12. More people are having this problem (including me) but no answers sofar ........
  13. CP version 1.1.81 via ORBX I have both P3D v4.5 and v5 installed. On v4 all is working ok. I reran simconnect on v5 but CP is not connecting. I noticed that when CP starts, it is reading the airplanes from both version 4 and 5
  14. This is part 1 from a painting tutorial. There are 5 parts in total. This is for the PMDG 737, but the method is the same for all paintings
  15. Now is the time to download the paintkit and make one yourself 🙂
  16. To monitor your gpu : https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/ Click on the sensors tab
  17. I stop my AV completely when flying.
  18. The A2A Accu-Sim-P-40 can be downloaded for free now (normally $79.99). Also Parallel 42 is giving us their Pricipit FX for free now. Thank you A2A and Parallel 42
  19. Why don't you put this question in the CP support section ?
  20. It looks very stunning, but as a pilot I never step out of the cockpit. Is there any benefit for me ?
  21. It has the same effect on my system, Core 0 goes from 100% to 90%. Don't know about stutters because I don't haven them
  22. I have not tried it, but maybe start a second copy on a virtual machine - like VMware player Guess you will need at least 32Gb ram
  23. Download the free GPUZ utillity (https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/) I bet both GPU and memory load will be at 100%
  24. It's funny how people discuss v5 and ms2020 when actually they don't know anything about it.
  25. You find the option in the 'Atmosphere & Fog' tab. try lowering the haze and/or rayleigh effects
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