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  1. I have read the email I received several times and although I can now get an update to Venice Airport, I believe that what he has said (without stating it clearly) is that no new airports will be added to this web site as he has joined forces with AmSim. Not that I am worried as I have got my moneys worth in the past and it has offered him a springboard in getting known.
  2. In that case, never apply to be an electrician in Spain, they do it all of time. its frightening to watch.
  3. Please excuse my ignorance, but what is "Latam-routes"? Is there a breakdown anywhere that shows one what is covered by each route?
  4. To save typing out the many steps you could take to check your setup, I would suggest you try the advice in the following link first: Best Graphics Settings Guide - Flight Simulator Blog after which you could check : Performance Boost Tricks - Flight Simulator Blog If none of that helps perhaps give us a breakdown of your PC like in my signature to see if that points to any weaknesses? None of us are clairvoyant (to the best of my knowledge) so you need to give us more to go on than simply blaming the software.
  5. The number of options is growing too fast to count, male, female, non-binary, binary, digital, they, their, this, that & the other, oh and a don't know just in case.
  6. I found this YouTube video (3) Gladiator NXT EVO Quick start guide - YouTube (best to start at 3 minutes) which shows one can easily remove the springs completely. Is this the model you use?
  7. Putting aside the ethics which I agree look extremely dubious, I for one had managed to download every airport he produced before the war, so am happy with what I got for the original sum. I too would not buy another airport from him simply on principle. A fair proportion of the free downloads from flightsim.to never get updated now, so I view his original airports the same. So far as his "best future customers" are concerned, they are all now coughing up nearly as much for a single airport then we did for the whole series and with his exposure to so many in the MSFS Marketplace who probably are not aware of his past business practices, I guess he is laughing all the way to the bank.
  8. There is an important NOTE in the Guenseli changelog which you may not have noticed for this profile so as Lorby recommends going to a lower spec plugin first would certainly make most sense. Just make sure it has been updated by Guenseli to the latest stream deck version or you might be inviting further problems.
  9. Which Guenseli download are you using (plane that is)?
  10. I might well be wrong, but I am sure that if the reset button is green then AAO is talking to the Stream Deck and if AAO is picking up the type of the aircraft that you have sat on the runway then AAO is talking to MSFS. Have you double checked the Guenseli instructions, I did a fresh read, download and install just to make sure. Sorry but I cannot get on with Discord, it is the least user friendly software I have ever encountered.
  11. Tomorrow morning I shall make an appointment for an up to date eye test! 🙂
  12. Here is my System tray, no symbol even though I told Win 11 to add one (see previous image I sent as proof)
  13. This NOT from the desktop it is from the taskbar, I even selected as ON in the system tray (in image below) but that did not help either
  14. from the troubleshooting guide (right click the StreamDeck symbol in the task bar, there is an option to shut down StreamDeck at the end of the list) I did right click on the StreamDeck symbol in the task bar, but there was NO option to shut it down. There is an option to " X Close Window" in the task bar when the Stream Deck Editor is running but I presume you did not mean this?
  15. After 4 hours of trying to do this I have managed to change the port in both Stream Deck and A&O One difficulty was that when I went to “Tools->Port settings for AAO Addons” Stream Deck was the only one showing and although it has a tick box, clicking on it would not display a tick so I had to end up changing it at c - users - me - app data roaming etc settings.js then saving that, un plugging the USB for Steamdeck and restarting the PC several times. 90% of my Guenseli scripts are now working at last. Thank you again for your patience as I had great difficulty in understanding all of the A&O manuals which covered so many subject not relevant to my usage of the script, which has a brilliant wide scope but too much for what is left of my 74 year old brain.
  16. yes, yes and yes so on the surface it looks as though it should work, perhaps these images taken while sitting on a runway in the CJ$ will explain my problem: the 1st one shows that nothing is reported on my streamdeck The A&O screen: Bottom left showing that A&O reset button is green Sorry but I do not know what to try next, would any other screen shots help to diagnose my problem?
  17. As it is Ports, I looked at the second option and it is advice from 2011 when Bitdefender was so different, it is even more complex now so I am in the process of uninstalling it and trying Windows defender. I should have mentions that my complete problem is that StreamDeck works perfectly on its own, A&O seems to be finding and displaying Aircraft in MSFS (but no controllers show) and when I select any of the downloaded Guenseli scripts on StreamDeck, none are responding. So my original post should have been more specific. I am just trying to go through the troubleshooting steps to find out why, so thank you for your help so far, I shall see if it works without Bitdefender which to inexperienced me is too clunky.
  18. Over the past couple of years I have never been able to get my StreamDeck to work with Axis and Ohs and am trying to check the following advice in the manual: Port 9080 is blocked by your firewall. Make sure to allow the TCP Port 9080 in your firewall software On my computer, in the Windows Defender Firewall settings, I made a rule that looks like this, covering both the WebFIPs and the WebAPI ports. Does anybody know how to do this with Bitdefender please because web searches are not coming up with a solution for me.
  19. Apologies if this has been asked before but I failed to search an answer. I have FSTL and am highly delighted with it but I do not have any AIG back up liveries and don't really want to go down that path again, so if I add a lot more liveries for passenger jets I own from Flightsim.to will these get used by FSTL if they do not currently have that livery or if s this just a pipedream?
  20. What I find annoying is that if you utilise the route generation in the World Map and have the waypoints pop up automatically, they give you the height you should initially climb at then descend at for your destination airport yet the default ATC never uses this function and demands that you stay at say 17,000 feet whilst the pop ups state say 3,000. Do any of the add on ATC respect the sensible climb and descend heights or do they give instructions as daft as the default ATC?
  21. Can I ask what software you are using to arrange a follow me car, I hadn't realised that they were available?
  22. I got it and it is working brilliantly for me now I can import simbrief flights again (only tested in CJ4 at the moment).
  23. Please do not take my word for it, nobody has confirmed that my "claim" is correct or not yet 🙂
  24. Many thanks for that list of procedures, the other problem I had was attempting to comprehend the shorthand in the flight plan so after watching MULTIPLE YouTube videos over night, I think I have learnt the following which hopefully you can correct if I am wrong: SIDS 5 characters total, ending with a number DCT Direct to VOR 3 letters AIRWAYS Always a a letter then numbers WAYPOINTS Always 5 characters possibly 2 numbers in middle FLIGHT LEVEL CHANGE Vor/F STAR 5 characters total, ending with a number
  25. Yes, the G5000 is a big difference to the G3000 I was also used to and no matter how I try I have failed to enter the flight plan manually as is required until WT enables import direct from Simbrief or Navigraph. Roll on a decent Idi0ts Guide to the G5000 is what I need.
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