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  1. I have no idea if this workaround is available in your neck of the woods, but where I live there are no landlines at all so the only way of getting the internet is as follows: buy a sim card modem (mine is the Huawei) and take out a date limit free smartphone sim card contract to bung in it. That is of course providing you can get good 4g signal in your area. I can manage d/l speeds of between 15 & 30 Mbps depending on the time of day. I obviously do not know if your location is shown here but it looks like 5g is also available in some areas!
  2. With a memory like mine, I need "Dashline" although it is primarily a password manager, I save everything I could possibly need later in their secure notes with the added bonus that it is installed on PC, my pad and smartphone. Wherever I am I have access to it. A real life saver for me. Other brands are available LOL.
  3. Hello Ray, hopefully you are left with a better memory than I possessed in the first place so a little tip: I set a folder in my browser of links which go to the update page for every single addon I have purchased for MSFS in the past year. Without it I would be lost and refer to it regularly checking for any updates I might have missed.
  4. I read elsewhere that after completing the steps you mentioned one should also change the size of the Cache to ensure the previous history is actually fully deleted. I do this out of habit now but am unsure if it is still necessary.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion I had not realised it was so easy, 24 hours on and the Beta is very stable on my rig 🙂
  6. The article you link to mentions Windows 11 Build 22000.282 (KB5006746) is now rolling out to testers in the Beta and Release Preview Channel of the Insider program and it finally fixes the performance issues previously acknowledged by AMD. Not being a Beta tester or within the Inside programme, mere mortals like me have to wait a little longer. Why is the version you are showing as downloading not the same one as in the article you linked to?
  7. Except from Dover, the South Easts busiest (?) ferry port 😞
  8. Announcement from BMWorld: ---------------------------------------------- Hello, Pilots ! The 23rd airport will add to your collection on Saturday. Vigo has a superb hillside location with panoramic mountain and ocean views! I enjoyed creating this airport. I also want to inform you that the cost of membership for new members will change on October 14th. You don't have to pay anything extra. Your membership remains unlimited. If you want to recommend a BMWorld to your friends or make a gift to someone, now is the best time. The cost of membership for new members will be 28 euros. ----------------------------------------------------- So jump in before the HUGE increase of 4 euros if you dare 🙂
  9. I have also noticed that "Gobby" does a fair amount of collaboration with other authors where they work together as a team to jointly improve airports. I have no idea if the version that HiFlyer has produced needs any improvements as I have not downloaded it yet, but it is worth bearing in mind if he is trying to work out any particular problems.
  10. Hello Jørn Microsoft Flight Simulator Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com) is an alternative but is not as user friendly so I rarely visit but I think it occasionally has content not on our favourite.
  11. SOLVED - This may help someone else: Firstly I found the following on another forum: 1 - Sign out of the Xbox companion app and then uninstall the App (NOT MSFS) 2 - Restart computer 3 - Reinstall Xbox companion app new XBox Application for Windows 10 4 - Sign in to Xbox account 5 - Start MSFS from the App (not from the Desktop Icon or from the Start Menu) Probably the cause? On restarting my PC I noticed a message telling me that "another user is still using the PC and will lose all their data". I never normally have another user on my PC but set one up in an attempt to solve another Win 11 problem of no hide able task bar on my second monitor and although I had logged on again as my usual account, the "trial" user was still running alongside my standard one, so this fact might have caused the problem all along?
  12. Well this is a new one for me, tried to start MSFS from Add on linker as usual then got a demand to Press Any Key To Start - did that and Xbox login box popped up, clicked that and back to Press Any Key To Start & up popped up the Xbox login again, ad infinitum. Tried to start though Xbox app, same loop - tried to start through MS store, same loop - tried to start from Icon selecting run as administrator, same loop. Have searched on here for "Press any key to start loop" with no success, can anybody point me in the direction of a fix please?
  13. I have always had MSFS selecting Full Screen mode (within the programme) and resolution set in Nvidia and Win 11 to 3440 x 1440 so I cannot think of anything else to check?
  14. fixes coming in October - good news then 🙂
  15. Hi Bob, I just loaded the image into Photoshop and enlarged the compass to full screen to measure and you are right and I am wrong. Now I know why I never won a dime when I entered the Littlewoods Football Coupon Spot the Ball competition! There was me convinced that the postman was making off to the Bahamas with my winnings. I should sue Specsavers!
  16. The distortion in picture two is during flight.
  17. How odd, the sides were never clipped for me with Win 10 and all dials were perfectly circular.
  18. Picture a) is less wide and taller than it ought to be on both of my monitors, but then I went to Specsavers LOL 😊 Yes I installed the Win11 driver from Nvidia and set the correct monitor size, so I am stumped.
  19. Has anybody else who has taken the leap to Win 11 had the following problem with MSFS on a widescreen monitor? The first clue that all is not well is as MFSF is loading, instead of a single full screen image I get this (sorry about the red squigle): Then in flight (below), the round compass has turned oval and the boxes are condensed whereas on Win 10 I had a perfect full screen. I have updated my Nvidia drivers and attempted to resurrect all other Win 10 settings to no avail. If anybody had the same problem and has solved it I would be grateful for some advice. BTW I have also lost circa 10fps thanks to the current release of Win 11
  20. Still no cross channel ferries from Dover is a disappointment. One Ocean liner and two (what looks like) container carriers in port but not a ferry in sight.
  21. I purchased this on Tuesday after never progressing past the CJ4. Just flown from Heathrow to New York, admittedly on auto fuel and got there in one piece. I could not exceed 35,000 ft without it dropping out of the sky so was probably using the wrong fuel setting in sim brief, any idea what figure I should use to get to a better cruising height without losing speed?
  22. It looks very much as though polarising filters were used in this photography?
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