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  1. Stay away No discounts for 25 v3 owners, I bought the 28 variant. Extreeme poorly optimized for p3d v5.4 and same ressults for v6 (not official supported) Embarrasing upgrade for a worst product than v3. Would love to get my money back
  2. You can just use simbolic links or a simple trick I referenced around here in one youtube video. But for doing I got one attention call right here. Simply rename your p3d v5 directory to p3d v5-org and install your pmdgs an the installers will create a Lockheed Martin/Prepar3d v5/ folders with the PMDG stuff. You can take two different steps: Just move all the content to your Prepar3d v6 folder Just rename the new Prepar3d v5 folder to Prepar3d v5 PMDG, and your Prepar3d v5-org to Prepar3d v5. This will restore the links without having to short with registry tricks. Then go to your original Prepar3d v5 and create simbolic links taking note of all the content created by PMDG in Prepar3d v5 PMDG and just paste this links to your Prepar3d v6 folder and voilá. Only one installation in your p3dv5 with your liveries and your settings and Navigraph, routes etc. This only works when you have previous version of p3d installed with all the addons that works detecting p3dv5 folder. Hope it helps and save you hd space Regards R
  3. No weather radar on P3DV5 with volumetric clouds too. >Have you tested deactivating v6 volumetric clouds? I would test it if my ASP6 would not be blocked now cause the "maximum logouts..." thing cheers
  4. Same here, I opened a zendesk ticket at hi-fi no replies yet, no ASP6 now. The maximun number of forced logouts was because me trying to make active sky works after updating. sad
  5. Disapointed! second reinstall, now manual, cause the first super slow not charming older downloader style autoalmostmatic update broke my P3D V6 with a nice black screen in veichle setection and loaded flight no flush shaders, no the normal procedure for black screen worked. This is not an automatic update as expected, it's a warning pointing to the p3d server for downlading to "an unknown somewhere place in your system" that auto exec itself with a window classic for installing. LOVE P3D V6 but this it's very disapointing. Ric
  6. Yes, and looking for my video this will help me to remember how I migrate the carenados. The video is in dual language, so pleae be patient, spanish and english. Hope it helps. cheers Richard
  7. Hi, Thank you very much for your work and your dedicate help to the community, not only as a developer of freeware, I love AAO. I would like to by a v6 version of CPX as soon as you would get it published. I'm enjoying P3D V6 and this would help us to get the retire of //42 CP using your app and AAO. Best regards Richard
  8. Hi, about the aircraft repair remove, you just need to rename the main p3d folder to something like Prepar3d v5 1, and repairing your pmdg will create a new p3d v5 folder where you will copy to your v6, them you can rename again the v5 to the original name Prepar3d v5. This is without the registry hack. Also you can use this method creating a 'temporal' p3d v5 folder renaiming the original one, and only works with v5 already installed. I have one video in my youtube channel where you could see how clean and easy is the proccess,. but I think that is easy to try, no harm, witrh this lines. cheers Richard
  9. Thanks for your great post at PMDG As soon as I know v6 it’s been released I will buy and will install or try to install my full collection of addons and will share results cheers
  10. So why Majestic Dash 8Q400 is compatible and really have a P3Dv6 installer? Why FSDTGSX LEVEL 2 too? we will see the copy paste thing with PMDG, I really do not thrust in this company anymore. cheers
  11. Here is the change log http://majesticsoftware.com/Distributables/mjc84/changelog_1025.pdf Richard
  12. I've published a video for this topic. Nothing has changed in Prepar3d web site, nor in download section, but why a developer like Majestic Software would include in a tiny update the option to install to v6? Nothing has been posted in Majestic Forums yet about this update.
  13. Hi, Owners of the MJC8Q400 wil find today an update were you will be able to install in P3D V4, V5, and V6! Would that indicate that p3dv6 is more close to be released as we thought? Cheers Richard
  14. Hi In FMC PMDG Options /Simulation... around page 7 or eight, top down on the list. 😊
  15. You can take a quick look how it depicts P3DWX wx when you select REX INSTEAD of ASN in the fmc: It seems more about that ASP3D it doen't fit now with EA on than EA it's not fiting with weather programs. I made a clip: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/824673551 Selecting ASN I got bad wx depiction in NGXU. Setting REX I got the good ones with P3DWX and I'm sure with Rex SKF Please take in count this is not for promoting my channel, it's just for testing and help. Cheers Richard
  16. Not so good, I need to find the right weather scenery, testing now. I will let you know. 😉
  17. Hi I'm streaming now aboard of a B736 NGXu with AS Selected in options and I'm getting wx depictions, not clearly good. Did you check your simulation settings under pmdg options in fmc?
  18. I have make a quick and boring test and with the Majestiq Dash 8Q400 all the weather addons referred above including ASP3D works with EA on. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/824535880 Please just advance the video, it's unedited. I'm going to make a quick video with others addons. Good news Richard
  19. I'm sorry to say that with Rex, P3DWX, FSGRW it's completely working also in aircraft addons that claims to work only with ASP3D. I got it working with MJCQ400 (claimed only compatible with ASP) with P3DWX and REX but not with Active Sky, with EA ON, also with PMDG 737 ngxu (all variants), FSLABS, QW787... The only one success I`ve have with ASP3D with EA on has been with PMDG 747-800. You can try it and see it. For some of yours let me tell that in some cases I had to switch to REX on some aircrafts that has both options to get no native Radar wx addons like P3DWX working on. That's how I fixed. The bad news is that RealTurb only works for me with ASP3D! Hope that helps Cheers Richard
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