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  1. Imagin a landing at Dubai with Sandstorm....would be great. And why not......instead of rain, fog just more yellow grey red.....
  2. Yes me too. Today life weather Gibraltar almost clear and lightning all over the place. Thunder also. Regarding windy.com no lightning at all
  3. I did a flight from KSFO to KLAX and it wend actually very well. It is much more flyable. Performance TOGA ETC is much better. Smooth also. Hat issues with AP on Star. But I could not find the WAKER STAR for 7L in KLAX in FMC so could be my fault too. Was fun to fligh this time. Especially the climb and decent are much better. Marcus
  4. Yes exactly how I handle it. And...sometimes with a live youtube ATC chatter for some more realism as I do not fly online on VATSIM or IVAO. To me it works great. Yes, VR needs some optimization within P3D. Especially WMR VR must be used in Stereo when using EA mode on. That is taxing. With Stereo there are also some "small stutters" and it is not that smooth as without. So, I am hoping LM will fix this and enhance the EA mode overall (Looks, Glitches, Colors, Rain, Reflections, VR SinglePass........5.1 should bring us the "True-Sky" like in Real life..... Marcus
  5. Thread got locked and took away from the "board". I got my reason: Federico, from REX, stated he would come back on it after he talked to the managing board about this. Before I buy this addon I would like to know if it is supported for at least 6 months or not. I think that is a reasonable question as there are some rumors about this. I would like to give REX the possibillity to answer this transparent for all to help this out of the world. You should mind your words too......."Dude" is not quite respectfull. Thanks. Marcus
  6. @rstough or any other REX Member of the Board: Does ASOBO/MSFS support your Addon or do they not recommend because the would like to keep these kind of functionallity within the core engine of the sim (MeteoBlue)? Can we expect your Addon to work with MSFS for at least 6 months or longer? Or is there a chance MSFS/Asobo are locking the "used way" of your addon so that it will become unusable? Thanks for answering out of 1.Hand! Marcus
  7. The Dev Federico who worked on REX WF for P3D got shifted to develop the REX WF for MSFS. He confirmed on the REX WF thread at MSFS Avsim he developped the REX WF. Now at least there seems to be a communcation issue as RSTough stated the development has stopped. To me it is clear that REX dropped existing products and their customers, at least temp, to jump on the MSFS hype train. This is irritating me as I am waiting for months for their updates. This is not a good sign and also not a good signal how they manage their products, support and customers I did hope to find better answers but unfortunately they are as it is. I am out and will never investigate a penny in that kind of practice. Marcus
  8. Well.....now you have them here and obviously you read them already all. You could do something with it......or not. I, as a customer, find it good that we can share on avsim about this product and about the support......as you don't have a own forum for this. You made your statement about your business plan evaluation and stopped dev also public. Community thoughts should be shared at a community forum....not per Mail. I am interested in other opinions as well. But thank you for your suggestion and invitation. Marcus
  9. I find the quality of ORBX TE NORCAL SOCAL is not that high level like NE or GB
  10. No. But already partly ongoing as the basis is implemented. Great.....
  11. Exactly. @rstough stated that ALL dev work was stopped to evaluate the Business plan. But Federico told here he developped for MSFS and that allthough they have unfinished work for P3D. Very strange and confusing.
  12. Your answer fits to my thoughts. Of course only REX WF. EF was just as an example.
  13. Of course I know. So there we go. Only in that particular from you mentioned case or ALWAYS regardless the changes within MSFS made? Example: MS releases from version 18.30.0 to 18.60.0........must REX WF get also an update even if 18.60.0 is just a world update? I want it clear Federico. Because other young products from REX still have to get updated for P3D.....after months. If someone buys REX WF, he can use it only for the time MSFS does NOT get an update right. So if MS is releasing a new version of MSFS, REX MUST ALWAYS update their Version before the REX APP will fully without complaining it is not compatible to the current new MSFS version... And if that is the case....we are probably waiting every 4 weeks,,,,because that is the release frequency of MSFS
  14. Can you be a bit precisly please? Must REX WF get an update after msfs gets an update before you can use it with the new msfs version? Is REX WF directly mapped to a specific MSFS Version?
  15. Can someone from REX Answer this. Please? Federico promissed to talk about this with @rstough And in addition: Will the product be usable if MSFS gets updated without WF gets an update as long as MSFS did not change anything regarding WF related functions? So is WF directly mapped to a specific msfs version and MUST be updated after a msfs update? Marcus
  16. This indeed is a truly really good observation. Commincation is much more going online. And wre are human beings who NEED to let some pressure out as soon as it got to high. Now we should go back on topic again. But I found your sentence not bad! I see it exactly like that but am NOT surprised.
  17. If I where a responsible REX Member I would investigate some time with the team how to avoide this negativly behaviour and ask myself as REX: What could we do to change our image? What have we done that this came as it is? Because somewhere something has gone really wrong. Marcus
  18. That maybe. But REX provides the Data wich based on that is needed to "form create" the volumetric clouds. So we have 2 possible things: Lacking data/inaccurate data Bad delivered data to the sim, wich the sim needs to form the volumetric clouds So Grid pattern is still possible (REX delivered the METAR right)! To think that if REX does not deliver textures or depict them, everything would be fine, is a little bit risky. What happens if metar is not present? What happens if Metar is not accurate? What happens if the METAR updates every 10 minutes and you are flying from clear skies into a cold weather front within those 10 minutes? Metar gets injected and then? To me it is not clear how they manage it. And videos are showing issues as stated above. I am not a REX hater! I bought lots of their products! But I really got irritated by the way they communicate and promissing and what I get within the products. And if you are working with them together, by their "channels as they wishes", you are getting lost and they will losse you! Than months nothing......... And how I "spend" my money or not is NONE of others business (some users here are stating that the price isn´t that high...so let´s accept the product as it is)! insane in my eyes. But ok....their opinion, not mine. I asked REX via this thread several questions and some are related to the future of their product and some to the functionality" and they did not been answered clearly. Wording like "should", "could" and IF.....to soft to me. It "does" or "does not"....simple as that. I am familiar with them......for more than a couple of years. Marcus
  19. Because as "your existing customer" with lots of your products,, none being updated on another plattform, I see AGAIN a new product wich to me is unclear about its benefits within a SIM wich offers probably much more accurate data compared to static METAR wich on top probably uses a way to inject weather that causes stutters, unreal looks, shaking planes, wrong data or not even accurate automation like REX promisses. look at some videos, read the post here and watch the complains in your Discord and other forums regarding lots of your products Reed! REX EF has issues since day one wich still exists REX SF same story REX SF with partly Weather force same story I am seeking for answers from YOU and others how this will ENHANCE the MSFS sim and HOW LONG. We are not talking about freeware here. We are talking about a product from REX who is famous of their super marketing but has issues with support and updating their productline! That is why Reed. Sorry to be that clear. But I am not the first one who is telling you this. Right? Marcus
  20. This was just a example what would happen with "wrong" matching to cloud models in P3D. MSFS for sure will handle it otherwise (probably). I think METAR can not be that good as real live weather based on Data Navblue provides. You simply can NOT confince me anymore! I had several questions and they are answered partly and "soft". Differences between "should" and "does" are small by wording but big in terms of visuals in the sim. To many important answers standing out. Same things that bothered me with REX for P3D. You simply don´t learn from customer requirements and drop support for updated products much to quick. Fact is, that REX WF in MSFS has issues and customers are complaining to much. look at this topic! Why? Yes, that question REX should ask themselves. Intransparency of your products and support Lagging trust because of promisses wich never made it to your customers Unclear USP .... I do see to much (old) problems with REX EF and MSFS, compared ones to P3D. Marcus
  21. But IF the data does not pick up correct formations, it will look awful instead of awsome.......you all know the GRID Weather patterns within P3D or! Only with REX and not with HiFi....why is that? Marcus
  22. I am not surpised by this sorry to say that I mamy statement very clear how well REX does his marketing and how bas the testing. Look at the other plattform and how many products do work with the latest updates. And P3D is updating much lesser compared to MSFS. MSFS just needs to fix the "issues" but I really don´t see why they can´t. They will and sure they will do it quick! All the needed data is there and probably also in the sim. It will be a question for finetuning and some corrections and there we are: We ALL have the same weather in data and visuals all over the planet needed for realism, sharing cockpits, group flights, etc. Because that would be the strength! You WILL loose this by using addons! Same goes for live traffic! Give it some time. Spending money is not that hard.......but saving and earning will/is much harder! Marcus
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