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  1. Guessing you have co pilot assistance turned on
  2. Lawyers for airlines don’t care enough to chase down a million broke az modders, it would be time consuming and pointless. If Microsoft starts doing it, those same lawyers will salivate and will fall all over themselves filing the lawsuits, because Microsoft has tons of money to sue for, and they already know how to find them. Different reality. Modders can just do it, Microsoft has to step carefully.
  3. ShawnG


    I’m a musician, and play a few instruments, have played in bands through the years, etc.. There are no genres of music I dislike, even some of the forms of music that do not especially speak to me I can appreciate the artistry. My “home” though is blues, rock and metal. None of this is especially prevalent in the music landscape of today, as hip hop and electronic forms tend to dominate the charts, but the fact that there are few barriers to getting your music out there today, mean there is some great stuff out there if you spend the time looking for it. I grew up with Iron Maiden and Pink Floyd as my favorites. Last fall I went and saw a concert by these girls with my daughter. they speak very little English, but they speak rock and roll just fine. Lol. If you told me 30 years ago that one day my favorite new group was going to be five tiny Japanese women playing slamming hard rock tracks, I’d have laughed at you. But such is life.
  4. The new alpha xpc has a spring loaded starter switch, the old one doesn’t.
  5. Nah, you can use that if you want. Not my style, If I don’t like your opinion, I’ll say so. As I did. If you have an issue with people disagreeing with your stance, I’d suggest not expressing it in public. This isn’t to say you don’t have the right to post whatever, wherever. but to expect that you aren’t to be questioned? of course doubling down on the bs doesn’t make me inclined to just go away, let alone the couple of personal digs.
  6. well, gee thanks. I am capable of having a nice day without your "well wishes" thanks, and am having one currently. But I asked a question, and I got an answer. you feel they should be ridiculed for not being as nice looking as some would like. It's fair enough, and certainly if it's not your thing don't buy it. I think most can evaluate what they see and make their own decisions, and I'm sure the shame of a few forum sim snobs won't outweigh the sales data at the end of the day. so as far as Aeroplane Heaven and Asobo are concerned it's likely a non issue. It does make discussing anything here amazingly tedious though. Aeroplane Heaven, Aerosoft, Carenado, whoever get pulled through the ringer every time. mostly without explanation of their "sins" (which is usually just not making the product they want) other devs are allowed to do whatever...
  7. I have a couple, and mine are hanger queens because I'm not overly jazzed for old aircraft other than the DC3, but the DC3 is perfectly serviceable for its price and intended level of fidelity, I guess I'm just not as picky, but the texturing sure isn't outrageously hateful from my point of view, to the level that would inspire this sort of dev shaming.
  8. so, from this can we assume that you might otherwise be interested in purchasing a default level airplane for ten bucks, but not if it's Aeroplane Heaven? Did they kick your dog or something? Tell me what I'm missing, why are they deserving of this disdain from you and others on this thread?
  9. I don’t have a “never preorder” rule. I’ve funded quite a few tabletop rpg game kickstarters, bought plenty of early access titles, and backed Star Citizen. I do have an “80 bucks is a lot of money to pay in advance, when I can spend that money on something I can use now” thought. on the other hand, I want this md11 to be made. Tfdi have shown themselves to make good on products in the past, and the 717 was pretty cool. These aren’t massive corporations here. Small companies in this field, especially ones that have to rely on sales of products that take years to develop both before and after they get their small payment have to do something. Probably from the sounds of it, the usual snobbery of tfdi not being one of the holy anointed avsim devs means a bunch of you would be perfectly fine with tfdi going the way Quality Wings apparently has, but I’m not.
  10. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/official-discussion-september-29-2022-development-update/546318/23 another post from Matt where he explains that the radar is indeed 3d.
  11. Yep, just looked into it. Must’ve happened during one of my blackouts.
  12. Weather radar is not available to avionics that were coded using WASM. it’s always been available to avionics coded using xml/js/whatever it is that the default gauges are coded in. Edit: was added. I wuz wrong, see below
  13. I wouldn't be happy either if I had to rely on one of us to get them safely to their destination.
  14. It’s a photo of a monitor running the sim, not a screen capture.
  15. It’s cool. I’ll be the first to turn it off if there’s any perf degradation, but having passengers in it finally renders the idea of a modeled cabin worthy. I just think that in the ever present simmer vs gamer wars we have in here, there needs to be mentioned a third type: “aviation version of the obsessed model railroad guy”. Y’all know who you are. Lol why stop here though, all those terminals are modeled, right? Hot flight attendant mod when?
  16. Performance =/= frame rates, or at least frame rates are only one aspect of performance, just as performance in an automobile or airplane doesn’t necessarily mean high top speed. they have mentioned a few times that their performance increases were across the board, and based on moving items from the local machine to the cloud, and offloading stress on the main thread. The smart simmer has always needed to limit frame output to favor smoothness, as any latency in moving everything through the bottlenecks causes stutters and hitches, hopefully this will end up easing that a bit, but in the end, if there is performance available, third party devs will fill it. Maybe scenery devs will make the boarding kiosks operable, now that all the interior terminals are modeled /s
  17. It’s a common enough phrase, so not sure you could draw that conclusion, but the op went on to say that he won’t use the sim because of it, and in the end it was “unacceptable”. So the strident tone remained. Wasn’t just the title. And it doesn’t matter. Nobody is mad at the op in any sort of personal sense. This is a discussion forum, not a “either agree or stay out of it” forum. Portraying personal opinions and preferences as anything other than that will invite these sorts of responses. If you want to build consensus around this, which is, I’m sure the point. It’s not the way to go about it.
  18. I’d like to fly a really good 747-400 again. I have pmdg 747 on p3d. And a metric crapton of airports, atc, utilities, etc… none of it is installed, since I rage quit my p3d installation a month before msfs came out. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze, maybe some day.
  19. Oh sure you can, literally the first thing I do with any new airplane. (For the record, these are study level planes I buy) I puzzle out how to get it going from c&d and then I fly it around like a big piper cub for a bit. Then I look at the manual, maybe.
  20. I suppose that’s possible. I don’t have any magic marketing crystal ball. I would think however, that the fact remains that anytime anybody dares to develop a simple airliner, they get raked over the coals and review bombed by a small incredibly loud group of simmers who can’t tolerate anything other than study level existing. Same folks belittle anyone for having anything other than comprehensive airliner skills. Which has the double effect of scaring people who might otherwise be interested from even trying, and making sure there’s nothing for them to fly if they do.
  21. Not sure anyone here coexists in the same reality you do, lol. Seek peace, Get help.
  22. He’s learning, most likely. Which we all have done at one point or another. 🙂
  23. It is hard to see, but likely your throttle is not in the clb detent? So it is limiting what the auto throttle can do. In automatic flight in the Airbus, you put the throttle in flex or toga to take off, decrease it to the clb detent shortly after takeoff, and leave it there until you are landing.
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