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  1. I hope their product doesn't sell a single copy. They are just a shame to aviation simulation.for companies like these, I download their products from torrents and use them like that. That is what they deserve.they treat me like ####, i'll treat them like ####.
  2. i'd love to know, but it seems thats not true :)
  3. so wait, 800 got shot by a missile fired 5 days prior to 800 taking off?now it all makes sense!
  4. Thats hilarious.... so they were going to complain about not using radio calls in a untowered airport? I would have told them to show me where in FAR/AIM it says that making radio calls is mandatory... you should ALWAYS use them, but not required to.however, just because you can't hear does not mean you shouldn't make the radio calls... you CAN talk correct? just make the radio calls and say where you are, good enough.
  5. #####? on the main page it looks like flash news.... the plane has been out since like ummmm, 5 months?
  6. oh yeah... VC and avionics are off the roof, nobody will come close to it for a looong time.
  7. hehe, thx for the replies guys. but I'm not just going to throw away a gfx card becasue 1 game doesn't support it well :)I could run it in windowed mode, but mehhhhhh :(
  8. nice! just out of curiousity, does it have a good quality VC to quench my TrackIR thirst? :)
  9. I'm trying to use more then just 2x AA for FS9, and as we all know, I'm getting the thing where its all black in the aircraft selection, and also if I pull up any kind of window, everything under is black (Fs passengers, F10, squawk box etc.)is there anyway to get around this, or do I have to downgrade back to 2x AA?
  10. clicking the green VOR/ILS button on the dash doesn't seem to be working... I remember I did it once somehow. I pressedit and it switched to GPS (blue light)anyone have a clue why I can't get this to work? yes, i have a FP loaded on the GPS :)
  11. yeah you're right. it needs a point from to as far as B520 goes. and also true about a555/hary to a555/als. it doesn't need them both. (I guess I kinda didn't realize that because I got the route from flightaware and figured nothing should be wrong with it)and as far the as the IFR goes. on STARs transition is 1st, then the STAR as you are transitioning from a VOR/intersection to a STARit shows it as if it was a SID (you are taking the SID/DP to the transition) arrival = trasition.stardeparture = dp.transition
  12. any ideas?TNCM --> B520 DDP A555 HARDY A555 ZLS ZQA FLIPR1 -->> KMIAB520 says not in DBand also when I input HARDY via A555 then A555 via ZLS I get a DCT GRADI in there (I'm not sure if this is part of that airway, but it pops in thre on it own while inputting route)also I noticed on the STAR it put FLIPR1.ZQA. This should be the other way around. ZQA.FLIPR1 (transition 1st then tp) it would be FLIPR1.ZQA if we were departing. I should say I *could* enter the route, however a direct instead of an airway would not be right. (incase you don't know the B in the airway stands for 'Bahamas' Route) I would say the AIRAC might not have it, but that would be crazy :DI also have the latest (0707) AIRAC.
  13. It's a pretty old plane by now, but it really looks nice! too bad it doesn't have the inside/avionics to back it up. Still has support for AIRACs and TPs though :) I'd fly it, but the inside is so outdated :( I hope DA starts back up with their CRJ. I have no clue how they figured the Fokker would be a better option then the CRJ. :)
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