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  1. hi guys just letting you know mce is work very well now, also mce and gsx working fine i did full Script from cold and dark to parking. hate to nag mate nav lights will not switch up to strobe and steady galley switch not working. i am having a blast with 737 and mce. also what u guys did with monitoring callouts super cool, I have two TTS voices Caitlin is my FO and adam as my MEC,I could go on all day about this program. cheers Barry
  2. navigation lights to steady ok but will not switch up to navigation lights to strobe and steady before takeoff
  3. after that Notifcations mce stop working i went into Notifcations and clicked off ,,,,,file or activities are blocked mce now working
  4. control panel uninstalled then reinstall than patch. then i fired up msfs2020 than started mce then ..Notifcations windows Unauthorised changes Blocked Controlled Folder Access blocked C:\program file\mce.exe from making changes to memory mce still working V cheers
  5. Getting 5932168.msi install files all the time now when i run MCE. my virus setting real time on cloud & Automatic managed by Admin tamper on
  6. hi all still got this problem, mce is install been runnig well its now trying to install again this just fresh 5932168.msi and all so MCE install server not responding no flags in defender i know i can repair it in control panal this happens every two or three days with different msi file not sure what to do cheers barry
  7. buy the voice from cereproc install to win it will show up in pilot2atc with all other voices
  8. Hi all gsx refuels aircraft to what simbrief pulls in that cool, how can i stop my mech from asking how much fuel you need in tons, in the adv ops i have mech on push that all. i have asked him to leave but at end of script when i get handed over to gsx he keeps saying how much fuel do you need in tons
  9. Try this my good man, this is some of my script for push & Start, my FO does most of the talking pause=3 Notify=Ground mechanic from flight deck Pause=2 Ground mechanic from flight deck Pause=2 Notify=ground remove chocks Pause=2 ground remove chocks Pause=10 Notify=ground mechanic are you ready for pushback Pause=5 ground mechanic ready for pushback Pause=5 Notify=ground begin pushback Pause=5 ground mechanic begin pushback GSX should pop up then you will start your pushback with GSX cheers Barry
  10. Hi mate beyondatc will i beable to use my first officer with multi crew experience 

    1. threexgreen


      I don't think so, but I'm not the developer.

  11. Can I use multi crew experience with beyond atc
  12. Ground from cockpit Cockpit from ground Are you ready for pushback or push and start Mec will chime in then GSX takes over
  13. very cool did a full pushback with MCE & GSX one thing cannot get ground to remove chocks. Tips with gsx must have gpu removed & chocks i had to go into fmc to remove chocks, my fo removed the gpu for me. gsx is still glichers out on menu,hope it get better.
  14. ok im up to pushback still tweaking . MCE, GSX, Running [SCRIPT] Pause=4 Notify=ground from flight deck MY FO ground from flight deck Pause=5 Notify=ground mechanic are you ready for pushback MY FO ground are you ready for pushback HE TELLS U YES READY Pause=5 GSX kick in & takes over. gsx glichers out on loading somtimes but i will report back when i do full pushback
  15. all good & thanks for the tips boys
  16. I am using win 10 anti-virus did a heap of scans everything seem to be in order
  17. Been down this road no thanks I got Cereproc but hey if it works for you that cool,
  18. Hi mate yes i am using Microsoft Defender it found a Trogan & remove it AppData\Roaming\Microsoft flight Simulator\Packages Defender Removed it - m7e8db05496e61e94_0.dll no other flags thanks Boys
  19. Hi boys just letting you know Microsoft Installer pop up again today its a bit of a pain. anyway i will repair it.
  20. Gerald Control Panel. add-remove programs "repair". my TTS amy is back ALL GOOD. Im going to purchase BEYOND ATC,due out soon doing away with PILOT2ATC I hope i can take MCE with me i cannot fly without her. also PMDG 777-300ER is about to land. Gerald again you are the man “good on ya” mate Barry Australia
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