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  1. I have to agree, and read that article the same way. How could it be any clearer. "Preparing for Microsoft Flight Simulator: It won’t come as a surprise to learn that we are pivoting our entire development process in order to include this exciting new platform. I’m not going to focus too much on this process for today’s announcement as we have a bunch of information to share on this topic at a future date- but suffice-to-say that most of what you will read below is a cascade effect of our strategic realignment to support this new platform. We do anticipate bringing the 737, 747, 777 and DC-6 product lines into Microsoft Flight Simulator and we will share more details on that in the near future.
  2. MSFS2020 will not reside on my hard drive without "full" vr support, that's without question. Until it has vr implemented, Microsoft won't see a single dollar from me.
  3. Gordon, it's a purchase you won't regret. I've only been using the GTN750 for a little over a year, and just recently purchased the 650. Everything works fine in B10 Vulkan. There's a lot to learn, as some of my posts have shown. I've little to no interest in flying an aircraft that does not support these units in panel, in vr. Thankfully there's enough aircraft of various shapes, and sizes, in X-Plane that meet this requirement, making the purchase a no-brainer. Flying without one of these units is like flying with a blindfold on, they offer so much information at your fingertips, a must for flying in vr. You may not be a vr flier, but as someone who only flies in vr, these units are a must have. Pretty much all the information I could ever need is just a click away.
  4. Hey Jean-Luc, I've read that sticky, but nowhere does it mention P2Atc, and at this point that's all I'm really interested in. I'm trying to limit the amount of "running around" just to get a flight up and running. I think I was mistaking, or not understanding, that the GTN will not work with P2Atc fp's, you don't see any of the way points with a P2Atc imported fp, other than the departure airport. Scenario I'd like.... Fire up P2Atc, create a flight plan using P2Atc's great fp feature, fire up X-plane, import the P2Atc flight plan in the GTN, and off I go. Well this doesn't work, and it should. All you see is the departure airport in the GTN flight plan after import. Simbrief works fine, but it's that extra step of creating the flight plan in the browser, saving, exporting to 2 different locations, blah, blah, blah. I already have P2Atc running, it creates "real" flight plans on it's own, export that, and load it in the GTN, much simpler. What I think I'm going to end up doing is create the fp in P2Atc, then manually input it into the GTN while I'm sitting in the cockpit with the vr headset on. This line in the manual is confusing, it certainly confused me. "The second step is to create one or more flight plan files with the ".gfp" file extension and one "user.wpt" file". That line "reads" like you need both for everything to work, and you don't. There's absolutely no need for a user.wpt file. That's what was confusing me. The P2Atc fp was not working, so I figured I needed "something" to also generate a user.wpt file. Well I've never seen that file, simply because I've never needed to create one myself. I've imported lots of Simbrief fp's before, and they work fine, with no need for a user.wpt file. Now that I'm back using P2Atc, I'm trying to streamline the process, and only use P2Atc for everything pre-flight related. I'm just trying to remove a step, and didn't realize the RXP GTN doesn't like P2Atc fp's, it doesn't seem to at my end anyways. I know that's long winded, but it all had me really confused yesterday. Sure, there's other ways around the issue, not interested. It's all good, I'll sort things out at me end.
  5. Guys, I've read the manual till I'm blue in the face, I don't understand "User Waypoints", I must be thick. I've created a flight plan in Pilot2Atc, I've exported it to the correct location. I can find the flight plan in the GTN 750. When I import it the only waypoint listed is the departure airport. I see this on page 9, but have no idea where this pdf is? " See "GTN Flight Plan and User Waypoint transfer.pdf" guidelines for how to create text based flight plan files (included in the starter pack)." Where is this starter pack? If I create a flight plan in Simbrief, it imports fine. I see all the waypoints in the plan. I cannot get this to work though using a plan created in Pilot2atc. I found the above mentioned file in a zip file. It's all gibberish to me. Appears to be a issue according to another post I read about the way Pilot2atc is exporting flight plans? Am I reading that correctly, you can't use Pilot2Atc flight plans with the GTN?
  6. Just started using P2Atc again. Want to use FSGRW for real weather, and P2Atc is wanting the file name in the post title. Where is this file? I'm using Dynamic weather download in FSGRW, so I hope it's possible? I've read the manual, searched here, and elsewhere, and not found the answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. After an hour of looking around I gave up and asked the question. Edit: Well that was quick. I figured it out. It's a setting in FSGRW for data exchange, that has to be selected. Maybe this will help someone else, or perhaps that person is wiser than me to begin with.🙃
  7. Jean-Luc, what's up with the GTN650 installer, and the virus warning? I've had the 750 for over a year, and never had a issue with it, never once a virus warning. I bought the GTN650 today and had to turn off Windows Defenders protection just to get it downloaded, constant complaining about a virus. Then as soon as I turn the protection back on the file automatically gets deleted by my system. I run multiple installs of Xplane and would like the 650 and 750 installed in all of them, but with the installer disappearing it's making things difficult and cumbersome with the 650. Why am I having a issue with the one installer and not the other? All I'm running is Windows Defender. edit: Actually never mind, it's only the ecommerce installer that's being deleted, the 650/750 installer is fine. Sorry to bother. This can be deleted if you like. Glen
  8. Thanks Jean-Luc, found it. I haven't changed any "settings" as far as the GTN750 is concerned, that's why I still find it odd the TCAD setting was selected for one aircraft, and not the other. Doesn't matter at this point, it works fine, was just odd, I know I hadn't touched anything. Thanks again.....
  9. Why would the tcas display work in one aircraft and not another. I would think the displaying of that data has nothing to do with the aircraft being flown, and is a function of the gtn 750? Xplane 11 latest beta. I've compared the GTN.ini files and I don't see anything that stands out. One is the default Baron B58 modified to work with the 750 in panel, I see the tcas info, and the other is the Carenado Navajo that has 750 integrated into the panel stock, it's not displaying tcas info. I can't even open the window.
  10. Yes, it's the same old "vr issue" that's been around for quite a while. If you don't use vr during you session it seems fine, once you use vr, it will hang on close. Don't know if other vr hedsets are affected, but the Oculus Rift and Rift S have had this issue for a long time.
  11. Hi Paul, I'm just a user like you. Need a bit/alot more info. I've just recently purchased this and installed the latest version, it's all working fine at my end, in multiple aircraft. Are you trying to use it integrated into a 3d panel, or just as a 2d pop out? What aircraft are you trying to use it in? Did you activate the GTN 750 in the plugin menu of Xplane? Lets start there. Do you see this in Xplanes plugin menu?
  12. I just finished a flight in it as well, in Canada (CYYZ-CYUL), whole flight in vr, dual 750's integrated in panel, no issues takeoff to landing. Only plugins I have are FlyWithLua(3jFPS), and Avitab.
  13. Yes, the update works great, and Canadian charts to boot, yahoo.👍
  14. New to product so unsure of update procedure. I purchased this about a week ago. After an install, uninstall, re-install I got rid of the black screen issue somehow. All was fine and my database was 1809. I noticed there were no charts outside of the US, so I found some instructions here in another post outlining a way to possibly get the databases from a older trainer, so I found it, and installed. All was fine after installing that older trainer, gtn was still up to date, and my data base was still 1809. I was unable to follow the procedure, so I gave up on charts outside the US. Today I installed the updated trainer through the ecommerce re-install, and all seemed fine. When I load Xplane I get the update trainer, 6.62.0 but for some reason it's now loading the databases from Nov 2016, must be from the older trainer? So I figured, ok, I'll just un-install that old trainer as I don't need it anymore, which I did, and now I don't have any databases load when I start Xplane. I decided to try and re-install the databases from my original install a week ago, and the install stops saying I have the latest databases installed, and in Xplane the gtn shows "Database Not Found" under all sections. How do I get the databases back after this trainer update?
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