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  1. Why is my sid being changed when I file? MSFS 2020, using Rex for weather injection. It's a Simbrief flight plan that I've flown 1000's of times. For jet engine it's DEDKI4 for runway 24R, MIGLO transition at CYYZ to CYUL, it keeps switching me to BOMET7, which is for Turboprop. I'm flying a a320, and everything looks setup correct to me in P2atc?
  2. No, it was during flight. Atc was giving instructions and I couldn't get the windows to come back up with my set button pushes on my joystick. When I looked at the task bar P2atc had just disappeared, and then would come back on its own. Also, pressing the joystick button to bring up the window, or keyboard, was very hit and miss. I'd say 50% of the time the window would not show. I'm running the Sim in windowed mode if that matters. Maybe I should uninstall, reinstall. I hadn't used the program for some time, and last use was with X-plane. All I did was apply the latest update from the website.
  3. Wondering if this has been addressed, I'm seeing the same? What I've seen this morning is the PTATC window just disappears, and reappears on it's own. In other words it disappears from the taskbar, and then just shows up again?
  4. Mines working fine. The Data Manager did not do it's job, and I had to install X-Plane 11 (11.50+) "Native", and X-Plane GNS430 manually, after doing that everything was fine. It was the Native that did the trick, as that's what Zibo is looking for.
  5. I just edited my post above, it wasn't Fsuipc I was running as admin, it was the Sim itself, and P2ATC. Just woke up, my first coffee.🙂 I've switched off admin for the Sim, and P2ATC, will see how it goes.
  6. Thanks Pete, I had switched to running the Sim as Admin as a suggestion for the never ending ctd problem I was having, almost every flight. I think it ended up being the version of Navigraph beta I was running instead, which was recently updated, and fixed the problem, no more ctd's. I can probably switch the Sim back, as well as P2ATC now.
  7. Trying to connect to MSFS 2020, not happening. FSUIPC says it's connected to the sim, but P2ATC will not connect. I've followed these steps Dave posted, no luck? I get the audible ding but it does not connect. MSFS is latest, P2ATC is latest, FSUIPC is 7.0.4. I'm sitting at a gate in a cold and dark aircraft. "No. Just be sure the sequence is: Start MSFS 2020 Start FSUIPC7 Start P2A Wait for MSFS to FULLY START. (You are in the airplane cockpit , not watching a movie) Connect P2A" EDIT: Sorted out, had to run P2ATC as admin, all fine after that.
  8. Yes, that's how I'm approaching it, a mystery. I don't have Visual Studio installed at my end. One thing I am going to try is turning off the rolling, and manual cache.
  9. To be honest, I didn't try any of them yet, it just worked. Who knows what will happen the next flight🙃. It's not unlike the ctd issues that have popped up over the years with Xplane, sooner or later it gets sorted out with a update, and all is fine again, until the next time. No hardware or software changes needed at aIl. 'm not changing my system upside down, and chase my tail. Others with systems totally different from mine are also having ctd issues, I'm sure the developers will sort it out eventually. Changing usb ports, trying a different Nvidia driver, all easily done, and really don't affect the system to a great extent. But that's the limit of any changes I'd be willing to make. I use this system everyday, without issue, with a multitude of different simulations, games, they don't have any problems. It's still very annoying that you can't verify the install through Steam, that should be a priority to "someone".
  10. Thanks for all the replies. I just completed a 50 minute flight, with the a320 mod, and navigraph installed, no ctd.🤨 I'll just keep an eye on various Discord groups, and the forums, and see what others are running into as time goes on. It's not system related, this is the only sim/game causing "some" grief at the moment. As I said, I'm not changing my whole system around for one finicky program. Lot's of other sims installed that I can fly, that don't give me any problems, so. But thank you again, gave me some things to look at, and try, if it continues to be a issue.
  11. Not running anything other than the sim, no Simconnect, Saitek yoke, throttle quadrant, pedals. I'll try disabling the caches and see what happens. Internet is fiber, 950 up / down consistently.
  12. It's a Msi z370 gaming plus, and I have all the latest drivers installed, as well as the bios. Besides, if it was system software, or a hardware issue, I'd see problems elsewhere , and that's not happening. I'm not about to change my system around, just to suit Msfs 2020, if that makes sense. The system is fine with everything else I do, and as up to date as it can be. It's definitely something specific to this program, but I'm getting nowhere trying to diagnose it. Think I'll just bite the bullet and reinstall. Internet is not an issue, no cap, and install was just over 2 hours so no biggie, just a pain to have to do. I haven't tried swapping usb ports, something I can easily test.
  13. I have, still happens. I've scoured the Navigraph forums, and there's no mention of people having ctd's with it installed. If it was the issue the forums would have at least some posts about it, I think. I'm kind of at the end of my search, but thought I'd ask here before a complete reinstall. The last couple days I've been trying different things, but the ctd's aren't going away. Only thing I can't try, and I'm sure needs to be done, is verify the Steam Install. That problem really needs to be sorted out.
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