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  1. Hi Paul, I'm just a user like you. Need a bit/alot more info. I've just recently purchased this and installed the latest version, it's all working fine at my end, in multiple aircraft. Are you trying to use it integrated into a 3d panel, or just as a 2d pop out? What aircraft are you trying to use it in? Did you activate the GTN 750 in the plugin menu of Xplane? Lets start there. Do you see this in Xplanes plugin menu?
  2. Muskoka

    Issues with RXP and AFL's KingAir

    I just finished a flight in it as well, in Canada (CYYZ-CYUL), whole flight in vr, dual 750's integrated in panel, no issues takeoff to landing. Only plugins I have are FlyWithLua(3jFPS), and Avitab.
  3. Yes, the update works great, and Canadian charts to boot, yahoo.👍
  4. New to product so unsure of update procedure. I purchased this about a week ago. After an install, uninstall, re-install I got rid of the black screen issue somehow. All was fine and my database was 1809. I noticed there were no charts outside of the US, so I found some instructions here in another post outlining a way to possibly get the databases from a older trainer, so I found it, and installed. All was fine after installing that older trainer, gtn was still up to date, and my data base was still 1809. I was unable to follow the procedure, so I gave up on charts outside the US. Today I installed the updated trainer through the ecommerce re-install, and all seemed fine. When I load Xplane I get the update trainer, 6.62.0 but for some reason it's now loading the databases from Nov 2016, must be from the older trainer? So I figured, ok, I'll just un-install that old trainer as I don't need it anymore, which I did, and now I don't have any databases load when I start Xplane. I decided to try and re-install the databases from my original install a week ago, and the install stops saying I have the latest databases installed, and in Xplane the gtn shows "Database Not Found" under all sections. How do I get the databases back after this trainer update?
  5. Muskoka

    Unable to install GTN750

    Glad it worked out.
  6. Muskoka

    Unable to install GTN750

    Hi Theo, new user here myself. When running the install "untick" the button that says you'd like to install the trainer (the installer can't find the necessary files, hence the 404 error), and install the trainer manually from the links provided in the first post, at the top of this forum.
  7. Hi Jean-Luc. I seem to be up and running fine. I'm not sure how I got it to work, just had a black screen in the beginning, but it's working now after un-install / re-install. Concerning the files above, is there any order that needs to be followed when installing the setup files? Do we need to install the "Launcher.Setup", then the "Gtn.Setup", followed by the "Databases.Setup", or does it matter? I think what happened the first time I installed, it asked about a update for the trainer and I did it? Perhaps that messed things up? Also, I'm curious why no charts are available other than for US airports. I fly primarily in Canada, and can't see a chart for any airport, even after changing the Database Type. I tried Europe as well, no charts?
  8. First off, why has the posters above questions gone unanswered for days, poor? I've just spent 2 hours myself trying to get this to work to no avail. All I get is the black screen as well. I've looked at the config file and visible is set to true. Don't know what else to try. Is there a video somewhere showing a complete install for Xplane 11, searched and haven't found one yet. Uninstalled it all, re-installed, and now it's showing. No idea why, same procedure.
  9. Muskoka

    pilolt2atc in VR

    That's great, just wish there was some way to get the same with the Rift. Ovrdrop, Dash, and the Move Vr plugin in Xplane are not the answer. If the Op has a Rift, then he won't have full interaction in Vr. We don't know what headset the poster has, but it needs to be made clear, you can't interact with "a lot" of the P2Atc interface while "in Vr". Yes, as the other gentleman posted, there's workarounds, but there just that, workarounds. And for me, yes, it does detract from the immersion everytime I have to lift/remove the headset, or jump back to the virtual desktop, to do something that should be available within. Maybe this doesn't pertain to the Op, but they asked, and I answered with what I've found after hours of trying to get "something" to work, the way I think the Op wants it to work. They do specifically ask about the Move Vr plugin, and no, it doesn't work. You can't see the P2Atc pop up windows in your Vr headset. Perhaps in time, this won't be the case.
  10. Muskoka

    pilolt2atc in VR

    Think that's fine "if" your using the Steam version of X-Plane, with a Vive, and not a Oculus product. Isn't Ovrdrop meant to be used with SteamVr, which I don't use to run X-Plane. As soon as I select Vr in Xplane, Oculus now runs automatically, and there's no way to stop it, other than through hacks. I'll try it, but I doubt it'll work with a non Steam version of X-Plane, and a Oculus Rift? On second thought I don't think I'll try it, what I'm reading it doesn't work. Dash for Oculus, and the Move Vr plugin work in X-Plane, but you can't interact with pop up windows as already mentioned in my own thread here. Ovrdrop from what I'm reading works with Vive, and perhaps others.
  11. Muskoka

    pilolt2atc in VR

    I wasn't able to interact in anyway with the P2atc pop-up windows in Vr, whether using the "MoveVr" plugin, or Oculus Dash on the Rift. The window looks fabulous using Dash, but you can't see the pop-ups, where the majority of the interaction is. So the answer to your question would be no, with regards to interaction, it's not vr compatible. Options like "Sayit" are not usable, without bouncing back and forth to the virtual desktop, or lifting your headset, neither of which interest me in anyway, but that's just me. Putting all that aside, it's still the best Atc option available, especially for Xplane users, can't speak for the other sims, haven't used them in years.
  12. Muskoka

    Control/Manipulate P2ATC in Vr....

    Another option that would be nice is the use of a button on the Oculus touch controllers for Ptt. I fly the Zibo mod in Xplane using nothing but the touch controllers, and not being able to bind a touch controller button means I need to plugin a controller just for a Ptt button, I don't use the mouse at all when flying, or the keyboard.
  13. Muskoka

    Control/Manipulate P2ATC in Vr....

    Unfortunately you can't see the Sayit drop downs in vr, guess I'll need to start talking. 😶
  14. Muskoka

    Control/Manipulate P2ATC in Vr....

    Well I actually got this to work with MoveVr. I tried different things, changing window size, moving windows front to back, and vice versa, but I think what "fixed" the issue, I needed to run Xplane in admin mode. P2ATC was already in admin mode. I need to retrace some steps to confirm that was the issue. Also need to get a good flow in place. I think you pretty much have to get your flight all setup in P2ATC first, before going to vr in Xplane, as it's a bit of a hassle with the popup windows for way points and the like. Once everything is setup flight wise, and your ready to request clearance, it works pretty well from there, without the need to remove the headset. I'll find out more I guess after doing a full flight.
  15. Not having any luck "working with" the P2ATC window in Vr. If I load Xplane from Oculus Home I can use Dash to bring in the P2ATC window and pin it. Problem is I can't interact with it in any way, without going back to the virtual desktop in Dash. Kind of defeats the whole purpose. Or, I can can use the "MoveVr" plugin for Xplane, and open the P2ATC window that way, but as above I can't interact with the window in anyway. Not using the touch controllers, or the virtual mouse. Is anyone able to interact with the P2ATC window while using the Oculus Rift in Xplane?