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  1. clearjet

    GSX and the 777

    Wow... you must frequent the FSDT forums because you did exactly the same thing...
  2. SOP2 Force TL Flow to 10K: Yes Fixed the problem! Thanks for the fast response. Donnie
  3. They go off at 10K as normal after TO, but they come on at 18K on the descent. I verified the setting in the CFG for "Fixed Landing Lights: 10K Feet" but I did just notice another setting of "SOP2 Force TL Flow to 10K" and it set to NO. I just set it to Yes and we'll see what happens. Thanks, Donnie
  4. Hello, After doing the RTFM for both FS2Crew and PMDG, I was wondering if there is a setting that I am missing regarding the landing lights activating above 10K. Shortly after descending through the transition level (FL180) and pressing STD, the FO turns on the landing lights. I see the orange 10K/TL procedure occurring in the window. I have verified that the option is set to 10K in the PMDG options. I don't see the issue in the 777 or 747. P3D v5.2.22 Thanks in advance, Donnie
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