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  1. affinity mask settings made a huge difference for me.
  2. I'm noticing it at quite a few addon airports - mostly trees, but also some buildings. It only occurs with EA activated and intensifies as you fly away from the scenery. Very unrealistic looking. Hope they get this fixed.
  3. I first noticed it with v5.1, but it's a lot worse with 5.2 after the HF.
  4. It's also now affecting several FSDT sceneries (KLAX and KDFW). As you fly away from the airports, they appear to be under water
  5. I wonder if the exclude is causing the texture issue
  6. I don't have any ground texture issues, so not sure what that problem is
  7. Tom, you have to add the scenery files manually to your scenery library in P3D using the GUI
  8. I have it working just fine in 5.2. To get rid of the default blgs, in the \Prepar3D v5\Scenery\0302\scenery\ folder, turn off file OBX25160
  9. Very nice....especially for freeware. Thanks for the heads up
  10. I had this also. It was a shader problem for me after uninstalling Envtex. I had to reinstall the client and it came back
  11. The clouds look better but AS is giving me unrealistic white haze even at night.
  12. Do you have LVFR KFLL? I believe it was installed with that scenery.
  13. Got it sorted out. I forgot that I had deactivated several of the default airport files and as a result, they were not picked up by the tool. Everything is working great now. Thanks for your help
  14. Hmmm...something is amiss. I ran the Navdata Reader Tool and updated FS ATC Chatter according to the instructions, but I actually lost quite a few facilities for some reason. Below is the log file: 2021-06-03 09:19:59.057 -07:00 [INF] FS ATC Chatter version 1.0.0 starting up 2021-06-03 09:19:59.773 -07:00 [INF] Fetching latest version information 2021-06-03 09:20:01.249 -07:00 [INF] Latest version is 1.0.0 Final (build 17), executing version is 1.0.0 (build 17) 2021-06-03 09:20:01.257 -07:00 [INF] Loading facilities from C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\FS-ATC-Chatter\navdata-default.sqlite 2021-06-03 09:20:01.508 -07:00 [INF] 34396 facilities found 2021-06-03 09:20:01.658 -07:00 [INF] Found 14455 clips total 2021-06-03 09:20:01.695 -07:00 [INF] Selected controller type is 'None', clearing clip list 2021-06-03 09:20:01.726 -07:00 [INF] Connected to simulator: Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v5 ( 2021-06-03 09:20:01.727 -07:00 [INF] Loading facilities from C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\FS-ATC-Chatter\navdata-Prepar3dV5.sqlite 2021-06-03 09:20:01.795 -07:00 [INF] Setting origin point 2021-06-03 09:20:01.884 -07:00 [INF] 33213 facilities found 2021-06-03 09:21:02.190 -07:00 [INF] Pausing chatter due to simulator pausing 2021-06-03 09:22:42.435 -07:00 [INF] Setting origin point 2021-06-03 09:22:43.060 -07:00 [INF] Clip list rebuilt with 2668 clips for controller type "Center" in region(s): "UnitedStates" 2021-06-03 09:23:13.799 -07:00 [INF] Selected controller type is 'None', clearing clip list From the above, it looks like there is actually less facilities found by about 1K
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