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  1. I'm using 30 - results in most of my aircraft using 1/2 to 3/4 length of major runways. At 40, they use the entire runway
  2. Thank you so much for developing these programs...and for free! They are a huge improvement. I won't fly into a busy airport without them. Thanks again PS. love the movement effect on landing aircraft. Much more realistic
  3. Not sure what the problem is....catalog won't open, just keeps spinning. I let it run all night
  4. Thanks. I'm going to have to check that out. Thanks for the quick tutorial
  5. ...I supplement the airports with more clutter, vehicles and equipment using simdirector. How do you do that? What is simdirector? I've never heard of it? I hate how empty airports are...
  6. I get it too...very annoying haven't been able to fix it. Yours is the first post I've seen on it
  7. Sorry, I meant that Orbx includes two ADX files - one with static aircraft and one without. You modified the one without the static aircraft. I like what you did, but I also like having Orbx's static aircraft.
  8. Hey, I appreciate your work. I stumbled across your site about a year ago. Is there any way you can enhance the Orbx KSAN one with the static aircraft?
  9. I never had a problem with the trees at KSEA, but other users reported it. T2G released a patch to correct it. Check their website
  10. Yes, it comes with a configuration application. I picked it up today. A little disappointed in the static jetways. I thought they would at least have the default Ctrl-J moving jetways
  11. I had all the same issues with Saitek drivers. I switched to SpadNext controllers and haven't had any issues. I also have a full setup with two throttle quadrants
  12. It's still not technically compatible. You still have to disable a couple NCA files
  13. The developer was able to fix the scenery. If you go to his thread at fsdeveloper (see link in a previous post), you can get the updated file.
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