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    Some LC tiles missing tree autogen?

    Every time I mess with OpenLC (even just unchecking it in the scenery list) I get those dang night textures. Verifying the files doesn't work for me. I have to reinstall it.
  2. I have found that even though the boxes are not selected in the DD installer, files are still installed. Look for files with "KSEA" in the scenery folder and rename the extension to "off".
  3. Yes, I use notepad to make the edits, but you have to make sure that you have full rights to the file. Right click on the file and check the properties.
  4. haha, find and replace is a godsend. You just need to comment out the line with the effect.
  5. Just my 2 cents: After lots of trial and error, I found that the wave effects caused a lot of my stuttering problems in certain areas, like those mentioned above. It was especially noticeable at KTPA. If you want to remove the wave effects, go into the terrain.cfg file and comment out (put // in front of each line) all entries that have a wavecontroller effect-there will be many entries. If you have Orbx files, there will be several terrain.cfg files and you will need to do it in each file. I was amazed at the difference it made to the smoothness. Note - there are different entries, such as "wavecontroller", "lakewavecontroller", etc.
  6. pads103

    MA RealTurb North America

    I'm not sure what everyone is concerned about. It added some nice features over the rockies that AS didn't. Not sure I would call it a money grab. It doesn't do much more, but I like it
  7. pads103

    MA RealTurb North America

    Just did a flight from Vail KEGE to KDEN. Impressed with the effect. Not a lot of bouncing around, but a definite difference. Also got a nice downdraft approaching KDEN
  8. pads103

    SXAD working on KSAT

    inibuilds has developed dynamic lighting for KHOU, KBNA, KBHM and is working on KPNS if you're interested
  9. pads103

    MA RealTurb North America

    I purchased it yesterday and have been trying it out. I haven't seen much effect yet, but then I don't do a whole lot of mountain flying.
  10. try disabling the file ABP_KMSP.bgl in the Vector Scenery folder
  11. pads103

    P3D V 4.5 useful tweaks ?

    FWIW - For me, I have always found that setting the graphics setting in the GUI to unlimited (and thus the FFTF value to 0.01) made for smoother performance. However, this did cause autogen to display late at times. I finally tried the FFTF Dynamic program and it solved this by adjusting the FFTF to higher values as the altitude increased. Smooth performance and no more late autogen. Others swear by locked FPS so to each their own. Just what I found that works for me.
  12. Well Vegas did get a lot of rain this year.😀
  13. pads103

    Is SunSkyJet still working KDTW?

    Yes, Shez can probably answer more definitively but as far as I can tell, it controls the runway lighting and dynamic lighting of the terminals. It doesn't affect the jetways other than lighting
  14. pads103

    Is SunSkyJet still working KDTW?

    Dave, the runway lights are sode activated. Make sure that you have the following: C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml\KDTW_SSJ_DL.xml
  15. pads103

    Is SunSkyJet still working KDTW?

    Tiger, nice job! Thanks. Still have elevated runway lights. Since they are sode xml any ideas?
  16. In my case, landing at KSNA, I found that the program was trying to load KAVX right as I touched down and gave me a nice pause about 10ft off the ground.
  17. Bert, just tried it. I believe the default was 53333.335938. I just changed the whole number
  18. I had the same issue and solved it the same way. I reduced the scenery draw distance in the Prepare3d.cfg file: SCENERY_DRAW_DISTANCE=1000.335938 This keeps the program from loading airports off in the distance.
  19. pads103

    One more perfect flight

    Hi Bob, couldn't agree more...I actually started way back with the original on a floppy - just little white dots on a mono-screen. We've come a long way!
  20. pads103


    Nice...thanks for letting us know. I actually like their crj
  21. pads103

    Is SunSkyJet still working KDTW?

    Work just gets in the way of all of our fun!
  22. pads103

    Is SunSkyJet still working KDTW?

    Nothing major - mostly sode fixes. The Sode XML for D gates was causing Sode to disconnect - all jetways would disappear when I pulled up to any gate as well as night and runway lighting. I removed that xml file and that seemed to fix it. Used GSX to add jetways for those missing and some that didn't work.
  23. pads103

    Is SunSkyJet still working KDTW?

    Shez, all in all, it's a very nice piece of work. Once completed, you ought to be charging for it. If you all have GSX L2 you can add the missing gates. There are only a couple that don't have parking spaces. Because it's a beta, there are a few issues, but I've been able to fix most. Still working on the floating runway lights...
  24. pads103

    Is SunSkyJet still working KDTW?

    Shez, sent you a PM. Would like to obtain a copy of the beta KDTW. Thx