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  1. Like i said before i am tired of having this issue. i cant do any flights with the pmdg 777. and i am wondering if i should to go to windows 7 because this small issue that should not be there in the first place is holding me back from flying in fsx. so i am hoping microsoft can fix this problem some how put this in the next update for windows 8.
  2. Has anyone used FSXAssist? Does it fix the joystick problem since most people are talking about it.
  3. Does anyone know if windows 8.1 has fixed the problem. I am really getting tired of this problem because i cant really do any flights with out having this problem happen.
  4. I have been doing that but FSX sees the controller but FSUIPC dosnt.
  5. Well i have had this problem for since i got my new logitech 3d pro joystick and i went and got FSUIPC. That was working pretty good with the PMDG 737NGX but still ran in to the problem every once and awhile. Then since the PMDG 777 came out i have wanting to fly it but i have ran back in to the problem but its got out of hand.I have done everything i usb selective suspend setting. i have disabled fsx joystick and was running off FSUIPC. But i can not get the joystick to work like i would like it too. I am posting this because i am tired of this problem and i really want to fly but this problem is stopping me . Its no fun when your joystick stops working right when you are pushed back from the gate and ready to taxi . So i am asking if anyone can please give me some help if there is anything to do to fix this bug. Or if i just have to wait till Windows 8.1 comes out.
  6. Luke have you tried a polar route yet in the pmdg 777?
  7. you must be picked from the PMDG dev team
  8. is it a better choice to just get a joystick with a throttle and rudder pedals?
  9. Hello I just got the Airbus X Extended and i am using a keyboard and mouse for controls. But during the after engine start checklist it would ask to check left and right rudders. When i press "0" or "Enter" on the number pad to move the rudders they would move but slightly but it will force the rudders back to normal position. then i tried moving the throttle with "F1 F2 F3 F4" keys on my keyboard but i could only move them to idle and in to reverse thrust. I do not know if i should buy a joystick and rudders or if i can fix the problem with the rudder and throttle. with out buying anything. So if anyone can help me Fix my problem i would very much appreciate it. Happy Flying!
  10. Hi i am having the same issues but i dont know how to fix it
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