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  1. This is from the devs: "Looking into the issue I noted that the 530 / 430 for RXP only wasn't supporting an animated node position for a 530 unit on top but was supporting a pair of 430 units , its something of an undertaking to resolve this through a product update , I can offer you a console cfg that eliminates the issue in the interim." OP replied: "Thanks for looking into this and for the console file. But there is some collateral damages, as the mixing box disappeared, and if the popups seem to work fine, the 430 is inop in the VC (black screen and no buttons), as most of the buttons and switches on the 530 (again in VC). Only some switches on the left side are working." This again from the devs: "With humility I would recommend using the twin RXP 430 units, these would appear unaffected by this glitch .Thanks for your patience in this matter , the issue has been included on the PC6 list for the next iteration cycle .Best CJ Since then, it has been confirmed by other users that the problem remains - blank screens and lack of animations. We are awaiting an update apparently. Meanwhile, thank you for the tip about the license and the XML. The modeldef was referred to at some point in the dev's response to the OP . The 750/650 combo seems to integrate and work just fine.
  2. Jean-Luc, I found another thread on the MV forums for the PC-6, there is a known issue with the RXP 530/430 installation that they are looking into however there has been no new information since January so I guess we just have to wait. The thread link is attached, not sure if you have seen this.
  3. Indeed - I noticed that too. I re-installed the RXP and I can get one 2D pop-up of the 430 to appear which now tells me that I have an invalid license and to stop using the product. In the VC, the buttons work on the 530 except the screen is blank, but on the 430 all the buttons appear to be active except the power switch. When I mouse over it the mouse pointer doesn't change.
  4. Hi Jean-Luc, Thank you very much for your response - unfortunately I only just saw this. I have just re-installed the PC-6 on a new computer and will re-install the RXP software as well and report back as you have asked. The RXP is a great add-on and I look forward to getting it working. Thanks again.
  5. It’s been 3 years since I flew a real 320 and my company (now defunct) transferred me to the dark side to fly that other popular single-aisle machine. As an avid simmer, recently I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Tiller by Cat3Design to use with the FSLabs A3XXX fleet. My very first thought was, “Wow - this has just transformed my taxying experience!” It was immediately recognisable in feel and response, and does a superb job of simulating the real-world A320 tiller. It may be a little smaller and a little lighter, but after having flown the real aircraft for 7 1/2 years I can say that this tiller feels very authentic and fits under my fingertips perfectly. It could be argued that one’s sensibilities might have been dulled after several years of trucking around in a used 737, but this felt so natural from the first use that I began to wonder why I had put up with anything else in 28 years of simming, especially in the past 7 years of FSLabbing. It easily reminds me of the plane I used to fly, and nothing about it makes me think, “Oh, he should change this or that…” There are plenty of photos and reviews about other aspects of the package so I won’t repeat those efforts here, but I will say that as a real world A320 pilot I give this product my full endorsement. One question I had was where to put it. I have found that it is sized very well for the desktop environment and isn’t as bulky as I thought it would be. The cable is plenty long enough to allow the unit to be moved around easily as necessary. Cat3Design is committed to providing excellent customer service and I can personally attest to this manufacturer’s credibility and integrity as well.
  6. I discovered an update to the aircraft in the MV forums which supposedly addresses some "avionics" issues - this announcement was not specific. That is installed now, and the 430 is showing up in the 2D popup now, but the VC 430 is still dead. MilViz have expressed displeasure at the amount of time, money and effort they have had to expend dealing with issues that they claim arise from other products, and this one is on the list.
  7. I am trying to use the GNS 530/430 in the Milviz PC-6 in Prepar3D v4 but continue to have a lot of issues with it. I have had this gauge since June 2020, and used it without any trouble at all in the A2A light singles, plug-and-play, dead simple. I keep the gauge updated, most recent version is "rxpGNS2-FSIM-Setup" which still works fine in the A2A planes. I've been trawling the forums and the user guide and got to the point where I could get the knobs and buttons to respond in the VC, and was able to SHIFT+ right click on the bezel to do some configuring. However the 430 would only display in the 2D pop-up, and it was impossible to enter the configuration menu for the 430, only the 530. Trying to enter the Addons > RXP GNS menu caused the simulator to stop responding and I had to shut it down with the Task Manager. The 430 bezel in the VC was just that, with a blank screen, and was completely unresponsive. After re-starting the sim, I can now access the 430 configuration menu, but it is impossible to turn the unit on ie both the 2D and 3D versions of the 430 are completely blank. The GTN750 works perfectly well without all this faffing about. "Why would I want the 530/430?" I hear you ask. Well, I suppose I still like to dabble with older technology sometimes and grew up using real Garmin 100s and KNL90s much earlier in life but never got to have a go with the later bigger Garmin units. I'd be curious to know if anyone else has had similar issues, and what configurations settings (if any) have proven to be ideal for this aircraft. The fact that the installation is configurable like this is theoretically a great concept but in this instance it seems unstable and unreliable and I have no idea if it's to with the gauge or the plane or both. I love it when things just work. I suppose one option is to choose just the 530 without the 430... I have seen some interesting questions in response to similar queries in the past, so please be advised that: Both the 530 and 430 are legally owned by me, are installed in the default location, are up to date, and work in every other addon that uses them. The GTN trainer is installed, hence why the 530 and the 430 work properly in all the other aircraft. P4D is v4.5.14.34698 and is working just fine. This is the only addon/combo I have a problem with. The aircraft in question works fine with and/or without this GNS installation. I am running Windows 10 with the latest updates installed. My AV has exceptions for every instance of anything to do with the sim and all the addons that I can find. I am posting this in the MilViz forum too. There is often a very simple solution or explanation but it's got me stumped, hence my appeal to the collective intelligence and experience out there in the forums.
  8. Hi folks, I just tried to PM Bill (whamil) to get his mods but he is not receiving messages. Does anyone know how I can get the mods for the Carenado Cheyenne II. I've just re-installed it in P5D and am quite enjoying it in its raw state, but if there is some way of improving it I wold be most grateful. Also, do you think the III is worth a shot or is it simply not different or better enough to warrant the 15 cups of coffee it will cost to buy it? A Cheyenne 400 would seem like a good move up whereas the III is just a bit bigger, faster and flies a little higher. I fly for a living (Dash 8, A320, B737) so simming for me is a constant search for immersion and realism. A lot of these planes look gorgeous but the flying can let them down. So far I'm really liking the II without any mods.
  9. Kevin - this is what worked for me. Go to %ProgramData%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v...(whatever version yours is) and open the dll.xml with a text editor. I added the following lines to the end just before </SimBase.Document> which should be the very bottom line: <Launch.Addon> <Name>Carenavigraph</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>.\Carenavigraphx64.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> I saved it, opened the sim, and now the Carenado Navigraph database works as it should. I hope this helps. This is very similar to what you did but with the "other" dll.xml. I'm not sure what the difference is between them or why your fix didn't work. I'm using P5D and there is no dll.xml in the AppData folder, only the ProgramData folder. Cheers
  10. I just installed in P5D and the FMS doesn't work at all. It's stuck on "LOADING DATABASE". The rest of the aircraft seems to work fine. ***STOP PRESS*** Problem fixed by editing dll.xml - the nav database updated properly and is working. About the only thing this FMS does is allow you to create a flight plan and then fly along it. You can create a flight plan using airways, however once you get going, the flight plan doesn't update as you move along. In other words, the TO waypoint doesn't sequence in the LEGS page. The PERF pages show the fuel flow, but not the fuel used, and there is still that 380 lbs or kgs of APU fuel that has been in every FMS since they started making them. It never changes and doesn't do anything.
  11. Bump. I am having exactly the same issue. Running P3D v5.
  12. Hi Kevin, I just sent you a PM in the hopes that I can get my Chase Plane reactivated. I just uninstalled it from my laptop but the main PC won't let me use it as I have exceeded the number of computers allowed. I'm not planning to use it on the laptop at all from now on. Cheers, Chris Allan, Oz
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