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  1. Hi folks, I just tried to PM Bill (whamil) to get his mods but he is not receiving messages. Does anyone know how I can get the mods for the Carenado Cheyenne II. I've just re-installed it in P5D and am quite enjoying it in its raw state, but if there is some way of improving it I wold be most grateful. Also, do you think the III is worth a shot or is it simply not different or better enough to warrant the 15 cups of coffee it will cost to buy it? A Cheyenne 400 would seem like a good move up whereas the III is just a bit bigger, faster and flies a little higher. I fly for a living (Dash 8, A320, B737) so simming for me is a constant search for immersion and realism. A lot of these planes look gorgeous but the flying can let them down. So far I'm really liking the II without any mods.
  2. Kevin - this is what worked for me. Go to %ProgramData%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v...(whatever version yours is) and open the dll.xml with a text editor. I added the following lines to the end just before </SimBase.Document> which should be the very bottom line: <Launch.Addon> <Name>Carenavigraph</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>.\Carenavigraphx64.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> I saved it, opened the sim, and now the Carenado Navigraph database works as it should. I hope this helps. This is very similar to what you did but with the "other" dll.xml. I'm not sure what the difference is between them or why your fix didn't work. I'm using P5D and there is no dll.xml in the AppData folder, only the ProgramData folder. Cheers
  3. I just installed in P5D and the FMS doesn't work at all. It's stuck on "LOADING DATABASE". The rest of the aircraft seems to work fine. ***STOP PRESS*** Problem fixed by editing dll.xml - the nav database updated properly and is working. About the only thing this FMS does is allow you to create a flight plan and then fly along it. You can create a flight plan using airways, however once you get going, the flight plan doesn't update as you move along. In other words, the TO waypoint doesn't sequence in the LEGS page. The PERF pages show the fuel flow, but not the fuel used, and there is still that 380 lbs or kgs of APU fuel that has been in every FMS since they started making them. It never changes and doesn't do anything.
  4. Bump. I am having exactly the same issue. Running P3D v5.
  5. Hi Kevin, I just sent you a PM in the hopes that I can get my Chase Plane reactivated. I just uninstalled it from my laptop but the main PC won't let me use it as I have exceeded the number of computers allowed. I'm not planning to use it on the laptop at all from now on. Cheers, Chris Allan, Oz
  6. I purchased this from Flight1. I've just downloaded a fresh installer but the issue still remains. The propellor doesn't spin and having the engine running causes a fire.
  7. You're welcome. Good to see folks are still picking these up!
  8. How on earth can you run out of de-activations like i just did? This is taking the whole copywrite protection thing way too far. I would really prefer not to be finding out about this on a weekend the night before I'm due to fly out of town, and discover that I can't deactivate the NGX and thus not activate it on my laptop and take it away with me on the trip.
  9. Hi. I figured it was just a detail - the 777 readme correctly refers to Prepar3d. The quote I mentioned above is from the QOTSII readme. Cheers
  10. Greetings Just downloaded the latest installer, and reading through the EULA, I noticed (for the first time) the following: "b) This software is for use only with the retail version of Microsoft Flight Simulator X. You may not use this software on any platform other than Microsoft Flight Simulator X." Is there something I'm missing here? I'd really like to run this on LM P3Dv4... Cheers,
  11. Their official forum where you can get support is here: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/218-orbxdirect-and-ftx-central-3-support-forum/ You will need to register if you have not already, and remember to add at least one product order number in your signature or beside your forum name - something that shows you are a bona fide customer. Good luck! You should check out the FTX forum - there's a heap of really valuable discussion and advice over there. That is their official forum, as opposed to this "unofficial" one I have had a couple of problems too, similar to what you describe, when Central v3 was first released. I always use a download manager - my one is Internet Download Manager - IDM, and I can recommend it. Before you start the download, you are given the option to choose where you want the download to be saved and I save the downloads to (in my case) E:\Downloads\Compressed\.... If you do a full install from a manually downloaded file, Central will look for a zip file. If you do an update, Central will look for the folder where the collection of zips are located. I have seen the installer/updater take quite a while sometimes, as in many minutes. It seems to be looking, then it seems to be copying, then downloading... so I just walk away and leave it alone. Looking at the progress bar sometimes, I think the process is going to take over an hour, but then suddenly it changes, starts installing, and after a few minutes, maybe 10 sometimes, the job is done.
  12. Don't unzip the files. The installer uses them exactly as you downloaded them. In Central, click on the product, and then click on "installation options" and select the one that says "install from my manually downloaded file" and then navigate to the zip file location.
  13. Thee are a few .exe files in your Cheyenne aircraft container folder. One of them will have the characters "GTN" and "750" in it. Use that one. The name of the file is slightly different from that stated in the instructions.
  14. Check to see if the control assignments have changed in your Prepar3D.cfg file. Mine changed after I installed this - my brakes are assigned through FSUIPC and those axes are normally disabled in P3D. After installing the Cheyenne, I discovered all my controllers had returned to their default assignments, which of course conflict with FSUIPC.
  15. I had this today too. I haven't looked in the code yet, but be careful not to exceed the maximum torque on take-off or climb out for too long. It may be designed to generate engine failures like some of their other twins. The other possibility ( I think someone else mentioned it) is the fuel system although I don't think the engine would have lasted that long if the fuel selector was off. I went through another flight from cold and dark making sure that every item was in its proper configuration prior to start, and had a relatively uneventful flight around the mountains in Orbx's NRM. Here's what I have seen so far. After the installation, the default joystick and button assignments all reappeared in Prepar3D. I had previously deleted some of them, preferring to assign them through FSUIPC, so I had to do this again. I can confirm that during engine start, the Ng gauge remains at zero until the fuel lever is set to RUN, and only then does the gas generator spool up begin to indicate. After starting the first engine, the torque went straight to maximum and stayed there until I cycled the propeller lever. The second engine was ok. The altitude ARM button takes some persuasion. Click it once, and it quickly switches ON then straight back to OFF. I had to do it multiple times before the ALT ARM indication registered. I tried this multiple times with the same result. The altitude captures anyway, regardless of whether ALT ARM is indicating or not.. In flight, using the mouse to move either throttle caused both throttles to move together. I have dual throttles (TM Warthog). Throttle 1 would move both levers, throttle 2 would move neither. However, the engine response to my TM throttle inputs was correct. Placing the mouse over throttle 2 in the VC showed the "Throttle 2" tool tip, and moving the mouse would change the power on engine #2, but the throttle itself did not move in the VC. Placing the mouse over throttle 1 in the VC showed the "Throttle 1" tool tip, and moving the mouse would change the power of engine #1, but both throttles would move together in the VC. The error seems to be with the VC modelling. Later in the flight, it went back to normal, with both throttles in the VC moving independently again. The handling was good, no complaints about the flight model. Power response seems good over the range of power lever movement, and controlling speed on final approach does not take too much getting used to.
  16. @ryanbatcundHi Ryan, tried sending you a PM but I guess your Inbox is full
  17. Hi Bert I'd also like to add my thanks and appreciation to this growing list. I've recently been able to get back to flying the Hawker (and the TBM) 850 with your mods installed and it's been great being able to shoot coupled LNAV/VNAV approaches where I can find them. I'm off to look for any mods for the Phenom 300 now. Cheers from OZ - you are a champion!
  18. Maybe that's why they call it "original" - any resemblance imagined or real to any ProLine product alive or dead is purely coincidental and Carenado can not be held liable in that event. Their big selling point, what they do really well, is the visual quality. Most of us though seem to have moved on and are learning to live with ourselves again. I have to say, there is something strangely seductive about this machine, and it's been a favourite of mine since I first saw a picture of it in one of my plane books back in the 60's or 70's. This rendition looks amazing, and I get a buzz from just staring at it. Tim's videos over at FsMaNiA bring her alive, and he speaks of his relationship with her a bit too and the learning and personal growth he has experienced as a result of this union. Systems-wise, you just have to let it go, which is a process, not an event. If you haven't tried Bert Pieke's GTN750 mod, then I highly recommend you try it out, and keep persevering. When you actually start to be able to knock a few flights off in this bird and then watch the playbacks, it can be very rewarding. Depends what you're looking for I guess.
  19. Evan The performance file goes in the AircraftTypes folder, and the template goes in the AircraftTemplates folder. From that you should then be able to create individual aircraft files for the various regos you fly. PFPX will create and store them in the Aircraft folder. PM me if you have any issues.
  20. I sent you a personal message (PM) with a link for the training manual. I haven't seen a startup guide similar to what ES produced, but autogyro I think on these forums and possibly some others have produced kind of pictorial tutorial step-by-step guidance for getting started. Ialso recommend that you watch the videos that Tim Garris aka FSMania has made, they are entertaining and informative and inspiring to say the least, and you can find a cold and dark setup on YouTube here. Good luck!
  21. So far I have been able to enter waypoints such as 6600N and the like. After some experimentation, I'm pretty confident this version of the FMS will only accept waypoints from the database. It does not seem possible to enter custom waypoints.
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