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  1. I’m having the same problem for days. Community folder is empty, every addon from market place is uninstalled and the sim stop responding when loading a flight. Turning off online functionality solves the problem, but i won’t fly in a sim where I spent $60 and not even have sattelite data. There are some people with this issue for months and even with the enourmous SU6, Asobo won’t fix this.
  2. Congrats to the guys at Seattle and Bordeaux for the award 🥳
  3. Shouldn't have any. It's mainly for cyberpunk and some other dlss additions. I'm fully ready 😎
  4. I had pretty spot on flights in Asia, around Taiwan and Japan. Jetstreams were on point, as were the winds. But I got to admit it is a hit or miss.
  5. Any tips to improve ground LOD? It is just too bad
  6. Seems like the Perf page is no longer calculating the correct VLS speed, so try to increase the VAPP speed to a 2 to 3° nose up attitude.
  7. SDK is the only thing devs need to improve now to match other sims complexity. I wonder why no one compares stock MSFS to stock P3D/XPL.
  8. Where is this coming from? The default 152 is the best handling plane I've flown in flight sim, and I also fly it irl.
  9. Will you say me that this is better than default MSFS? Or are you just another one comparing x-plane with hundreds $ to stock MSFS?
  10. My view is that x-plane cleary dominated the market when Microsoft was gone, not everyone stuck to P3D and they grabbed those potential costumers with version 11. But with Microsoft new data and technologies it's just going to be like it was in mid 2000's, the majority of the marketshare will be on MSFS. We will see the the golden age of MSFS in 2023 to 2024, just like we did with FSX.
  11. That just gives a sense to why MSFS is far beyond anything we have now.
  12. Yeah, but i took them at the same hour, on different days. Just wanted to show how sky light changes each day, and is changes with dozens of variables.
  13. And you know what's crazy? I flew 2 consecutive days at night irl, and both of them had different light conditions for the same hour. day 1 day 2
  14. No moon night in Fernando de Noronha. I had a nasty blackhole effect while doing a flight there some days ago.
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