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  1. FSX-MS

    I took your suggestion and copied the Northwest file "rouen2.bmp" and pasted it into the Provincial and FlyBe texture folders overwriting the ones there and it worked. Now that I know that works, and I see your Provincial Saab photo, I think you've quite skillfully helped me figure this issue out. Fixing DX10 helped resolve one set of issues while forcing me to accept that my CRJ 100/200 will just have to go. Thanks so much, Charlie for helping me with this!
  2. Steve...thanks for the response. Obviously, I didn't have the contents of your manual stored in my RAM ;-) so sincerely appreciate the specific guidance. I noticed the wheel texture name in all three Saabs was rouen2.bmp, so will see if simple copy and paste works for those planes.
  3. FSX-MS

    Charlie...now that I look at the readme for the PAD Saab340, the included jpg show clear windows and crew in the cockpit which means the window textures are missing too.
  4. FSX-MS

    Got the Saab from PREMIER AIRCRAFT DESIGN SAAB 340B FOR FSX/SP2 (Ver 2 02-Oct-2009) Aircraft, panel and sound package including dynamic VC with custom gauges. Textures look like they could have been originally for FS2004, but don't know for sure.
  5. While I posted this issue of missing wheels in the main MS-FSX forum, I thought I would also post here for visibility in the DX10 discussion just in case this is a DX10 issue. Last month, I bought and installed SteveDX10Fixer v3.3.103 and most of my missing textures showed up. However, I am still missing the wheels on some of my planes and I can't figure out the problem pattern especially when my Saab340 addon shows one livery with wheels and another livery without wheels (see below). Could this be an AMD Radeon setting, or does this have anything to do with the shader cache? I'm stumped. System info: MS-FSX Deluxe with SP2; i5 processor with 16GB RAM; AMD Radeon R7 360 graphics card with 2GB
  6. FSX-MS

    Charlie... DX10 Preview is checked; and I'm using FSX Deluxe with SP2 installed; i5 processor, 16GB RAM, mediocre AMD Radeon R7 360 graphics card with 2GB video RAM. When this started happening early last month, I bought and installed SteveFSXfixer which seemed to solve several texture issues for many of the planes, but I still have a few addon planes that this persists.
  7. FSX-MS

    I have others that are missing too...
  8. Any idea of why wheels would be missing? I'm stumped especially when the textures are for the same Saab340.
  9. vortex681 and Charlie Aron...thank you! I just unticked that box and tried one of my aircraft that showed no textures and it painted fine right away!
  10. I have it ticked, but not accidentally. On page 9 of Jim's FSX Basic Configuration Guide, it shows it checked, so that's what I did.
  11. The screenshot on my computer that comes from pictures\Flight Simulator X Files\ does not show the white polygons for clouds or the white polygons on the ramp surface. Have no idea why they show now???
  12. I am stumped. This just started a few weeks ago after I updated my AMD Radeon graphics driver. I have addon aircraft downloaded from the library that are completely white - no external fuselage textures at all; some with partial textures - fuselage textures but no gear/strut textures OR vice versa, and others show all fuselage, gear and strut textures. I'm trying this embedded code for the first time hoping it shows you what I see. Any advice or insights is greatly appreciated.
  13. Reading this chain tells me you guys are real pros at painting, so I'm going to take a shot in the dark and ask if you have experienced the problem I suddenly have. I'll start by saying I upgraded my AMD graphics card driver in June and things haven't been quite right ever since. Recently, I discovered that many of my downloaded add-on planes do not show all the textures, and I get several variations like: the body textures display okay, but aircraft wheels and struts do not show (but they are there); the complete aircraft is white and no paint textures display at all; the wheels and struts textures display, but the body is white without textures. What I cannot fathom is that all the FSX default aircraft display normally. Do the addons have something that the default aircraft don't? Is there something common to all these partial displays of textures? Is there some setting in my graphics card that I should look for? I'm stumped by the inconsistency of effects across the myriad aircraft I have. Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  14. Thanks (once again) Jim. Got it going, but it appears this sudden issue was somehow connected to Norton AV quarantine of GEX interface and exe which seems to defy my reasoning abilities! When I restored GEX from Norton quarantine and then retried launching FSX, it rebuilt the fsx.cfg and completed the launch sequence. I notice those two shader_cache lines at the top of the graphics section and everything worked. I made the changes in the FSX Configuration Guide. I don't seem to have the same quality of scenery details that I previously had, but will have to continue tinkering with that. Thanks again, JIm!
  15. I'm getting a brand new error at startup that I've never encountered before. Today, I got an error with the FSX launch screen is still displayed saying my graphics card isn't good enough to perform shader operations (??) despite working pretty well for years. I don't remember seeing those two "shader_cache" lines in my fsx.cfg before now. I have an AMD Radeon 7 360 with 2GB of RAM on a PC with Windows 10, build 1703 and 16GB of RAM. I've put my AMD driver disc back in and reran the installation process, but that didn't do anything. I moved my fsx.cfg to another folder to force FSX to rebuild the fsx.cfg, but it's put those same lines in again. Any ideas of what I'm missing? [GRAPHICS] HIGHMEMFIX=1 SHADER_CACHE_PRIMED=1693458432 TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=2048 NUM_LIGHTS=8 AIRCRAFT_SHADOWS=1 AIRCRAFT_REFLECTIONS=1 COCKPIT_HIGH_LOD=1 LANDING_LIGHTS=1 AC_SELF_SHADOW=0 EFFECTS_QUALITY=2 GROUND_SHADOWS=0 TEXTURE_QUALITY=3 IMAGE_QUALITY=0 See_Self=1 Text_Scroll=1 SHADER_CACHE_PRIMED_10=1693458432 D3D10=0