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  1. Hi Dave, Thanks, just emailed you. Regards, Ted.
  2. Hi Dave, For some reason Drzewiecki New York Airports v2 volume 1 (KLGA, KJFK) will not import using taxiway maintenance - error is Unable to import taxiways from XPlane or no taxiways defined. It works fine with their Washington airport and all of my other 3rd party airports just these. Any ideas? Kind Regards, Ted.
  3. Hi Dave, Thanks for the recommendations. I will try them both out 😀 Regards, Ted.
  4. Hi Dave, I did a flight last night from Calgary to Portland, with real weather turned on. P2A obviously looks at the wind direction and assigns the appropriate runway. However, at Calgary it chose runway 08 which is very short and not suitable for my 737-300. I then went into the flight plan and chose 17R and ticked force runway but P2A still kept pointing me to 08. Am I doing something wrong in the sequence to get P2A to use the runway I selected or is it possible to get P2A to select the appropriate runway based on the aircraft type that you are flying. Thank You, Ted.
  5. Jazz+Funk

    ATC Arrival Airport Weather Updates

    Hi Dave, Thank you for the reply and tip. I will try this for my next flight. Kind Regards, Ted.
  6. Hi Dave, When flying my last couple flights, the weather at the arrival airport has change, specifically the wind direction. If I click on the P2A WX button it correctly provides the new wind direction and speed. However, ATC still takes me into the original approach runway based on the weather it used when filing the flight plan. Is it possible to manually get P2A to change the approach runway to match wind direction, or is there something that I have not set, which would make it automatically do this. If this is in your manual, then I have missed it as I did try and look for this type of setting before asking yourself. Kind Regards, Ted.
  7. Jazz+Funk

    Rex Sky Force 3D Weather

    Hi Dave, So what I did was check for the normal meter_report.xml file but one does not exist. I then monitored the Rex Skyforce 3D main directory and noticed that timestamps on certain files where changing every time the weather was updated in the flightsim. To this end I have a ZIP file with all of the files that changed during the weather injection was taking place. Hopefully this will assist you in your investigations. How do I get this file to you, as I cannot see a way to attach the file here? UPDATE - I have sent it to admin@pilot2atc.com If you need any further information, please let me know. Regards, Ted.
  8. Jazz+Funk

    Rex Sky Force 3D Weather

    Hi Dave, Sorry for the delay in replying but my forum password got messed up. I will take a look tonight when I get home from work and see if I can find the WX file and send it to you. Regards, Ted.
  9. Hi Dave, I just purchased Rex Sky Force 3D and wondered if you will be making provision in your program to work with it? I did try the standard Rex setting in P2A but that did not recognise the weather from Sky Force 3D. If does already work, then please could you tell me what I must be doing wrong. Thank You, Ted.
  10. Jazz+Funk

    AI Traffic Display - X-Plane 11

    Thanks Dave for the response. The best of luck with your future development of addressing the issue.
  11. Hi Dave, I am using P2A with both P3D v4.1 and X-Plane 11. I have Flight1 Ultimate Live Traffic for P3D v4.1 and World Traffic 3 for X-Plane 11. Using P3D v4.1, P2A displays all of the AI on the map but when I use P2A with X-Plane, it do not see any AI traffic on the map, even though there is plenty. The WT3 radar also shows all of the AI aircraft. Please could you tell me if I need to turn something else on to make P2A show the AI traffic when using X-Plane 11. BTW - I am using P2A on a second PC using a networked configuration. Kind Regards, Ted.
  12. Jazz+Funk

    AffinityMask - Why?

    Hi All, You may find my Affinity Mask Calculator helpful. I have made some notes on my own findings with P3D v4, which I have documented on the page. http://www.gatwick-fsg.org.uk/affinitymask.aspx?SubMenuItem=hardware Regards, Ted.
  13. Hi SimFlight Russia, I have just got X-Plane 11 and wondered if you could please tell me if I can run the program on a networked PC like I can with the P3D ActiveSky range of products? Thank You, Ted.
  14. Hi Carlos, I have also spent hours, tweaking, disabling add-ons, etc., to improve VAS memory management in P3D v3.4.14.1887 I do know that from my personal experience that when I updated my four PC's to the Windows 10 Anniversary update, two worked flawlessly and two were riddled with issues. Although, it normally takes me around 4-5 evenings to rebuild my system, it would be worth it to be able to fly further than the coast of France before I run out of VAS, when flying from London Gatwick to Zurich! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with others. Regards, Ted.
  15. Jazz+Funk

    Prepar3d V3.4 Hotfix 1 released today

    Hi, Well I upgraded as I was effected by these two fixes, which has sorted out my setup. Stopped resetting audio devices during a hardware change. Caching previous state when recreating audio devices Correcting issue with Raw Input and Windows 10 keeping unplugged controllers in the device enumeration As others are saying, shame about not addressing the still ever present VAS issues.