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  1. I also had that problema, but I can't explaine better, it solved by it self for the last 3 days...
  2. Thanks for the heads up. But just to be sure, if I delete the Bush trip is there any scenery that will be deleted also because is part of the content, or just flight plans and instructions? I already saw the video but just want to be sure
  3. I'm with this problem too, and also don't think it's an application problem. Only recently started having this issue, with no new applications, so something has changed. Updated the SDK, but no luck... Hope for a fix
  4. Good morning! Since new FSLTL update, at LEMD (only I've seen this problem there until now), some of the parked aircraft are parallel to the gates. Does anyone have this too? As for the Aiflow and Aiground, tried with both, as before, but now, since 5 flights done since update, best results with only Aiground.
  5. Thanks. Will try later, after work (starting the day here).
  6. Thank’s a lot. About the Discord, not a user for now, but o know's if one day...😁
  7. Hello! Does anyone know where or if I can get the GSX profile that was available on Flightsim for KATL (world update II USA) by Asobo MSFS. Thank´s in advance
  8. If i recall correctly, no, there is no cover. But next flight i will try to confirm. I will keep that in mind but for now, here in Porto, (Portugal) is time to cook for the kids, so I will give another try tomorrow. Thank's for the Help and time Ryan👌. I will give feedback
  9. No Beta. Downloaded 2 times to be sure. It seems thas not "connected". Really strange. I use the Addon Linker, but it doesn´t seems to be the problem, right?
  10. Thank´s for the tip, but already tried. It just doesn´t move. Tried the cold and dark, Ready to fly. pitot on and off
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