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  1. Another try to post. This time a picture direct from FSX. A flight from LPPR to LEPA. It was a perfect flight... Henrique Santos
  2. Obrigado pela dica, mas já li tudo isso e já tentei mais que uma vez publicar, mas não me entendo com as indicações. Tenho a imagem no Google photo e copiei o link que coloquei na mensagem. Não apareceu. Como se faz para a imagem aparecer no post? Obrigado pelas palavras desde já
  3. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipMN-QbgXmu2aFFhP1aMVmo23F0IhiBmRMgx8r44 13/07/2019 Henrique Santos Trying to show a foto, but didn't work. Please delete this post and I will try again. Thanks
  4. Just for those that like me, love the A310, just search for the video "last A310 azores airlines".
  5. Sorry for the inconvenience. About the Prefix I tought I did that on firt or second try (but then, missed). About the posting shot embed, I did look for that and how to do it, but couldn´t. Next imagem, I will ask for help if I needed.
  6. Thank´s John. First imagem. One of the beauties of the virtual simulation is that we can make "the real thing" to be what we want. For instance, I still have lots of MD11 and A310 in my AI world.
  7. Just preparing to departure from LEMD to LPPR... https://photos.app.goo.gl/QJYG7nhWdFr5O9Vk1
  8. So if new SSD, and if I did understand your option, I can change the entire FSX Files without having to unistall and reinstall all the stuff again, right. Dind´t think it would be possible, not even sure about the scenery´s out of the SSD (that´s why this topip). Maybe the way to go, but for now and afther Christmas, I must try to move only the scenery.Just remove from the scenery option on FSX, copy to the other disc and add again in FSX scenery option, right?
  9. Hello! I have bought a computer with two discs, the main one SSD for the OS and FSX, and one for all the other stuff. But with the year´s going by and scenery and aircraft, the SSD disc is only 16,3 GB free. So I tought in all the scenery I have and move it to the other dics. Is this feasible? Other options? Thank´s in advance. Henrique Santos Doublle post, sorry In
  10. Hello! I´m having a problem with more than one airport, but in this case, today, I was approaching 17 ILS for the LPPR airport in really low clouds, so, I couldn´t see the runway. I was trusting in the G/S, but as usual, the G/S didn´t matc the FD, so two missed approaches. Is there a way I can solve this problem? Because it seems the right one is the FD and this happens in more than one airport. Any toughts are welcome. FSx+fsglobal 2010+utx Henrique Santos
  11. In my case, I always have to delete from the Flight Simulator X files the Wx file before load a saved flight, or it will crash. If deleted the file, no problem. That works for me
  12. I can´t say about P3d, but I have Fsx with W10 64, and never had a OOM problem. Of couse I also have Dx10fixer.
  13. Thanks for the hint. Just post there or can it be moved to Dx10 forum?
  14. Hello! Yesterday I tried a DX10Fixer option that shows if a texture is missing, and once I tried FSx, in Lisbon I saw there were lots of missing textures. How can I know from wich file they belong? Because it says what are missing but not from where, or I´m wrong? Thank´s in advance
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