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  1. disregard this one. Submitted the thread twice by mistake.
  2. Yes, great scenery. I noticed that in FSX, the ILS 27L was off. I mentioned it on their forum. Wasn't sure if anybody was having the same issue. https://www.sunskyjet.com/newforum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=91 Question regarding the addon.xml for P3Dv4.5. Do I need to include the LAYER as well??
  3. Got it. I was looking for an AI aircraft folder but turned out to be the airplane folder is within the SimObjects folder. Perhaps adding that into the manual, the above directory you provided, may help. I assume the invalid airline codes, etc. that I got after running the AILG program, I should fix it in order to either to reduce or eliminate the Error 81 code I was receiving??
  4. I checked and there is a AI_liveries.xml in the PSXseeconTraffic\installed_liveries folder, however, I don't recall how I ended up with one, or in this case, how to use the AILG program. So my question is, in the "paths to folders with aircraft (liveries)" in the AILG UI, what directory do I input there or use??? Could you share me an example how you got yours setup, that way I can go from there. I'm more of a visual learner than reading what the manual says, although the manual is not clear itself. I'm went through the manual a few times but it doesn't say, with an example, what to put in the "paths to folders with aircraft (liveries)" in order to give me the output files. It tells me what the program does.
  5. hello, Trying to figure out how to use the AILgenerator program. I have P3dv4.5 and have installed FLAI which is activated (it shows in my addon list with P3Dv4.5). When FLAI was installed, it place the files in my following directory: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes So, am I to presume that in AIL program, where it say "paths to folders with aircraft (liveries)" that directory I mentioned above is what I input into the AIL program and then hit GO?? I've getting a lot of 81 error code lately, so I think I needed to run the AIL.
  6. So, what did you do to resolve the issue??
  7. Thank you for your update. I'll be waiting for your update.
  8. I operate the lights by using the left click or the wheel on the mouse to turn on and off the lights. I don't have anything assigned to LINDA to operate the lights. The only thing I have assigned to LINDA are a couple of buttons to turn on/off autopilot on the joystick I have.
  9. hello, I have a question. I noticed that while I am taxiing the Aerosoft A320 prof in P3Dv4.5, the light switches: Nav light, beacon, taxi light, which are turned on, are turned off when I start up LINDA. Hmmmm... I not sure why it does that but can someone tell me how to resolve the little issue.
  10. I see. I didn't know that it wasn't designed to do so. I will try the way you suggested. I want to say perhaps there may be another way but I'm going to try out first. Thanks for reaching out.
  11. I have installed ParkPosGenerator. I have both FSX and P3d v4.5 installed on same PC. I have PSXseeconTraffic install as well which I use a lot for FSX. I just started using P3d v4.5 and thought about using PSXseeconTraffic for it as well. Within the PSXseeconTraffic program, it reads the airports from ParkPosGenerator as so, C:\ParkPosGenerator\airports However, I have a question when using ParkPosGenerator for two flight simulators on same PC. If I were to run the ParkPosGenerator when reading the airports from P3d v4, will it cause any problems/changes to the airport files within the ParkPosGenerator airport folder when I run PSXseeconTraffic for FSX??
  12. Is there a possible of adding the Aerosoft A320 performance file to the list of download files you have?? Do you need any of the A320 flight manuals? Example: takeoff, climb, in-flight, landing, holding, etc., etc. I have it both for the IAE and CFM engines.
  13. Thanks for clarifying. Another question. Given that I have specified Gate 59 with the following aircraft types, types="B788,B772,B773,B763. If for some reason in the real world an A380 ends up parking at the gate, will the program automatically update the file to include that aircraft type or is that something I need to do manually??
  14. So I have a question. I have TechnoBrain RJTT installed into FSX and I updated the parking gate info at Terminal 2. Looking at the example below for Gate 59, which is only assigned to ANA in the real world for those types or aircrafts, since I modified that section in the file, do I need to change real="false" to read as real="true" ?? Also, since I didn't manually add the hours information, will the program make any changes to the below example at Gate 59 (meaning I will see the hours information the next time I open the airport file) and not change anything I have done in the option airlines, types information?? </parkpos> <parkpos id="g59" latitude="35.553192" longitude="139.788452" heading="247.0" radius="35.0"> <aircraft> <option airlines="ANA" types="B788,B772,B773,B763" real="false" /> </aircraft>
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