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  1. Yeah, if I have the money for it. Windows 7 works perfectly fine for me and I have P3Dv4.5. Again, don't have the funds to get the new P3D version or Microsoft flight sim for that matter. If I continue to use version 24.1, will it continue to work even though I don't have the updated version??
  2. I notice the there is a new version, 24.2, which according to the release notes, is for Windows 10 only. I don't have Windows 10 nor do I care to upgrade to it anytime soon . I'm not sure if everyone who has PSXT has Windows 10 but for those who have Windows 7, like me, is the last version, 24.1, the final version???
  3. Hi folks, I was wondering if someone could help me with an issue I just started to have in P3D v4.5. Below is a link to the video that demonstrates the issue I'm having. For the second time, once I start my taxi, (pushing the Thrustmaster throttle forward) I'm experiencing a flickering problem as seen in the video (and it stops once I bring the throttles back to idle). I never had this problem before until I updated the Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 to version 457.51. That is when I start experiencing this issue. When I do, CNTRL+Z using EZCAv3, and taxi the plane around, there's no flickering problem. It only happens inside the cockpit. My graphic settings within P3D v4.5 has not changed after the GTX 970 update. Everything is fine there. Any ideas to why this is happening??? https://youtu.be/quCXhg3bzsE
  4. Same here. Looking forward to it when it comes out. I have their VHHH and pretty pleased with it.
  5. Yeah, I figure I would wait for it. Any idea when WF will come out with their??
  6. Hi folks, Now sure if anyone has this problem with ImagineSim ZSPD v1.3.1 but the following issues I have encountered. Please note that I don't have any other scenery of ZSPD installed or Obrx or programs of that kind. Its P3Dv4.5 and ImagineSim that is only installed: 1). ILS DME Z runway 16R was off course. When about 200', I had to correct myself manually for landing because if I didn't, I would have landed on the taxiway. So what I did was, in the C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\1002\scenery, I changed the APX80200.bgl and APX80200.bgl.ilsbckup to the following: APX80200.bak & APX80200.bak.ilsbckup. By doing those changes, helped me revolved the ILS 16R issue of being off course. Although I didn't check to see if any of the other ILS approaches had a similar problem, I have to assume that if there was a similar issue on 17R like that of 16R or any other runway, then the change I did help solve it. What I also notice was that before making the changes, it was not displaying the distance on the ND of A320 when performing the RNAV ILS DME Z rwy 16R. Again, after the changes, I now see the distance. Before change. https://ibb.co/V2rn38c After change. https://ibb.co/cv5Qdcn 2). Airport layout is not aligned. I'm using LittleNavMap to help show me where I'm at when I'm taxiing and all of the other add-on scenery I have installed in P3Dv4.5 are displayed correctly, expect ZSPD. It appears to be unaligned. Makes it a little confusing to follow one self. https://ibb.co/G00Z07g 3). Most if not all of the gates are inactive. Meaning, if I want to select Gate 84 in Terminal 2, it is not available to be selected. I would have to select gate 82 or 86 instead. I checked the scenery BGL file and as per ADE, it displayed as I suspected, that not all the gates were available for selection. https://ibb.co/SJq6h8P Again, not sure if anyone has encountered this issue but I wondering if any one has any feedback to share. I did write to ImagineSim. So I'm waiting for a response, not as though they are good at replying back to customers.
  7. I disagree. If its working as designed, then the program should not turn off the lights regardless if I start the program during flight when I'm about to land or parked at the gate. Clearly there is something that is causing this effect. I don't restart the LUA engine. Although when P3Dv4 loads up and I'm at the gate, I see a message on top of screen that says LINDA is ready but that doesn't mean the program is running because when I turn off the A/P, which is assigned in LINDA, it doesn't turn off the A/P. It means I need LINDA to be running if I want the A/P to be turned off.
  8. disregard this one. Submitted the thread twice by mistake.
  9. Yes, great scenery. I noticed that in FSX, the ILS 27L was off. I mentioned it on their forum. Wasn't sure if anybody was having the same issue. https://www.sunskyjet.com/newforum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=91 Question regarding the addon.xml for P3Dv4.5. Do I need to include the LAYER as well??
  10. Got it. I was looking for an AI aircraft folder but turned out to be the airplane folder is within the SimObjects folder. Perhaps adding that into the manual, the above directory you provided, may help. I assume the invalid airline codes, etc. that I got after running the AILG program, I should fix it in order to either to reduce or eliminate the Error 81 code I was receiving??
  11. I checked and there is a AI_liveries.xml in the PSXseeconTraffic\installed_liveries folder, however, I don't recall how I ended up with one, or in this case, how to use the AILG program. So my question is, in the "paths to folders with aircraft (liveries)" in the AILG UI, what directory do I input there or use??? Could you share me an example how you got yours setup, that way I can go from there. I'm more of a visual learner than reading what the manual says, although the manual is not clear itself. I'm went through the manual a few times but it doesn't say, with an example, what to put in the "paths to folders with aircraft (liveries)" in order to give me the output files. It tells me what the program does.
  12. hello, Trying to figure out how to use the AILgenerator program. I have P3dv4.5 and have installed FLAI which is activated (it shows in my addon list with P3Dv4.5). When FLAI was installed, it place the files in my following directory: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes So, am I to presume that in AIL program, where it say "paths to folders with aircraft (liveries)" that directory I mentioned above is what I input into the AIL program and then hit GO?? I've getting a lot of 81 error code lately, so I think I needed to run the AIL.
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