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  1. Hello, I have a question. Where would one go upload airport files to share when using the ParkPosGenerator program? Brgds
  2. Richard Muñoz

    Parked planes in terminal

    sorry for the late reply. I did as you suggested and we are now all good. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I have RJAA from Wingscreation for FSX installed with no static airplanes. When I start up FSX and I'm at the gate, I see planes parked in either wrong direction or parked with half the plane inside the terminal/gate. Is there a way to fix that? I don't have the ParkPosGenerator installed as I'm unsure how to use it. When I have the PSXT up and running, on the bottom, it says: RJAA [NRT] Narita Intl P3D stock airport. Thanks. Brgds
  4. Hi folks, Wanted to know if I can put a request to get an updated ANA B777-300ER livery using the registration JA784A with SEL = GKBD. Although I don't know where exactly the SEL will be located in the plane. I have the one, JA733A I think it is but I like the registration JA784A since its close to my birth date (mm/yy). Thanks.
  5. Richard Muñoz

    Guide/Tutorial: Takeoff Performance in the 777

    Perhaps I will. I didn't even look at the date when the post was first created.
  6. Richard Muñoz

    Guide/Tutorial: Takeoff Performance in the 777

    Hi, Were you able to create an excel file to help calculate the B777-300 takeoff speeds? If so, how am I able to obtain/download from??
  7. Richard Muñoz

    Guide/Tutorial: Takeoff Performance in the 777

    Thank you for providing a detail explanation on how to calculate takeoff speed. However, the photos/screenshot you provided, I can't see them. Could you repost those photos again? Also, where are you getting the charts from?? Thanks.
  8. Richard Muñoz

    PMDG 777 cabin announcements

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know if the PMDG 777 comes with some cabin announcements like that found on the Aerosoft A320. If so, where can I find the .wav file and where within the 777 can I activate that function? Thanks for the help.