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  1. OK that makes sense.,.. Guess Ill just ignore it.... Thanks for the response...
  2. So Ive been flying the DA-40 around for fun , great slow plane for sight seeing....Anyways Ive noticed that I hit the RED rpm constantly even in level flight... The only way I can keep the rpm indicator warning from going off is flying with maybe quarter throttle which puts the LOAD around 15 percent but drops my speed way below max cruise... I dont see any type of engine controls other than the throttle..... Is having high rpm indicator going on and off just a normal thing in this plane? Am I doing it wrong? Is there some hidden rpm controller somewhere I just havent found? Thanks in advance...
  3. PS I guess I should add my issue with the TBM is it wants to roll left or right.. I use the alierion trim buttons and also have calibrated my joystick so i dunno...
  4. So I have updated to SU9 and noticed that the custom tail numbers are not showing on my aircraft and cant seem to find an option to enable. Was this feature removed? I can see my Tail Number on the number plate in the cockpit but not on the exteriors... And also is the TBM just really hard to trim or am I doing it wrong? Thanks....
  5. No one wants to go to Indiana including MSFS. Wish I was in a situation where 400 LOD was ' dialing it back " . lol , rich people problems... hah.
  6. even with live weatehr soemtimes i tend to get the forcasted weather and not the actual weather,,, its weird.
  7. oh yah I prefer chocolate... but i am lactose intolerant so i really choose neither... cookies are good.
  8. Which is what some more watts of power use and some heat ? graphics cards are meant to be used hard,,, its not like they are old classsic cars or something. Dont be afraid to stress your cards...
  9. I recently reinstalled win 10 complete new reinstall and reinstall msfs without any add ons and still have not added any. my rig is more than capable than running this and I still ctd som,etimes 3 times in a row and even on the world map... So in my conclusion its msfs not loading properly from the start but not buggin out till you try to fly it... I think its entirely a loading error and MS's fault and has nothign to do with anything we are doing or have added.
  10. i think he means the amd card isnt approved for the use ? I dunno..
  11. Sounds like you have been properly initiated into MSFS 2020.
  12. So i did a complete reinstall just saying that incase its relavent. However on the main map page under departure drop down menu it shows 3 airports that i have hardly ever used , especially since my reinstall. Dies anyone know how to change or reset it ? What is its criteria for being a favorite ? Thanks.,
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