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  1. Me also. Must have been something related to authentication. But Kevan was on the case quickly and seems to have fixed it.
  2. I've had same problem. Just developed today (12/31/19) in early evening. When I launch Chaseplane I get the splash with initializing... msg, then getting computer ID...msg, then authenticating...msg. Then Chaseplane quits leaving only ChasePlane_Bridge running. Have tried uninstalling\reinstalling using VFX Central, and disabling antivirus, but no joy. Have been using Chaseplane successfully for several years - it has been very reliable, so this was a big surprise. Guessing maybe there is a problem with their license authenticating server. Chuck O
  3. No error messages when loading. Advanced Features enabled. Hat switch works normally for me. Some of the new GSX views work, others locate properly but center on a missing vehicle, and some views - e.g. tug first person view - work inconsistently. Apparently Umberto is still tweaking the new GSX version, so important to run LiveUpdate before testing. Do the views seem to work consistently for you and others ? Chuck
  4. Hi Kevan - FSDT just released a major GSX v2.6 update that includes additional first person custom camera views from tugs, loaders etc. However there have been reports from Chaseplane users (e.g. http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,21116.0.htm) that the new views don't locate properly - I've encountered this also. Wanted to make sure you were aware, and see if a fix is possible. Chuck O
  5. It's been awhile. Anything new on Portals tutorial or manual section ?
  6. Ran new P3D3.4 B737NGX v1.20.8869 upate. Sim runs OK but when I try to run a previously saved scenario, I get P3D3 error message: "There was a problem deserializing the panel state while loading a scenario or checkpoint. This could be caused by a change in serializable plugins or a corrupted file. Consider removing the .pnl file or resaving to generate a new one." If I proceed toI load the scenario, all NGX displays are blank. Did the new .dll in the update trigger this problem ? Don't want to lose all my previously saved scenarios. Is there a workaround ?
  7. I've had problems also. Would be interested in knowing your settings. Did you enable UseWithOtherATC=1 ? I couldn't get MCE copilot to ignore my voice transmissions to PE client. I have PE client set to look for END key (sent via FSUIPC from yoke button). ChuckO
  8. Thanks Budbud - Indeed I had dual FSUIPC axis assignments. Problem resolved.
  9. Recently started flying the NGX 600/700 expansion after installing it in P3D4.1, and encountered a strange issue: After apparently normal startup flow from NGX SHORT, when I advance throttles above idle to start taxiing out, the left engine suddenly fails. Yellow ENG FAIL warning on EGT display. and low oil pressure. Yet the PMDG SETUP\AIRCRAFT\FAILURES, shows no active failures. Service based failures are off. Performing maintenance doesn't resolve the problem. I've also tried loading the NGX DEFAULT panel - with engines already started - but get the same problem. Have seen this behavior with both the SWA N940WN and the UAL N17730 B737-700 WL liveries Have never encountered this using the B737-800 versions. Any idea what the cause is and how to fix it ?
  10. Hi Gerald - Many thanks for quick response. To troubleshoot I disabled FSUIPC <END> key transmission, made the fsinsider.ini VatsimPTT=32 change you suggested, and then set [GAMEPAD] UseWithVoxAtc=1, and verified [FEATURES] PilotSpeaksToATC=0. Then tried to run MCE. Pilot boards but MCE hangs, and any attempt to use the UI crashes MCE. I never see the red "Ready to go!". Set UseWithVox=0, and MCE starts normally. However, to my surprise, even after setting VatsimPTT=32, holding space bar gives me the mouse look cross pointer (so the key is being sent) but it does not mute MCE FO speech recognition. So UseWithVox=1 is messing up MCE startup somehow. I'll email my mce.ini to support, so you can have a look. What should I try next ? Would it be useful for me to turn on debug and obtain a startup log ? Chuck O
  11. Hi Ben and Gerald - Using on P3Dv4 for several months now - launches, kickstarts and generally works well. But recently when I resumed flying online with human ATC, I noticed that MCE copilot was responding to my human ATC conversation. Using prior versions of MCE with FSX and P3D3, I'd set up a PTT JS button via FSUIPC to send an <END> key when pressed, and this inhibited voice recognition per p. 10 of manual. I gather those keys were hard coded in MCE. But now with this MCE version, when a push PTT (or just press <END> or <SPACE> keys on keyboard, MCE voice recognition isn't inhibited. Are the <END> and <SPACE> keys still functioning ? Any idea why they aren't working ? I assume that as in prior MCE versions, "talk to ATC controllers" and the ATC tab in the UI should not be enabled - that is still just for AI ATC like RC4 or VOXATC, where you want MCE to parse voice commands and send them to AI ATC. (Based on CoolP's post (forum pinned MCE hints and tips), I tried setting UseWithVoxATC=1, but it crashes my MCE. Perhaps that post is dated now. I think I remember Ben telling me that this only works if ATC tab is enabled.) What is currently the best way to configure MCE for online human ATC, using a client like Pilot Edge that is looking for a keyboard key ? Regards Chuck O
  12. Keven - I occasionally need to switch my simulator into slew mode to reposition on an airport or examine new scenery. Noticed that my Chaseplane views won't change when P3D4 is in slew mode. Is that normal ? Couldn't find anything in the FAQ/manual or any posts here about it. ChuckO
  13. Thanks Gerald. My ASN has the 6497 patch - installed just after it appeared on 10/17. Will email you the screenshot at support@multicrewxp.com. Chuck
  14. Hi Keven - Migrated to P3Dv4.1 this fall, and Chaseplane has been running fine with most aircraft, including the F11 spot and F12 top down views that you re-enabled last spring for all sims. But after installing the new FSL A320-X for P3Dv4.1, and importing my P3Dv3 CP presets for the A320, ran into a strange problem. All the CP on-board, outside and static camera presets work fine, but the F11 spot and F12 top down views now don't work. Instead they show two different cockpit camera views, similar but not identical to my CP onboard camera views. I realize I can create a pseudo-locked spot outside view in CP using gimbal, but I miss the top down view. I am guessing that when CP added its camera definitions to my A320 aircraft.cfg, something got messed up. I noticed that there were two in-cockpit views with hotkeyselect 3 (and tied to the F11 key) and hotkeyselect 4 (and tied to the F12 key). I remembered from an old post that with CP on FSX you could simply disable or delete the corresponding hotkeyselect lines in the aircraft.cfg, and it restored proper F11 spot and F12 - this had worked for me last year. But when I try it with P3Dv4, each time I launch P3D, the aircraft.cfg file is getting "corrected" and the hotkeyselect numbers restored (even if CP isn't running !), so effectively I can't delete the assignments. Has anyone else reported this F11/F12 problem with A320 or other aircraft ? I can email you my appdata cameras.cfg and aircraft.cfg if you think that would provide a clue as to what is going on. BTW I've also noticed that the legacy FSX A and S view mode and camera selection keys still work in P3D, even though I don't see the keys assigned anywhere in the P3D options/controls key assignment list. Did you add their functionality back in CP ? Their views work OK in stock P3D a/c, but are also messed using the A320. Appreciate any insights on how to restore top down ! Regards Chuck
  15. Gerald - was last diagnostic done ok ? What should I try next ? Chuck
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