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  1. I've encountered it even before v1.5. Presume it is a PMDG cargo version issue - panel code thinks service door 2R exists, even tho it isn't in the doors menu.
  2. After reading earlier posts, I experimented with PMDG B737 NGXu v2.91.0122, monitoring GPU load and VRAM use with GPU-Z. On my Win10 Pro /i7 9700K/ 11GB 2080Ti system, turning on/off all the different cockpit interior and exterior lights - your mileage may differ, but on my system it made no consistent difference in GPU load or VRAM utilization.
  3. Unfortunately nothing in the MilViz Basic Flight Plan tutorial video suggested by RudiJG1 about user created waypoints, or how to add a hold to a flight plan. Anyone know if it is possible ?
  4. Yes, I always keep the green bar showing - that's how I discovered the recognition errors are so specific to the commands that set the NGXXu comm and nav frequencies, whereas other phrases work fine. The recognizer has no trouble with the radio commands when I dictate into wordpad, but when I say the identical phrase to FS2Crew, for some reason it messes up. I tried setting all the NGXu cockpit sounds to zero thinking that background noise might somehow be leaking from my phones across my mike, but doing that made no improvement.
  5. Can't find any detail on FMS. Can user create waypoints ? program holds ?
  6. Assume there is no harm in voice training, right ? I have FS2Crew working on both FSL A320 and PMDG NGXu. Command recognition is almost perfect now (high nineties) on both, except that the NGXu version struggles with the radio commands like: SET 119 point 2 0 0 ON STANDBY COMM one; SET 119 point 2 0 0 ON COMM one; SET115 point 7 0 on standby NAV one the recognition mistakes are typically substitution of "Nav" when I actually said "Comm", or omitting "standby". Odd thing is that I have trained up the speech recognizer on these specific phrases so recognition of these phrases is consistently perfect when dictating them into wordpad. Nonetheless FS2Crew still struggles with these particular radio commands when I say them in the sim. Any thoughts on why this might be? I've got the PMDG cockpit engine sounds turned down to 30, and my headset is a corsair that covers my ears completely.
  7. Thanks. Discovering that training specific words really improves accuracy. Have added "LNAV", "VNAV", and "bug up" to my speech dictionary. Wondering about spaces in some phrases: Should I be training "QNH" to transcribe as "QNH" or "Q N H"? "APU" to transcribe as "APU" or "A P U"? "Autothrottle" or "Auto throttle" ? If this works, would it be worthwhile to post a set of FS2Crew specific words and phrases for users to train into their speech dictionaries. Or have you already done that somewhere and I've just missed it? Regards Chuck
  8. Thanks ! So I will train recognizer to transcribe comm with two m's . Should I train it to transcribe comm "one", or comm "1" - and does it matter ? Chuck
  9. Hi Bryan - I have been using FS2C v1.4 NGXu with some success - most commands reliably recognized. But monitoring the green window, I realize recognizer still struggles with the voice comm and nav frequency setting commands. - I have tried training specific words, but wonder: should be training "comm" to be spelled "com" or "comm" for FS2C - or does it matter ? Should I be training single digits like "two" to be recognized as "two" or "2" - or does it matter ? - Is there any issue in v 1.4 with the "set xxx.xx in comm 2" command ? It seems to always set the standby window. Chuck O
  10. Hi Bryan - Flew the FSL A320 KSMF RNAV (RNP) Z R16R. I have v1.4, but only options are for ILS Cat I/II/III, Non Precision, Visual and Visual Pattern. RNAV (GPS) approaches are indeed non-precision, with advisory only vertical guidance, but the other variety - RNAV (RNP) approaches - are precision approaches. They are flown to precision minima and can include curved RF legs. The A320 has been flying them for half a dozen years - they are common now. After verifying the RNP value on the PROG page, the SOP is just push FCU APPR. Unlike an ILS approach you should not activate the LS. You just set the ALT window down to minimums and monitor the approach. When FINAL APP is enunciated green and you are past the FAF, you set ALT up to the missed. The autopilot follows the brick down the DH and then disconnects - you either go around or land visually. But if LS mode is inadvertently set on an RNP approach, FINAL APP never is enunciated. Setting up the altitude window up on final then messes everything, and you must go around. Confirmed that if you try to fly an RNAV RNP approach with FS2C set to ILS precision approach, since PM activates the LS , it messes the approach. Having to remember to catch and then de-select LS is yet another gotcha. Hope you can add an RNAV (RNP) precision approach option in the next release - just needs to leave the LS off. Chuck
  11. Thanks Bryan. Good suggestion, but I doubt I have a joystick spiking or turbulence/shear problem - doesn't happen in cruise or approach, or if I fly with FS2C is off, or cause issues with other aircraft. My ASP4 turbulence settings are very low: 0/5/10% per FSL recommendations. I don't see spikes if I monitor my joystick axis values in the Win calibration window or by watching for variations using FSUIPC "in" display. I'll continue to experiment. Would help me troubleshoot if I better understood what the four 10K altitude related MISC options do: I had chosen: Skip FMGS check at 10K - YES; Perform 10K flow at 18K - YES; Perform 10K CLB/DES flow - YES; Window shades at 10K - YES With these choices, should all the 10K flows move up to trigger at 18K, including CLB/DES and the window shades ? If I had set the Skip FMGS check at 10K to "NO", should the FMGS check also move up to trigger at 18K ? Chuck
  12. Hi Bryan - Have enjoyed using the P3D4.5 FS2Crew for PMDG NGXu, and recently transitioned to V1.4 of FS2Crew for A320 running on FSL's v2.0.2.450 (the latest). Enjoying learning Airbus SOPs and flows. All going well, except that I've found that my FSL A320 autopilot consistently disconnects after takeoff as I climb out through 10K-12K ft. Guessing that something is happening in FS2C that is inadvertently changing the aircraft climb power settings, and causing the disconnect. I have to disconnect ATHR, dive to recover the airplane and then reconfigure all the automation to resume the climb. Doesn't happen when FS2C isn't running . I'm wondering if my problem is somehow related to my choice of FS2C Config-MISC settings relating to 10k feet transition. Couldn't find anything specific elsewhere on the forum. My pages are set this way: Skip FMGS check at 10K - YES Perform 10K flow at 18K - YES Perform 10K clb/des flow - YES Window shades at 10K - YES Toggle No Smoking 10K - YES (Transition level was set to 18K BTW) Are there any known incompatibilities among these five"yes" choices that could be causing my problem ? Any other thoughts on what to try to resolve the problem ? Chuck
  13. Me also. Must have been something related to authentication. But Kevan was on the case quickly and seems to have fixed it.
  14. I've had same problem. Just developed today (12/31/19) in early evening. When I launch Chaseplane I get the splash with initializing... msg, then getting computer ID...msg, then authenticating...msg. Then Chaseplane quits leaving only ChasePlane_Bridge running. Have tried uninstalling\reinstalling using VFX Central, and disabling antivirus, but no joy. Have been using Chaseplane successfully for several years - it has been very reliable, so this was a big surprise. Guessing maybe there is a problem with their license authenticating server. Chuck O
  15. No error messages when loading. Advanced Features enabled. Hat switch works normally for me. Some of the new GSX views work, others locate properly but center on a missing vehicle, and some views - e.g. tug first person view - work inconsistently. Apparently Umberto is still tweaking the new GSX version, so important to run LiveUpdate before testing. Do the views seem to work consistently for you and others ? Chuck
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