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  1. Check your AMEX offers, additional $12 back on Paramount+ up to three uses
  2. The old X-Craft Ejets are free now that the new ones are hopefully close to release. They say XP11 only https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/85139-e-jets-combo-by-x-crafts-e175-e195-v25/
  3. NFFN Nadi Fiji today for 10 pounds. Looks like a new launch and discount. Pretty cool place, vacationed there ten years ago
  4. KSAT, KBUF, LEIB and NZQN for 20 funny British things today
  5. KLAX, EGLL and KDTW today for 20 pounds total
  6. https://a2asimulations.com/product-category/p3d/
  7. Can't mine bitcoin on GPU, they require ASIC miners. ETH is the profitable one on GPUs and the 3090 is roughly $14 a day so $280 a day for your example of 20 cards. 3090 is a high hashrate but not the best value card to mine with Cost / Wattage / Hashrate
  8. No one is mining BTC off a graphics card anyway. It's ETH and others you should be watching
  9. So it appears it was DX12 related. Can't shift the RXP stuff to a Non-DX12 capable card when running P3DV5. Although the GT730 appears on some lists as DX12 capable, there are two versions and this one is definitely not capable. It will run just fine off the Intel 630 motherboard video. Just a nugget of info should anyone run into a similar issue
  10. I run both P3Dv5 and XP11. Main screen is two projectors as an Nvidia Surround 3840 x 1080. Second Screen is a Ruscool Aspen EFD1000 Third screen is a RealSImGear GTN750 When I run XP11 everything works great. I nobezel the GTN popout, move to the RSG GTN750 and enjoy flying When I run P3Dv5 the no bezel GTN750 screen shows up fine until I move it to the RSG GTN750 and then as soon as a drop it the screen goes blank. If I move it back to the main screen is shows up again. Longshot that anyone else is running similar config, but any ideas how to fix it (besides just fly XP11) 🙂
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