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  1. dhsimmonsfsx

    LINDA Module Flow - Understanding

    Using LINDA 2.8.6 FSX-SE FSUIPC 4 I have coded several switches to manipulate LVars in an MFD I coded for the Lear45H aircraft in FSX-SE. The functions are in the aircraft folder in user.lua. This is the file path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\linda\aircrafts\Lear45H\user.lua Other files in that folder are: actions.lua ExtPFD-Learjet.exe ident.lua Lear45H-user.lua The code in the start of the user.lua are: -- Dummy user functions file -- =========================== -- This file is loaded right after main actions.lua script loaded. -- You can use this file to: -- 1. Override any functions or settings in main script -- 2. Execute any desired startup sequence for this aircraft (i.e. your own c&d state macro) -- 3. ... use your imagination -- Just a message in console _log("[uSER] User's modifications script is loaded...") ident = ipc.get("PATH_ACFT") .. "/Lear45H-user.lua" if file_exists(ident) then _log("[sTART] Functions found: " .. dir) require(ident) else _log("[sTART] Error not found Lear45H-user.lua: ") end strProgram = '"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\FSX\\Modules\\linda\\aircrafts\\Lear45H\\ExtPFD-Learjet.exe"' if file_exists(strProgram) then _log("[sTART] Lear PFD found: ") strCmd = 'start "" '..strProgram os.execute(strCmd) else _log("[sTART] Error not found Lear PFD: ") end function L45E_FMS () _L45E_FMS () end function L45E_NAV () _L45E_NAV () end function L45E_HSI () _L45E_HSI () end The Functions for example _L45E_FMS () are located in Lear45H-user.lua. These functions were assigned in the LINDA GUI and were contained in the User Functions drop-down when the Lear45H aircraft was selected. config-user.lua -- ## Jet Joystick ## (073822370) ## {NoSerNum} ############ JSTK["073822370"][1]="Brakes" JSTK["073822370"][5]="Flaps_up" JSTK["073822370"][6]="Flaps_incr" JSTK["073822370"][7]="Gears_toggle" JSTK["073822370"][301]="Trim_ELEVATOR_up" JSTK["073822370"][303]="Trim_AILERON_right" JSTK["073822370"][305]="Trim_ELEVATOR_down" JSTK["073822370"][307]="Trim_AILERON_left" -- ## DTA Pulse ## (16D004890) ## {NoSerNum} ############ JSTK["16D004890"][1]="L45E_HSI" JSTK["16D004890"][2]="L45E_TAC" JSTK["16D004890"][3]="L45M_Btn1" JSTK["16D004890"][4]="L45M_Btn2" JSTK["16D004890"][5]="L45M_Btn3" JSTK["16D004890"][6]="L45M_Btn4" JSTK["16D004890"][7]="L45M_Btn5" JSTK["16D004890"][8]="L45M_Btn6" The LINDA Lua editor showed a few errors which were corrected. When I open the aircraft in FSX-SE, everything seems normal, except I see no log messages from the user.lua file and apparently neither the Lear45H-user.lua module nor ExtPFD-Learjet.exe were loaded. I get an error when I pressed a button in the DTA Pulse HID. The LINDA Console displayed and the FSUIPC Log file contained the following: 13562 Running in "Microsoft Flight Simulator X", Version: 10.0.62615.0 (SimConnect: 10.0.62615.0) 13562 Initialising SimConnect data requests now 13562 FSUIPC Menu entry added 14640 \\DONNADAVEKITCHE\Users\DaveDonna\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\Lear KAVL.FLT 14640 C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\Lear45H\Lear45.air 32125 Weather Mode now = Theme 36922 Aircraft="Learjet 45 CAF" 36937 System time = 19/01/2017 14:38:05, Simulator time = 14:37:59 (19:37Z) 125297 Starting everything now ... 125359 Using "C:\Program Files (x86)\GoFlight\GFDEV.DLL", version 125375 LUA.0: beginning "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\ipcReady.lua" 125390 LUA.0: ended "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\ipcReady.lua" 125640 LUA.1: *************************** STARTING LINDA ************************** 125656 LUA.1: LINDA:: [sTART] Loading System Configuration files 125765 LUA.1: LINDA:: [sTART] WARNING - All LUA logging switched off !!! 125781 LUA.1: LINDA:: [sTART] Go to Setup LINDA to switch on (if required) 125797 LUA.1: LINDA:: ********************************************************************* 126062 LUA.1: LINDA:: [sTART] System Configuration files loaded 128843 Advanced Weather Interface Enabled 148125 *** LUA Error: ...\common\FSX\modules\linda/aircrafts/Lear45H/user.lua:40: attempt to call global '_L45E_HSI' (a nil value) 204265 Sim stopped: average frame rate for last 83 secs = 8.5 fps Can you help me find what I am doing wrong? I cannot find in the LINDA GUI where to turn on the log but assume any _log function call would put the message on the console and in the FSUIPC log. The folder Lear45H was created using the LINDA GUI with the default FSX aircraft as a pattern. I was getting an error that the action.lua file was missing until I copied it from the FSX Default folder to the Lear45H folder. Thanks
  2. dhsimmonsfsx

    MCP II Radio and Lights

    Thanks so much.
  3. dhsimmonsfsx

    LUA.exe file

    Thanks, I did just that due to the same reasons. Haven't tried to use with FSX yet and I have to recreate my User file. There is a Lua command that executes an external program. I have a PFD gauge that I want to load when the aircraft loads. The command is: local command = "C:\Program Files (x86)\SimScape\External Displays\Learjet\ExtPFD-Learjet.exe" hOutput = io.popen(command) ​I have also an aircraft I created based on the FX Default named Lear45H. My code for manipulating LVars is in the user.lua within this aircraft folder. ​Please tell me where an how to execute the above popen code when my aircraft code is loaded.
  4. dhsimmonsfsx

    LUA.exe file

    I had added several functions to set LVars to the Users Functions for an aircraft I added to LINDA (Lear45H). When I opened my joystick to test, I added the functions to the joystick buttons. They didn't work. During debugging, I used the LINDA Lua editor from the Edit Module in the Users Functions from the drop down. I noticed the error there at the lower right in red. Lua.exe is not found! C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\linda\lua\lua.exe I compiled the lua.exe with tdm-gcc using lua 5.3.3. The compile was successful. I haven't used it yet but can assume I can. Thanks
  5. dhsimmonsfsx

    LUA.exe file

    Running LINDA 2.8.5. I am receiving an error message with the user functions editor (I have several functions which I added). It states: Lua.exe is not found! C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\linda\lua\lua.exe There is no lua folder in the linda folder. Therefore no lua.exe file. Are we expected to compile lua.exe and create this folder? I have compiled programs on a mainframe years ago, but the instructions to compile lua calls for more technical experience than most of us Linda users have. Can anyone explain in detail if the lua.exe is even really needed. Obviously LINDA uses FSUIPC extensively and I cannot find lua.exe on my machine at all. Appears FSUIPC doesn't use lua.exe either. Am I correct here also. Thanks
  6. dhsimmonsfsx

    MCP II Radio and Lights

    I cannot find any specific documentation on the AUX and Lights buttons. I have read that the base VRInsight MCP II product drives the radio section when Linda is used. But cannot find any specifics for the Lights and AUX buttons. They do not seem to work on my unit. Please HELP. I have another post dates April 27, 2016 that NO ONE has bothered to answer. Is LINDA no longer being supported. The basic VRInsisge documentation leaves much to be desired for detail.
  7. dhsimmonsfsx

    MCP II Radio Presets -

    Is there any documentation of the VRInsight MCP II Radio Commands? I can view the diagram in the MCP II Documentation but there is no explanation of the function. E.G is Comm a select of the comm? Where in the Radio function is Comm2 selected. When one looks at the Linda Window, there is no assignment to the Comm buttons. For example, the MCP II documentation shows Swap (<-->), AUX and Lights. What are these used for (I know swap switches primary and secondary frequencies, but how are they displayed? I can't seem to find any documentation on this section in either Linda or VRInsight documentation. Please help.
  8. I am also a new person to Linda. But I will try to help. First is a question: are you sure that you are executing the code above? The Linda Trace function can help determine if your activities actually reach that code. Without observing the other code (is it a Lua in Linda?) it is hard to determine what went wrong). Also, I cannot find a FSUIPC offset 565D. Is that an offset for the Airbus. Usually other established offsets outside FSUIPC are above 5000. There is a list of FSUIPC offsets in the FSUIPC for Programmers.pfd in the FSUIPC SDK folder. Good Luck - your English is 100 times better than my German.