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  1. For me taking off in a xcub (ANY PLANE WITH A TAIL WHEEL) is a bit messy during any condition but mostly during high winds. The plane turns and as I want to stay on the centerline the rudder seems to be very agressive and minimal rudder movement is exaggerated. I have changed the sensitivity settings and lubricated my pedals with different types of grease to smoothen them out but still the takeoffs are a bit messy.
  2. Installing the updates from what I know is a bit of a nightmare, it takes long to install them and during every download there is a risk of a file corrupting / some magic happening that will brake the game files. I only had two failed update installs but i managed to fix them, it didnt go so well to my friend up to this day as he had problems with update installs for most of the time. - update install prooblems as in freezing during installment of the update, and corrupted/broken files after installing that broke the sim in some way.
  3. Ill try this and let you guys know if it helped. Binding the pov buttons on my joystick was a nightmare and still they dont work fully, so there might be a lot of conflict going on.
  4. This may be the case, mapping the pov switch on my joystick was a nightmare as for for eg 45 degrees to the right tilts the camera 135 degrees to the left and this is true for all buttons. After a solid 2 hours of trying to map these buttons I gave up, only front, side and back buttons work properly. - So in other words buttons are conflicting with each other on my joystick. But the freezing happened most of the time when I was just flying without changing the view looking straight forward. I remember just a couple freezes when I looked ito the side or over the instrument panel.
  5. This is where it gets frustrating, I have the fear that my motherboard may be faulty, as I said everything works great but, another thing, when my pc boots it makes weird "mechanical sounds" that are not coming from the only hdd. Plus im on a tight budget when it comes to my PC so I don't really want to buy another motherboard. (Anyway what has to be done will be done)
  6. Thats exactly what ahs been happening to me, I also have been worried that it may be a hardware problem but that would be a bit weird as every single other sim/game work just fine.
  7. I have a RX580, I tried updating the drivers, but nothing changed (AMD)
  8. I tried without any addons and in safe mode, but sadly that did not help.
  9. Hello, after the latest major update is anyone experiencing a problem with the sim where at a certain time after launching the flight (I was supposed to write "after takeoff" but this happened a couple times during taxiing to the runway"), depending on where you are the sim stops responding? Screen freezes, audio continues but doesn't change with input for eg. when moving the throttle nothing changes in other words I would say its also frozen. Now it sometimes depends on where you are, lets say you are flying from point A to B and it takes 10 minutes, the sim freezes half way during the flight 5 minutes in. Now if you take a longer path that goes a bit outward it will not freeze until you start getting closer to point B, 8 minutes after takeoff. Again this sometimes depends on where you are, as a couple times it froze during taxi, today I managed to fly for 15 minutes but took a longer path about 10NM away from the normal path I would fly. Long story short, sim stops responding about 10 minutes into flight. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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