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  1. Good afternoon, Thanks for replies guys, I have downloaded the update and will see if that works. Many thanks Gavin
  2. Good evening everyone, I purchased Eiresim Alicante a while ago for FS9 and FSX. I have noticed that they forgot one simple thing in the scenery! They forgot to actually add 'ALICANTE' to the terminal building in lettering as in real life! Is there an update to fix this? Eiresim it seems have gone so can't ask them and don't know where else to ask! Ii does annoy me that when you pay for a product, it is not correct! its different when its freeware, you can't complain and those guys do a good job in their free time, but when you pay for it, you expect it to be done properly! Its like buying a pack of biscuits to only have three quarters of the contents, not what you expect! Anyone who can help, please let me know. Kind regards Gavin Moss
  3. Good evening, I have experienced problems over the years with the wings flattening and airspeed going to zero inflight on many aircraft. As has been suggested before, its to do with the pitot heat and anti-ice being on or off, and many people have had the same problem. This I have tried and made no difference, the problem still kept happening. So I thought, I would look up the an explanation of every single section of the aircraft cfg to see if there was something I have missed. I had a found a full explanation of aircraft configuration files by Microsoft which is very helpfuil, and so did a search on that webpage using the word 'deice'. Low and behold, a section on the webpage came up that I had never seen actually in any aircraft cfg file. Here it is: [deice_system] structural_deice_type=1 This section defines the deice system of the aircraft. 0 = None 1 = Heated Leading Edge 2 = Bleed Air Boots 3 = Eng Pump Boots. Examples Airbus A321( structural_deice_type=1 ) Aircreation582SL( structural_deice_type=0 ) Beech Baron 58( structural_deice_type=3 ) Beech King Air 350( structural_deice_type=2 ) I've now added this to all my aircraft and so far, have not had a single problem. Hope this is of help to people if you experience the same as me for many years. Kind regards Gavin
  4. Good morning everyone, I wanted to know if anyone could help me or tell me how to change the beacon fx file for the Project Airbus A380 two top beacons which uses the FS9 beacon fx? I would like to make them flash in unison (so they're sync together) as in reallife but have noticed that on my model the two red top beacons flash independently, one then theother? I have been messing around with the fx files but cannot seem to get it right. Any help would be much appreciated Kind Regards Gavin Moss
  5. Hi Ed, Thanks for your reply, I'm not quite sure how to change them? If I only have one line in my lights section of the aircraft cfg, won't that only show one light? I am a bit confused Thanks Gav
  6. Good afternoon everyone, I was wondering, does anyone know the strobe fx rate setting or how to make the A380 tail strobe flash in time with the wing strobes? I find the default flashes reallyquickly. I have tried changing the strobe fx file rate but can't seem to get it quite right. Look forward to any help. Kind Regards Gavin Moss
  7. Good evening everyone, I'm looking to see if anyone can help me please. I have Project Airbus A380 in FS9 and noticed that the gear compression is not as compressed as in real life? I have tried to change the contact points and the static compression part in the contact points, but unlike any other aircraft I have done this too, nothing changes and the compression stays the same? I am not sure how I can change it if this method does not work? I'm not sure how I can add the screenshots that I have onto here? I look forward to any reply Kind regards Gavin Moss
  8. Good evening, I'm currently slowly moving over from FS9 to FSX (with a few problems on the way lol) and have recently bought Ultimate Traffic 2 for FSX to use until I get my AIG flightplans all updated and installed. Whilst using UT2, I have started to install some of the latest AIG flightpans into FSX and so have unticked those airlines in UT2 so I don't have duplicates. Today I installed AIG British Airways Winter 2015/2016 flighplans and the repaints using AIFP2, and therefore unticked BA in UT2. When I went into FSX and loaded up Heathrow to check the repaints were all ok, I noticed that there were no BA aircraft anywhere? I've checked the World/Scenery folder and the AIG traffic bgl for BA is there? I'm not quite sure why the BA traffic are not displaying but I have a suspicion that it is something to do with Ultimate Traffic 2? Has anyone else had this same kind of problem? Look forward to any replies Kind regards Gavin Moss
  9. Hi there, I was wondering this for a while, is there a way that you can chage the flight number of an aircraft witout having to reload the aircraft as I like to do flights to somewhere, do a turnaround and fly back with the aircraft as it is.Any help would be much appreciated.Kind RegardsGavin Moss
  10. Hi there, is it possible to merge the pss 757 panel with the posky 757 aircraft?Kind RegardsGavin Moss
  11. Hi there, someone mentioned a while ago about the exterior model and about the curveture of the rear fuselage from the bottom to the tail. Someone mentioned that the curve up starts from around the 8th window in from the tail and is a gentle curve up and I have noticed it on real 757's.On the PSS 757, its starts from the 4th window in and is rather sharp in its angle.Will there be an update to the exterior model to correct this?Kind RegardsGavin Moss
  12. Hi there, I remember sometime last year that someone had rewritten a module or setting in FS2004 so that when you taxi, you hardly need any throttle and gave better ground performance as I find that some aircraft when turning on the taxiway tend to slide a bit rather than follow the track of the nose wheel and the main gear does the same.I can t remember what the name of it was. Can anyone help?Kind RegardsGavin Moss
  13. Hi there guys, I purchased Samsoft Taiwan a while ago and am having a few problems with it.When I select a gate at the airport rather than the active runway, FS2004 keeps telling me that im gonna collide with another object even though I have crash detection switched off.Also when I load up my PMDG 747-400 at Taiwan, after a few seconds FS2004 crashes. I have tested other aircraft at Taiwan and seems fine, and also tested my PMDG 747-400 at other airports such as Heathrow Pro and it seems fine, but put the two together and it crashes everytime!Can anyone help me or maybe have a suggestion?Kind RegardsGavin Moss
  14. Hi there guys, I wanted to know how pilots land civil aircraft in real life.Can anyone tell me the proper way of approach and landing i.e is it done manually or autopilot all the way down or turn off autopilot and autothrottle at certain point?Kind RegardsGavin Moss
  15. Hi there guys, I have been having a problem for a while with FS2004, my frame rates were really bad, flying aircraft with complex panels was a nightmare. This weekend I took the cover off my PC, took the CPU fan out and blew right down the side of it. Huge lumps of dust came out, so I cleaned it up and put it back in.Since then my FS2004 has been perfect again, I can now have 100% AI Traffic (Ultimate Traffic) at big scenery airports like Heathrow Pro, and have all the sliders in the settings maxed out to the right.My computer only has 1GB Memmory and Nvidia FX5500 Graphics card, and I dont need to shut down running services or anything.I know this has probably been mentioned before, but for me this simple process of blowing the dust out really has done my FS2004 wonders.Kind RegardsGavin Moss
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