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  1. After SU5, I had 2 CTDs when taking off with the DC 6, but hasn't happened since. Then, out of the blue, I couldn't even start the Sim. It would consistently CTD a few seconds after checking for updates. Rebooting the PC made no difference. Made no changes or additions to the Sim that could account for it. But, running as administrator cleared it up. Strange how these CTDs are occurring at different phases of running the Sim from person to person. BTW, running stock, no overclocking.
  2. Thank goodness for this forum! Never had a problem with an update before, but this time nothing happened until I installed the Xbox app. Would have never known to do it otherwise.
  3. The clanking noise seems to slow down as time passes. This makes me wonder if it is actually intentional...to simulate the sounds of contracting metal as it cools down, e.g. the engine cowlings. The sound is louder and clearer in exterior view. I haven't waited long enough to see if it stops altogether.
  4. Thanks for the review! I bought it and it's definitely worth it. Love the old birds!
  5. You basically called him a liar and that was uncalled for. Plain and simple.
  6. Then why are you still here? Oh, right...just to be inflammatory.
  7. EvidencePlz, please explain how a flight model is tailored for an Xbox controller. I'll bet you can't. I use MSFS with a yoke, rudder pedals and throttle quadrant and it works just fine. Explain to me how that is possible if what you say is true. Your statement lacks any credibility without the "evidence.". And if MSFS is first and foremost an Xbox game as you say, why did the PC version come out almost a year earlier? Your tone is indeed condescending and this argument has been rehashed many times and is getting very old.
  8. I updated through the Microsoft store just fine. I don't know if I also have the Xbox app, though. I don't remember ever installing it. I will check the next time I am at the computer.
  9. I find it hard to believe that with all the issues being reported, that Asobo will not issue more updates to fix them. After all, the same uproar happened months ago after the first few updates broke things. Yet most people complaining about major issues are saying that the Sim was working really well prior to SU5. Well, we got there before, we will get there again. I too feel the lighting has changed for the worse, but I'm confident it will be fixed eventually. I just hope the performance doesn't suffer. It was good for me before, but now the fluidity, at least for me is nothing short of amazing. I, for one, hope I don't lose that. Being rude to each other accomplishes nothing. Let's just identify the issues and give Asobo time to address them.
  10. Yes, but I'm not seeing lights at all. I admit that I haven't flown at night since the update, but I used to see lights on aircraft during the day, too. Now there is nothing. It might not have been realistic to see nav lights on during the day, but I think it was a good thing for spotting simulated planes that might be too small to be drawn. Also no strobes or beacons visible and they should be on during the day.
  11. What I think may have happened is the lights on other aircraft aren't visible anymore. I noticed that if I am close enough to live traffic or a multi-player aircraft, I can see the airframe itself, but as soon as it gets small enough it disappears without a trace. Even when they are close enough to see there are no lights on them, where as before you could see nav lights, etc.
  12. I never said no hotfix was needed. Obviously there are problems. But for you to come in here with your very first post to stir the pot is inappropriate. There has been more than enough rudeness to go around and you don't need to add to it.
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