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  1. I was not using manual cache. I haven't even looked at the settings for it. I'm assuming it's set to 0 by default?
  2. After resetting the rolling cache, I now have trees back as well.
  3. How does one clear the rolling cache? Is there a way to do it in the sim or do you have to empty the folder? And if the latter, where is the folder located? I never set up a manual cache so that can't be the problem.
  4. DXR has trees on my system as well. You have to go farther east. I don't recall seeing the exact line as posted above, but when I landed at Hartford there were no trees. At first you may not notice it because the ground textures are so good. At altitude it looks like there are trees, but it's just the flat textures.
  5. I am having this problem as well. Thought I was going nuts. But it's not just one person's problem. I haven't done any tinkering with settings (left things pretty much as recommended at first launch), nor have I installed any addons of any kind. Just grass and buildings, no trees. Haven't noticed this at any other location, although I've stayed pretty much in the eastern US so far.
  6. Okay, I just found out where to see the version number and it does say even though I didn't see it download the larger file. I opened up the MS store and the first thing on the list was MSFS, but when I click on it I only get a button that says "play." I'm also a bit concerned that the sim doesn't say it's checking for updates at startup. It only says, "Welcome, set your experience." Did something get corrupted?
  7. So I got home from work and fired up the sim to install the patch. I got a prompt to do an update, but it only downloaded 87 KB and then the sim started. I've been reading in other threads that I should also be getting a 300 MB or so file, but I didn't. I tried shutting down and restarting the sim, but now where it used to say that it was checking for updates, it is not anymore. Has anyone else run into this issue? Where does one check the version number in the sim?
  8. Agreed. You think you have performance problems now? And why would I care if city lights cast their own light on the ground or not since I am flying above them....unless you like landing on city streets.
  9. So who cares what you think? The only purpose of this post is to be inflammatory and there's no place for that here. So go away please.
  10. In the "data" section of options there is a place that you can create a manual cache and download areas that you fly in frequently so the scenery doesn't have to stream. You can download in low, medium or high quality. I haven't done it yet, but my sense is it would solve the problem, at least in the areas you fly most often.
  11. I pre-ordered premium deluxe but after initial install and launch I only had standard content. Shut down the simulator and restarted and then the premium content installed.
  12. I found mine in the FSX steam edition that I still have installed.
  13. Cool! Didn't know you could do that. Just took the Goose for a ride.
  14. That's an optional update. I don't think it's the one they're talking about.
  15. Is that what the problem is? I have noticed that it's hit or miss depending on the airport. This is with default AI set at 50%. I'm seeing basically nothing at KLGA, KJFK and KEWR, but at KBOS there are planes all over the place and I can sit there and watch them take off and land. Of course, I have yet to see activity like at KBOS at any other airport. This is with HF1 BTW.
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