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  1. Wolf0

    LVARs changed for FSLabs

    On a very fast check everything seems to be working. I will report any further finding here although I doubt there will be any problem. Thank you again for this Andrew. Really nice!
  2. Wolf0

    LVARs changed for FSLabs

    Wow! That was fast! Thank you for your efforts, Andrew. Will try it and report back.
  3. Wolf0

    LVARs changed for FSLabs

    Thanks, Andrew. Let me know if I can help. I just need to know how to look for the LVars. I used to be able to do that (on the Aerosoft Airbus using LINDA's console) but somehow I can't seem to make it work with the current LINDA console and FSLabs.
  4. Wolf0

    LVARs changed for FSLabs

    Hello. I'm a user of LINDA and have the latest module for the FSLabs A320 (0.10a). With the new update (compatibility with P3Dv4.3) A320-X v2.0.1.258 some LVARs must have changed. My ENG START button function, ENG Master Switches on/off, etc. are now triggering other rotaries (like the pedestal light knobs). Is there any chance for a revision on the module functions? I wouldn't mind hunting them myself, but so far I was unable to find out how to get the console to display the codes for the switches...
  5. Wolf0

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    FSLabs A320 is out!
  6. Can you share the name and details of the said tool? It sounds interesting. Does it work with P3Dv4?
  7. Good news, then! Regarding the FSLabs A320 the answer was expected. No SDK and a freeware logbook plus all the non-standard features would only bring way too much work than any other model to the author. It's perfectly understandable. Regardless of that it's good to know that the program is alive and will continue to evolve. I'm sure there are dozens of potential users who (like me) have never heard of this software before. Maybe with a little more awareness over the usual places where the community gathers we could see this software becoming mainstream. It fills a void we have at this time with P3Dv4 since no local logbook is available with the features this one already presents to the user. Thank you for the feedback on the author's response and please do inform when you have more news about this software. Happy Easter!
  8. Yes! Now that would be awesome. Either option would allow us to customize the logbook a little bit further. I have two flights now and I can say that what's already built is really solid and in some aspects years ahead of other "commercial" logging software available, like the sorting options. One obvious thing that would be nice to track and is missing is the fuel used. Other little thing that would be good to have is the option to add the flight number after the flight is over. The program assumes the flight number that we have on the aircraft menu options, and my flight planning is via PFPX. I never open the default flight planner nor the aircraft callsign options. I'm sure there would be tons of other requests to add... but in the end what is already done is enough and very good to use. Would you keep me advised if the author gives you feedback? Currently I'm not a Reddit user...
  9. I've tried SimFlightManager and I have my problem solved. Thank you so much, Rob Jones. I would never have found it without your input. The program itself has everything I was looking for. It could be further developed and better integrated with FSLabs A320 but as far as I could see development stopped 1 year ago. Plus FSLabs is taking forever to release their SDK so it's nearly impossible to adapt most things without it. I hope that when the SDK is out there the author of this SimFlightManager regains interest and improves a few details. Nonetheless it is fully functional as we speak and does a brilliant job as a local logbook. The best I've seen according to my needs. Kudos!
  10. This looks like BINGO! Thank you very much for this input. Will try it later tonight. Looks exactly what I was looking for.
  11. Hello Gary. How do you save your data from the web services to the spreadsheet? As far as I could see the LRM Monitor sends data to an online site, just like FSXTracker and ProjectFly (I'm starting to see that some services are poping online to solve my problem, although I want my data inside my PC, but other that that I concede that the idea is well implemented). How do you extract the data from the web to your local spreadsheet? Do you do it every flight, manually or is there any way to automate that task?
  12. Thank you all for your inputs. So far the most promising candidate seems to be ProjectFly. I'll give it a go in the next few days. The interface looks clean, modern and promising. I have one question for the potential users, though: is it possible to save the flights on your computer? Or does the logbook stay within their servers? This is critical as I'm looking for a solution that is future proof and wouldn't like to depend on the promise of continuity of service of the nice chaps at ProjectFly or any other server anymore.
  13. Hello all. Can someone point me to a software that logs flights kind like FS Flight Keeper that works with Prepar3D v4? I'd like the software to be able to track the flight either offline or online (Vatsim). The software has to show a map plotting the route flown after the flight is over (it doesn't need to be a live map tracking). It would be ideal if the software could display the landing vertical speed, block and airborne times and fuel used. It would be great if the software could learn the departure and arrival airports by itself (i.e., no need to submit a flight plan of fill in any box). It would be desirable to have the software launch and "link" itself to P3Dv4 autonomously. The software has to work with FSLabs A320. Now some background: I'm a long time user. On the FS2000 days I'd log my flights with the default logbook. Then I transitioned to FSPassengers which I used mainly for the logging capabilities (it had everything I listed except the user had to input the departure and arrival airports, plus it didn't worked with FSLabs A320 since it wasn't born yet!). I started flying online and I've been tracking my flights with Vataware since. But it is getting less and less reliable and looks abandoned now. Plus I'd like to have my records within my system, as opposed to online based. Nowadays FSFlightkeeper looks like the best suitor but I believe it doesn't work with P3Dv4. I know (read on their forums before they were extinguished) that there was an update being worked for compatibility, but nothing has surfaced yet. I wouldn't like to spend money on abandoned software... FSPassengers has the same problem. It was abandoned for a few years and it looks abandoned again. Plus it doesn't support FSLabs A320 and I'm not interested in the "management" features. I've tried SimACARS but I kept forgetting to launch it prior to starting the flight. Plus it doesn't work well with the FSLabs A320 (I could live with that since it somewhat works). And it looks more suited to the users who want an interface to send their reports to their VA's. I'm not interested in flying for a VA. I make my own schedules and flightplans (via PFPX). So... is there any magical software that I don't know about? Any inputs? Thank you all in advance.
  14. Wolf0

    P3Dv4.2 hotfix near?

    While not exactly new to anybody since we all know Pete Dowson has (thankfully) access to the beta versions of P3D I found this sentence on his page: "Also, note that Version 5.124 will work fine with the next P3D4 update." http://forum.simflight.com/topic/80977-updated-modules/ P3Dv4.2 brought new functionalities but also a few bugs. Is LM about to release an hotfix for those as has happened in the past?
  15. Wolf0

    Unable to login to FSDreamTeam

    All running normally on my side. But I'm more reader than poster over there. Maybe there's been some mistake with your account?