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  1. Pretty much all sets would use potentiometers for the throttle, etc. The question is really what quality potentiometers they're using. Saitek was notorious for using cheap pots and everybody has issues with them after a while - I know I did with my X-52 and X-55 before I got rid of them. VKB on the other hand for their upcoming entry range GA set use much higher quality potentiometers with a minimum of 500,000 cycles and I'd be a lot more comfortable with this. Hopefully Turtle Beach will provide some info.
  2. Yes something fairly quick and easy is what I'd be expecting. From the video clip we saw it won't be a Tomcat though as they only showed the F-18 but maybe they'll surprise us. Even if they do give us both I can't imagine them being very detailed. The Tomcat in particular would be difficult as when you fly the DCS version it has quite a few quirks. But it's a free expansion so all good.
  3. Adding in a modern combat module using the MSFS engine would seem pretty tricky to me. There'd be a huge amount of work involved. All the AI unit logic (planes, ground units, how they move, what they can "see", etc.), ballistics, missile computations, plane damage calculation & subsequent effects, building destructability, radar & detection logic, etc., etc. The engine seems pretty pushed as it is and adding in all that extra stuff going on would be a massive challenge. I'd love to see it but I wouldn't be holding my breath it'll be coming in a proper sense any time soon.
  4. It's the AW3821DW. It'd be nearly the same height as a 32" monitor with the extra width on the side. It's still a 21:9 screen though so there'll be black bars for 16:9 videos and unsupported games. But that doesn't really bother me as I don't watch much full screen video and all games I've run so far have worked fine. I'm very happy with it so far as a dual game/work screen. Was a bit pricey but was discounted when I got it and was able to get a further discount as my workplace has an agreement with Dell so was about €1250 in the end.
  5. I use a 38" 3840 x 1600 monitor with a 2080ti which is basically comparable to your 3070. Most stuff is on ultra and runs smoothly but I don't fly heavies out of big airports. It'd be about 25% more demanding than what you have now. But yeah would cost you a chunk more cash - I justified it to myself as it's my main work monitor as well. You got a good deal on what you have now and it's a really good monitor.
  6. Yes - a combination of Gsync and less demanding performance at 1440p should make for smoother gameplay. Sounds like you have a keeper there.
  7. Just saw in your sig that you're currently using a 32" 4K screen. Are you not happy with that one? Going from that to the 34" one might lead to mixed feelings. On one hand your FPS will go up as I think the 3440x1440 would have about 50% less pixels compared to the 4K screen. But on the other hand you'll be noticeably losing some vertical real estate going from 2160 down to 1440. If you were coming from a 27" 4K I think the trade-off would be more favourable but maybe not so much going from 32" to 34". Something to consider maybe anyway. There are other options as well such as the 3840 x 1600 resolution monitors which would sit in between the two. They're usually 38" monitors too which is a nice boost in size over a 32" which helps with the visual trade-off maybe. But they can run a bit pricey.
  8. It's a good monitor - consistently well reviewed by sites and users. Think you'd probably be be happy with it. What GPU are you using?
  9. 1. Yes 2. It supports Gsync natively but only over display port. No need to use HDMI ever with this monitor as DP will give you the best results. The VRR range is 1-120. 3. No idea - maybe would depend on what your TV connection point is at the moment
  10. Some planes you can get the charts up on the PFD/MFD e.g. with the TBM 930 you can bring up the charts on the G3000 which works nicely. I usually keep the moving map and approach plate on the browser / Android app but I use the G3000 for taxiway navigation. But you can bring up any chart you want on the G3000 if you like. It's the same for the GTN750. The actual charts themselves then you can't view in the sim if it's not on the plane PFD/MFD e.g. if you're in the flight planning screen. So you'll do your flight plan externally in Navigraph and then export a .pln file which you then load when in MSFS. All the Nav points will then be in your flight plan in MSFS as Navigraph has synced them up.
  11. Just do a search for Navigraph and Msfs 2020. There's a beta platform you have to install as Navigraph can't link in with MSFS like it does with the other sims. Think this should be the link you need: https://forum.navigraph.com/t/navigraph-navdata-beta/133 Once you install that should be good to go.
  12. I hemmed and hawed over it for a while as was fine using LittleNavMap but eventually bit the bullet a few weeks ago and glad I did. Having all the charts and nav data aids line up with MSFS is nice. Overlaying the approach plates with the moving map is a nice touch and the UI overall is modern and pretty intuitive. You can also display the charts on the G3000 and GTN750 which, while maybe not super functional, is a nice touch too. I prefer to use the Android companion app though and use a tablet for moving maps - has worked worked well for me. I tried out Pilot2Atc as well which links in with Navigraph and it was good to be able to get directed to use the right taxiways as named on the Navigraph charts (even if they're still named wrong in MSFS itself).
  13. Some similar complaints were raised at the time of the non-Turbo Arrow release and they fixed some of them up. I don't have any issues with the non-Arrow version and think it looks really well so wouldn't be surprised if the Turbo gets a few improvements in the future.
  14. No - you do a one time registration where you get an OTP code from Navigraph and input that into the G3000. I guess it's possible it might expire after some time but I set it up for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it's worked every time since with no issues. Very occasionally it might say it can't retrieve charts and you just go back to the MFD home page in the G3000, click on the charts button again and they then load up.
  15. It doesn't as it uses a Garmin database. I checked on their forums and Navigraph isn't on their roadmap at least for now. I think it would make a lot of sense if that option was there as it would mean the database would get updated regularly and it'd keep the product in sync with other applications that people use.
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