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  1. Didn't notice any performance difference with MSFS. Took a little getting used to when I made the switch recently and had to switch off settings that were trying to recommend various apps, etc. but overall I prefer it to win 10 now.
  2. I had this same issue and it nearly killed me on my first landing. How I resolved it was going into the Controls section in MSFS -> Power Management -> Throttle. I then removed the mapping that was there and then mapped THROTTLE 1 AXIS. I think I had to untick the reverse axis box and then it worked fine after that.
  3. Yes should be fine. I have my Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo along with my Stream Deck configured through AAO without any problem. Haven't tried with my VKB gear but no reason it wouldn't work.
  4. In your community folder you should find it here: Community\milviz-aircraft-310\SimObjects\Airplanes\Milviz_310R\panel
  5. It doesn't. But then it was never meant to so it's fine. It's just there to be enjoyed as a bit of fun and for that it's totally fine.
  6. You should get better frame rates while maintaining or possibly even improving visual quality. DLSS is upscaling where e.g. you can render at 1440p which is less demanding on your GPU but the image gets upscaled to 4k. It's not always going to be quite as good as a native 4k picture but for most practical purposes it's going to be really close. You just need to have a RTX card to be able to use DLSS.
  7. Switching engine damage off should remove any hot starts / wear. Wouldn't be my favourite way for this to be controlled as would prefer an in-plane setting but if you don't like damage simulation at all you can just switch this off in the MSFS settings and should be good to go.
  8. And it's maybe not the best point for him to make really. Expanding the market to gamers and people who flew combat sims but were drawn in by the visuals has been a huge boon overall. There's fast food for those who just want that and it's probably the best fast food out there. But there's also some high end choices for those who want that. And the prices of the high end items got slashed thanks to the success of the former. This combination is usually holy grail stuff for a flight sim and a place most developers would like to be in. I'm not knocking XP as it looks like a top class sim and I wish it well but it never grabbed me in the way MSFS did when I saw the previews. XP couldn't really convince me to leave DCS and try something new. MSFS blew my mind when I first saw it and got me hooked into a whole new ecosystem to the point it's where my money is going to be invested for the foreseeable future.
  9. Open the sws-aircraft-kodiak-wheels folder in the community folder. At the very bottom of that there's Uninstall.exe.
  10. What if you put the weight to 0 for the pilot in the fuel and weights section in the toolbar?
  11. I got one about a month ago. Use it with Axis and Ohs and profiles you can get on flightsim.to which are quick and easy to setup. I think it's great. Barely have to use my mouse now in flight. Absolutely worth the cost in my opinion.
  12. Don't use it but in the FAQ there's: Q: I’m using the ThrustMaster Airbus TCA controller and throttle quadrant but can’t map the controls properly A: MSFS has multiple control binds for throttle controls. For the TCA controller you need to map your controls to ‘Throttle 1 Axis’ & ‘Throttle 2 Axis’. Maybe your issue could be there?
  13. Probably the two best options are either the Turtle Beach Velocity One ($380) or the Thrustmaster TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition ($499). Check out some reviews and see which option might suit you better. If you plan to do more general aviation flying maybe the Velocity One would work better. Or if you just want to fly stuff like the 737 maybe the Thrustmaster would be the one to get.
  14. Thanks - I'll check later to see if the elevator continues to move after I've hit the stop in the virtual cockpit but am still pulling back on my physical yoke. I suspect that it will still move ok and that it's maybe just a yoke animation issue being out of sync with the actual elevator movement.
  15. It's a LVAR - you can see the full list of hardware bindings in the user guide on pages 87-88. Primer Switch (L:C310_SW_PRIMER, enum) 0=Left 1=Center 2=Right If you have Axis and Ohs or SPAD you can map these controls to your hardware. You won't be able to map them to the in game controls I think.
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