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  1. You mean we can see things just pop into existence as we look around? As a TrackIR user that sounds terrible. I'm constantly looking around. Is it the same for external views? I noticed that effect before with some buildings at airports where they just completely disappeared at the extreme range of the view but not out of view yet. Then they'd snap back in if I dipped my head a little. Was a bit jarring. Overall I'm not especially looking forward to this update. It's clear they're having to degrade some stuff to get it to run OK on the Xbox and passing it off as a performance upgrade. Will wait to see how it plays out in practice but feels like things are about to get bumpy around here.
  2. I also go a few hundred feet above my cruise altitude and then put it into a 100-200fpm descent while on climb power just to help it build up speed a bit quicker before switching over to cruise power. I think Allied bombers during WW2 did something similar.
  3. I'd probably put Win 10 on the new one. You won't really notice any difference when it comes to games and those two drives.
  4. If you've any experience flying WW2 sims the DC-6 won't feel too alien. You'll pick it up pretty easily and won't have much need of the AFE. The AFE is pretty nifty in what it can do and while it's probably more realistic to make use of it in practice I never use it as prefer to have the full experience. Things happen slow with the DC-6 so usually you have plenty of time to get things done without getting behind the plane even if you're taking on all tasks. For standard operations you'll be totally fine with just one throttle axis as others have said.
  5. I haven't tried it but I'd assume that you'd go into content manager and just re-install again. The aircraft available are tied to the MSFS version you bought and can't be permanently deleted just uninstalled as far as I know.
  6. Stuff happens. It'll get fixed. Life goes on.
  7. I'd definitely go for the 5800X over the 3900X or 9700K. I use the 5800X myself with a 2080ti which would be about the same as a 3070. I have everything on ultra, object detail bumped up to 200 and everything is smooth at 3840 x 1600 with frame rates only dipping slightly below 30 on very large airports. If I was on 4k I'd struggle on those settings though. If you're spending 5800X money you could also consider the 10850K or 10900K as both would also deliver good performance.
  8. The current plan is 737 this year. Remote chance that the 777 also comes this year but more likely next year. Then the 747.
  9. First half of 2022 was the last update from PMDG.
  10. If you haven't already you could try the TBM 930 + Improvement Mod (or some parts of it as Asobo fixed up the turboprop logic a bit) + WT G3000. That would probably tick quite a few of your boxes - flies nice, good autopilot, pretty quick and the G3000 is great with Navigraph integration included if you're subscribed to that.
  11. The Arrow has more about it than the Mooney in my opinion. I do like them both but I think the Arrow has a more in-depth modelling and pretty much everything works in it down to the circuit breakers. You also have a choice in the Arrow between various GPS units which is nice - you can toggle between them inflight even. Also it has state saving so it remembers all the positions of the switches you left them in, fuel levels, etc. from your last flight (this is optional). The autopilot is basic as technically it doesn't have an altitude hold (only course) but JF have given you the option to switch on course + altitude if you want which is handy for those who want it. JF seem pretty good at pumping out updates/fixes as well. But yeah it is a bit on the slow side
  12. July 27th alongside the Xbox release is the plan I think.
  13. All my DC-6B liveries had disappeared. In the Orphaned Textures section in the Livery Utilities I hit scan now and that repaired them all somehow and they were all visible again - including those that I'd downloaded from flightsim.to
  14. If you're playing games then right now I'd say no. The implementation often isn't all that great. Nice for watching movies but often monitors have very few zones and the HDR brightness isn't as high as a TV so the effect even for them often is a bit hit and miss. You usually have to buy a pretty expensive monitor to get a good HDR experience. I switched it off on my monitor. It only has 12 zones and the brightness level felt like it was searing the eyeballs off me. I don't miss it.
  15. Finally a nice and simple way to install liveries. If a livery is not .ptp I wouldn't be interested in it. Having to drill down into folders, copy and pasting stuff, etc. to get a livery ready for us is a crazy process.
  16. Sorry my bad - had just read it quickly. Still might be worth checking if there's some reverse axis option in the VF software settings that somehow got triggered. Hopefully it turns out to be something like that as otherwise it sounds like something a bit more serious has gone wrong and you'd probably be better contacting VF support.
  17. Is the toe brake axis after getting reversed maybe? If that was the case then when as soon as MSFS reads the state of the brake position it would apply full brakes when you had the toe brakes not pressed and would release them if you pressed the toe brakes fully forward. There's an option in the axis settings in MSFS to reverse the input which would fix this particular issue.
  18. I had a somewhat similar setup before except I had 32GB RAM. I was on a mix of high and ultra for MSFS. But I was flying GA which isn't as demanding as some the heavies. If I was flying those out of large busy airports I'd probably have had to dial it back more to high settings I think. I'd definitely recommend that you get 32GB RAM if you can for MSFS. Also if you have your OS + MSFS + P3D installed you might want to bump your SSD to 1TB if you manage that too.
  19. I'd go for the AW3420DW out of that group. The MSI Prestige doesn't have G-Sync and I've heard some people say gaming on it is a bit rough. The Dell and Acer are pretty comparable but you get better warranty and support from Dell. Your 3090 is a bit overkill for 1440p but if you're working within a budget and you've narrowed it down to the above I'd go with the Dell.
  20. The modern aircraft take more time so only natural you might see some less complex ones arrive first as they get to grips with the new way to make things work on MSFS. PDMG will be releasing the 737 later this year though and a remote chance of a 777 too (though I'd expect this to run into next year). Then there'll also be the 747 some time in 2022. So the modern stuff is coming but it'll take a while if it's going to be high quality.
  21. Not confirmed yet but will probably be $70 like the DC-6 for other platforms.
  22. No they confirmed no discounts for moving across platforms. They only give discounts for vertical moves on the same platform.
  23. Pretty much all sets would use potentiometers for the throttle, etc. The question is really what quality potentiometers they're using. Saitek was notorious for using cheap pots and everybody has issues with them after a while - I know I did with my X-52 and X-55 before I got rid of them. VKB on the other hand for their upcoming entry range GA set use much higher quality potentiometers with a minimum of 500,000 cycles and I'd be a lot more comfortable with this. Hopefully Turtle Beach will provide some info.
  24. Yes something fairly quick and easy is what I'd be expecting. From the video clip we saw it won't be a Tomcat though as they only showed the F-18 but maybe they'll surprise us. Even if they do give us both I can't imagine them being very detailed. The Tomcat in particular would be difficult as when you fly the DCS version it has quite a few quirks. But it's a free expansion so all good.
  25. Adding in a modern combat module using the MSFS engine would seem pretty tricky to me. There'd be a huge amount of work involved. All the AI unit logic (planes, ground units, how they move, what they can "see", etc.), ballistics, missile computations, plane damage calculation & subsequent effects, building destructability, radar & detection logic, etc., etc. The engine seems pretty pushed as it is and adding in all that extra stuff going on would be a massive challenge. I'd love to see it but I wouldn't be holding my breath it'll be coming in a proper sense any time soon.
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