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  1. Thank you, much smoother now on my modest rtx2080ti !
  2. I have two questions for you specialists: When do i need to activate the carb heater? How do you manage the tanks? Why not simply and always open the two mains? Thanks for the help 😉
  3. Do a search on your drive for A2A Simulations. Default it is somewhere in the Roaming folder. That is how i found it.
  4. Do a search on your drive for A2A Simulations. Default it is somewhere in the Roaming folder. That is how i found it.
  5. It happend to me as well until i figured out that the door was not well closed (not locked), after closing it better it made a wouuush sound, yes this is also modeled 👌
  6. could it be that fs2024 will be focused on closed areas for specific missions and that we won’t be able to fly the world around?
  7. The simshaker does have a massage option 😊 But these are only vibrations here and there with different strenghts. Nice to have !
  8. Well after hours of trying all sort of things i still couldn’t make it work with the HF8 software, as for a few people on other forums. I can clearly see that the fsmodule does send some datas but MFSF doesn’t listen to them. After installing 3 different versions of simconnect it seems to work with the simshaker for aviator soft. Perhaps it is because i am in the beta don’t really know.
  9. Thank you Fielder. I will give it another try this evening. I saw the button that brings you to the specific MSFS settings and the individual test buttons do work. But haven’t seen some connect button. My win11 is upscaled because of DLDRS and it messes the app window but will look closer again.
  10. Hello everyone. After reading this post i took the plunge and ordered one. Now i am one of those unlucky who can’t make it work. Nothing happens insim but clicking on the spots from the software do work. Can someone tell me if the sim is recognized when clicking on installed games? I’ve got the feeling msfs and the driver don’t talk to each other… And if someone can send me the link to a forum where to seek after solutions would be appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Strangely, DSR x1,78 still works best on my now modest rig (7800X3D, rtx2800ti, 1440 monitor 144hz, DX12, Dlss, vsync 33%). After testing and testing all over again, i get the crispiest and smoother experience that way. and I don’t have the blurriness of the cockpit some are experiencing.
  12. I am using DX12 with DLSS ingame, DSR x1,74 on a 1440 monitor. My FPS are blocked at 48 and normally stay there on every flight, regional airports with FSLTL traffic. Took the atr this morning at LOWI, my FPS went under between 42 and 22 to LSGG, i tried to switch to Amd fsr, same result. So i went back to .29 driver and my fps are back again…
  13. As a young child living in Berlin in the 70s , we once took a Transall with the school for a « green class » from there to Normandie what an adventure it was for us! Will buy it only because of the memories it brings back. Thank you Azurpoly !
  14. Do you have the spacial audio option turned on? Could be the problem…
  15. Well my sim has never been so smooth as now, don’t know if it is related to the new driver or the win11 update. My locked fps stays at 48fps landing on regional airports , FSLTL , with my old 2080ti, 3800x3d, 1440 x 1,78 using dsr.
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