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  1. Strangely, DSR x1,78 still works best on my now modest rig (7800X3D, rtx2800ti, 1440 monitor 144hz, DX12, Dlss, vsync 33%). After testing and testing all over again, i get the crispiest and smoother experience that way. and I don’t have the blurriness of the cockpit some are experiencing.
  2. I am using DX12 with DLSS ingame, DSR x1,74 on a 1440 monitor. My FPS are blocked at 48 and normally stay there on every flight, regional airports with FSLTL traffic. Took the atr this morning at LOWI, my FPS went under between 42 and 22 to LSGG, i tried to switch to Amd fsr, same result. So i went back to .29 driver and my fps are back again…
  3. As a young child living in Berlin in the 70s , we once took a Transall with the school for a « green class » from there to Normandie what an adventure it was for us! Will buy it only because of the memories it brings back. Thank you Azurpoly !
  4. Do you have the spacial audio option turned on? Could be the problem…
  5. Well my sim has never been so smooth as now, don’t know if it is related to the new driver or the win11 update. My locked fps stays at 48fps landing on regional airports , FSLTL , with my old 2080ti, 3800x3d, 1440 x 1,78 using dsr.
  6. Mine didn’t start either in the analog king air so i switched to the other in the cockpit the back to the 530 and it booted up.
  7. I still have my « 2080 ti », playing in 1440, all on ultra tod 200. The crispiest image i can get is when using a dsr factor of 1,74, win11 and ingame resolution upscaled to the max. My fps are locked at 48 and stay there on regional airports. Better than taa for me, even the colors are somehow more realistic with a better contrast. Only dowside is i have to start the flight with taa and revert do dlss after loading to avoid a reboot of my pc (strange i know but never found why). Inflight i never have problems. Did someone try upscaling with a 4090?
  8. My cockpits are sharper when using the dsr upscaling, but as i understood we are in a wrong topic, just wanted to answer your question 🤓
  9. I also gave a try today at the FSR option within msfs without further software installation, even though i own a 2800ti. This plus the dsr feature (x1,75) at 1440 res. , ultra setting offers me a superb sharp hdr image with no stuttering at all, i am a happy flyer 😎. Edit: that brings two questions: How can a AMD piece of software work better than nvidia own driver on an nvidia card ? Do the manufactures really extract all the possible juice from their hardware ?
  10. Yep, i did the same, awsome results but can cost some FPS if you are short in this regard.
  11. I had a similiar thing some time ago, i disabled vsync and all went back to normal, than i enabled vsync without problem. If it can help you…
  12. Are both the two upper sliders at 0 to the left side ? You must be careful with those and play a little bit.
  13. I love https://www.windy.com , especially the ios app. Just click on the small plane icon at the bottom to see all stations, or do the icao search on top left. You can also see the cloud coverage, average wind, thunders in real time per menus at the right. Really nice 👌
  14. Did someone succeed in using the rnav (virtual vor) functionnality ? I loose the signal when i switch from vor to rnav, what am i doing wrong ?
  15. I could … so you could also 😄 The easiest way is to first get the fedex livery on flightsim.to because it is the one they named in the procedure. It is then easier to understand…a little bit easier…
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