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  1. I fired up Fs, went to the options, enabled dev mod, started a flight with the dc6… no fps benefit for me. So i swithed to anther Dc6 within the dev menu (windows/aircraft), not better… what am i doing wrong ?
  2. Something was staying hooked since the last nvidia driver installation. After playing around with the HDR slider and resetting the values it came back to normal. Thank you for your tip anyway😉
  3. Did Asobo change the colorimetry again ? I first noticed it because the text within afterburner is white/washed out and not orange anymore? And flying at dusk everything that shines is far too bright and pixelated… Or is the HDR broken ? Or is it my rig ? Or my eyes 😬 ?
  4. I still set the sharpen option in the config file to 0 and use the adaptative sharpening filter from reshade, it gives me the best results and less shimmering. But i will give it a try, thank you.
  5. The sounds are perhaps too loud if you play in headset mode like me, i had to turn the overall volume down to 50, it feels more realistic to my hears. I will buy this nice add on for sure.
  6. Until 6 months ago or so i had to start MSFS in admin mode to have the lights working. And one day it was ok (after an update i think). Must be windows rights related...
  7. I made the jump and bought an annual Navigrpah suscription because i also use the simionic g1000 software on 2 ipads (pfd and mfd) wich use an up to date navigraph database. So i am able to follow sid and star and a complete route in auto mode even with old planes such as the DC-6 or Ju-52. Plus the ability to have the charts within the msfs tool bar is really nice.
  8. Asobo developped the biggest race game in an open world called FUEL (14.000 km²) in 2009, and if i remember Asobo and Microsoft had some years later the idea of marrying an open world with bing data. So i think ASOBO was a good competitor for this task because they knew how to developp the core of the sim = the world. I agree Microsoft could have hired a second partner for the planes like they did for the weather or the AI.
  9. There are so much functions on some planes. For ex. on the Dc-6 you need 8 buttons only to manage the 4 mixture levers (up and down). I thought the same at first when i bought the 15 version, and bought the 32 buttons 2 weeks laters.
  10. Guenseli (who is reading) made a lot of quality templates to be used in conjunction with AAO. He even made cool animated buttons based on the actual cockpit graphics ! For the DC-6 for ex, i use a 15 buttons version for the AFE and Radios, and a 32 for all the rest. Every penny worth for me ! Just make a search for AAO on flightsim.to !
  11. I did the same and use the adaptive sharpen filter per nvidia Alt-f3. There is a slider to balance the effect. Works nice for me !
  12. This is where the Simionic G1000 app shines if you want to use a modern AP with old planes because it has it's own "brain" and up-to-date Navigraph database. Works great !
  13. They also did a great job with the sound becoming louder from the direction where you open the windows, very immersive.
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