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  1. I resolved all my CTD's by uninstalling all versions of Visual Studio and reinstalling the 2017-2019 version and then previous versions on request from other programms. Now my FS is rock solid if it can help 😉
  2. DId you also tried to map some buttons ? I cannot find a way to map the fuel boost on this particular plane...
  3. May i ask here if someone managed to bind the fuel boost with a switch from the bravo throttle ? I tried every command related to fuel pumps but with no luck...How is it possible to find the key command. associated with this button ?
  4. Yes ! After uninstalling restart, then install and restart. If you need other older versions for other programs you will soon be notified that they are missing 😉
  5. This happend to me as well, after spending a lot of time unstalling 3 times fs and all other tools, what did it for me was to uninstall all versions of visual studio and reinstall only the 2017 and 2019 x64. Later i re installed the versions needed for other tools, have no ctds anymore ! Happy new year to the great members here on AVSIM from France ;-)
  6. I love this plane more than the A320 because of the yoke 😉 It’s a wonderfull plane and very well modelised, why have the devs lost interest in the project ? Any thoughts ?
  7. And what if it was Microsoft pushing Asobo to go to a more mmorpg kind of sim direction because of the release of the xbox, and asking to downgrade the sim because of their server capacity ? Is it just me feeling Sebastien Wloch seems more annoyed in the latest twitch ? Not sure Asobo and Microsoft have or did have the same vision of what should be MSFS....
  8. Same here, CTD... also when flying the new bush trip. 3 ctd in one hour, i never had one till now
  9. I noticed better performances, first in the menu where my gpu doesn’t work so much it did before (60-65 %). In game (LFPG / A32NX) it stays around 80% which allows more frequency! The cpu also works a little more, nice !
  10. I have a Gsync compatible monitor, so Gsync is on, i tried to cap my framerates to 34 per Nvidia panel but as soon as the framerates go under this value (big airports) it becomes unplayable so i leave it off, doesn't work for me...
  11. I keep my global settings to default and sometimes play a little with the MSFS. But i couldn't get totaly rid of the problem, we must hope that an update will do it...
  12. I got the best results after reverting back all my NVIDIA settings related to FS to default, than everything related to antilaliasing desabled or driven by the application, plus setting the sharpen=0 in the cfg file. Not perfect but much better now, i can live with it.
  13. Well it is not that easy in such complex projects. And in general french people are still not used to. The first time they had to do home-office was the 18/03 during the first wave and they communicated about the difficulty working from home. Sorry i didn' want to scary people, i really enjoy what we already have 😉
  14. Everyone in France worked normaly until yesterday. Now we all have to do home-office as much as we can, so the troubles with delayed updates will begin right now...
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